Memories of the Past

    Cyann: "Remember, if I want my father's throne, you have to capture your sister. Don't kill her." Velossa: "It'll be tough, but I can do it." She turned to go, but stopped. Velossa: "Say, would it be so bad if you brought you dad a dead ranger's body? I mean he*l, you still would have captured her." Cyann: "That's ture, but we can't take the chance. We can't let him get out of this deal for any reason. I want his throne." Velossa: "Ok." She left.
    Divatox: "I miss TV!" Vypra: "You think life sucks now? You should have been stuck in a tumb for 5,000 years! All I heard was Loki and Diabolico! By the end of the first thousand years, I wanted to ring both of their necks." Olympius: "We need some link to the our galaxy. If we don't, we may never get out." Ms. Fairweather: "Don't count on getting out. I've been stuck here for so long. Plus, if we do get out, who knows what time period the Milky Way is in? We could have been here for thousands of years by now. Or maybe a few seconds. We just don't know." Vypra: "I've got bigger problems than getting home. I have to deal with my crazy sister!" Ecliptor: "She's a real piece of work." Vypra: "She's a piece of something, all right." Seth: "Why do you have to fight her anyway?" Vypra: "I want revenge as bad as she does. She killed our parents. And for no reason at all!" Ms. Fairweather: "Well, you might just get your chance." She pointed to the monitor. They saw Velossa and the Quads standing up in the mountains. Vypra: "She's challenging me." Seth: "How do you know?" Vypra: "I know her to well. She wants to fight." Ecliptor: "Let us help you." Vypra: "No. She's mine." Seth: "You were the one who convinced me to work with the team." Vypra: "I know.This isn't the team's problem. She's my enemy." She ran out the door. Ms. Fairweather: "I'm really worried about her."
    Vypra walked up in the mountains looking for Velossa. A Quad tried to sneak up behind her. It stepped on a stick. Vypra turned quickly and picked it up by its chin. Vypra: "Where is she?" It made a stupid noise. Vypra: "Oh yea, you can't talk." Velossa: "No need to look. I'm right here." Vypra: "How could you do that?" Velossa: "What are talking about?" Vypra: "You know da*n well what I'm talking about! You killed our parents in cold blood!" Velossa: "You talk like you're better than me. You are just as evil as I am." Vypra: "True, but at least I know when to draw the line. You went to far this time." Velossa: "Why would I care if they live or die? They never paid attention to me anyway." Vypra: "Have you ever stopped to think about why? Maybe because whatever they told you, you just blew off. They warned you about every mistake you ever made! But you were to big of a fool to take them seriously!" Velossa: "Enough talk girl. We gonna fight or not?" Vypra pulled out her sword and cut a stone in half. Vypra: "I'm game." Velossa signaled for the Quads to leave. Then she made the first move. She tried to strike Vypra with her sword. But Vypra blocked it, spun around and kicked Velossa. Velossa  shot a fire ball at Vypra. She jumped out of the way and landed on her shoulder. Vypra: "How do your powers work here?" Velossa: "That's thanks to Cyann. She tought me how to overcome Darcon's block." Vypra: "Terrific." She got back up. Velossa quickly shot several fire balls at her. Vypra did six backflips in a row to dodge them. Then jumped and landed behind Velossa. She put her arm around her neck. Vypra: "Give up!" Velossa flipped her over her shoulder and punched her. Velossa: "Never!" Vypra tripped Velossa, got back to her feet and tried to cut her. Velossa opened her mouth and breathed fire in her sister's face. Vypra fell to the ground. Velossa: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" She then stuck the sword in the ground making sparks fly where Vypra was laying. She didn't move. The last thing she heard was Velossa laughing.
    Cyann: "What did she do? I told her not to kill her!" Boron: "Yes you did." Cyann: "Is she nuts?" Boron: "Yes she is, my princess." Cyann looked a Boron. Cyann: "Stop it. You're getting lip prints all over my a*s." Boron: "Oh so you're cute and funny." Cyann: "Cram it." Cyborg: "Lets see what happens. Velossa may not have killed her." Cyann: "Have you met Velossa? Of course she killed her!"
    Vypra opened her eyes. She felt a cold wind blowing on her. Vypra: "Where am I? Stregna is to hot for this!" She looked around. She saw her old temple. Vypra: "Home." Then she saw two figures dragging something in the shadows. Vypra: "No! I don't want to see this again!" Velossa and Galaxia were pulling her dead parents bodies out into the back yard. Galaxia: "Da*n, your parents ate to much!" Velossa: "Just help me get them out here." Vypra saw herself standing behind them. Vypra: "How could you? You killed the people who brought us into the world." Galaxia: "Grab a shovel and help us dig this hole!" Vypra: "Why? Why would you do this to them?" Velossa: "Why wouldn't I? They ment nothing to me." Vypra ran away from them. Galaxia: "Wimp." Vypra (the one watching): "I'll get her for this. If its the last thing I do, I'll make her pay!"
    Vypra opened her eyes and saw Velossa standing over her. Velossa punched her. Velossa: "Get up! I'm not done with you yet." Vypra kicked Velossa in the face. She jumped up and slammed her head into Velossa's. Then Vypra punched her twice. She pulled out her sword and cut Velossa's face. Vypra: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now!" Velossa's voice from all around her: "But I am gone." Vypra looked around. Velossa was nowhere to be seen. Vypra: "Velossa!!!!
    Vypra had been standing on the mountain alone for about an hour. She looked up at the sky. Vypra: "Wherever you are right now, I want you to know that I will avenge your death. Velossa won't get away with this. I vow that the last thing she will ever see is the end of my sword cutting into her throat."
    Vypra went back to the lab later. Ms. Fairweather: "What happened out there?" Vypra washed her face off in the sink. Vypra: "Just had a clar reminder why I'm fight with Velossa." Ms. Fairweather: "So you think you can beat her?" Vypra: "I don't know when and I don't know how, but someday I will beat her. My fondest wish is to be there when she takes her final breath, to watch all her evil be destroyed along with her. But there is one thing even sweeter than watching her die. The satasfaction of knowing that she will spend eternity paying for what she did to my parents."