The Search for the Sixth Psycho-
Part 1

    Ms. Fairweather: "I've thought it over and come up with only one thing we can do. As long as that morpher doesn't have an owner, Cyann will go after it. We must find our sixth ranger quickly." Vypra: "I agree, but where do we look?" Divatox: "Yea. This place is like...real empty." Ms. Fairweather: "I've thought of this. I'm not quite sure where we will find this person." Ecliptor: "So Star is out totally?" Ms. Fairweather: "We can't have a ranger that just runs off whenever she feels like it. What if we needed her someday and she's gone?" Olympius: "That's true." Ms. Fairweather: "Besides, the powers won't work for her. I can't figure out why. And lets face it, we don't have time to sit around while I try to make them work." Seth: "We know the sixth ranger isn't here on Stregna. Where can we go?" Ms. Fairweather: "This morpher rejected Star. But we don't understand why. I have another test to run." She put the morpher on her own wrist. Ms. Fairweather: "Psycho Blast!" Nothing happened. Ms. Fairweather: "Just as I thought. These powers were meant for one person and one person only." Seth: "But its useless if we can't find this person!" Ms. Fairweather: "I know. I want to see if it can tell us where to look. Maybe like a tracking device." She went into her lab.
    Cyann: "So its not just me that morpher doesn't like." Velossa: "There's somebody meant for it." Cyann: "But where did it come from? A morpher doesn't just appear out of nowhere!" Cyborg was over in the corner. Cyborg: "Ladies, it doesn't matter where it came from. We have to find the person it was meant for and kill him. Before its to late." Cyann: "Ok fine, but if the rangers can't find the guy, what chance do we have?" Velossa: "Maybe if we wait for them to come up with something." Cyann: "That's all we can do."
    Later that day, Divatox served the others their lunch. Divatox: "Aren't I just the best cook?" Vypra laughed. Vypra: "You used a synthatron for crying out loud!" Divatox: "So?" Ecliptor: "We have to focus. Where can we get a sixth ranger?" Divatox: "I'm kind of tired of this game. Can we play something else?" Olympius: "I know what you mean, but we can't give up until we find who the morpher wants." Divatox handed Vypra a burnt pancake. Vypra: "You never cease to amaze me. You have burned food from a machine that cooks itself. That really hard to do." Divatox: "I know. It takes talent."
    Suddenly, a strange light came out of Ms. Fairweather's lab. Ms. Fairweather: "Rangers get your butts in here pronto!" They saw a huge portal in the center of the room. The morpher was sitting on a table projecting it. Seth: "What's going on?" Ms. Fairweather: "I hooked the morpher to a....I guess you could say 'portal maker' and this popped up." Vypra: "Does it mean this is where the sixth ranger is?" Ms. Fairweather: "Yes, but it will just put you in the general area. I won't lead you straight there. I should warn you that its a big risk." Ecliptor: "So is everything else we do." Ms. Fairweather: "I don't know where this portal leads. But you have to go through anyway." Divatox: "We'll get the sixth psycho. You can count on us." Ms. Fairweather: "I know. Good luck." They jumped through the portal.
    Cyann: "I'm going for it!" She teleported to the outside of the lab. Cyann: "How am I going to get in?" Then she saw the half opened window. Cyann: "Oh yea, that." She pushed it up the rest of the way and jumped in. Ms. Fairweather reached for a gun that was laying on the table beside her. Cyann shot her hand with an energy bolt. Cyann: "Don't try it." Ms. Fairweather: "Leave! I'm warning you!" Cyann kicked her. She fell to the ground holding her side. Cyann: "Don't mess with me, lady." Ms. Fairweather glared at her as she approached the portal. Cyann: "Your rangers will never make it in time." She jumped through the portal.
    The rangers walked through the portal and ended up on an old city street. Graffiti covered the buildings. People lay in the street starving. A man ran up to and old lady and took her purse. Vypra: "God, this is a horrible place." Two gangs were about to fight in a parking lot across the street. Seth: "What is all this?" Divatox: "Its looks like Earth, but there's something strange about it." They remembered all Seth had seen is Stregna. Any kind of a city was new to him. They saw a woman pulling her son down the street. Boy: "I want a toy!" Mother: "Da*n it, I said no!" Ecliptor: "Wait. Can you help us?" Woman: "You want help, get a job." Vypra: "No. No. We just want some information." Divatox noticed the kid was on the ground near her feet. He looked up. Divatox: "May I help you?" Seth: "Yea, she doesn't like that. She has to know you for at least a minute and a half before you can look up her dress." Divatox hit him. Seth: "Just kidding!" Divatox kicked the kid away. Woman: "What do you want?" Vypra: "What year is this?" Woman: "Its 2025. You sure don't get out much." They saw a young girl in a short skirt running from a man who was shaking a beer bottle. Man: "Get back her, bi*ch!" Vypra: "What happened to the world? This place is awful!" Woman: "The world's gone to hell." The woman walked away. Ecliptor: "Man, I always thought we'd be the ones who messed this place up. But in reality, the humans destroyed their own world." Vypra: "Its sad, huh? I never really cared about humans before, but this is just heartbreaking." Seth: "I know. It makes me miss Stregna."
    Cyann walked through the portal, but was in a different part of the city. She saw two teens making love on a park bench. Cyann: "Oh get a room!" A man came up and put his hand on Cyann's shoulder. Cyann: "If you want to keep that hand, I suggest you move it." He pulled a knife on her. She kicked it out of his hand, caught it, and held it to his throat. Cyann: "Don't try anything cute." He ran away. A car pulled over a few feet away from Cyann. A man kicked a little girl out onto the street and drove off. She started crying. Cyann: "Nice place." She looked around at all the horror. Cyann: "How are they going to find a ranger in this mess?" A car hit Cyann, making her fall. They didn't stop, just kept on driving. She got up and flipped them off. Cyann: "Where'd you get your license, off the back of a cereal box?"
    The rangers split up and started looking for anyone who could pass as a ranger. Vypra passed the girl on the street where Cyann was. She kneeled down beside her. Vypra: "What's the matter?" Girl: "My daddy kicked me out so he could go play with his hoes." Vypra: "Huh?" Vypra wasn't used to hearing a child that young talking that way. The girl began to cry again. Vypra: "I'm evil, but this makes even me sick." Vypra saw a bench. Vypra: "Come here." Vypra was about to sit down, but noticed the words 'f*ck off' written on the bench. Vypra in her head: "No is that really necessary?" She sat down and let the little girl cry on her shoulder. She didn't really know what to do. She had never felt any type of compassion for anyone before. Not a human anyway. But this world was tearing her up inside. A cop ran after a guy with pot in his hand. Cop: "Stop!" Vypra stuck her leg out to trip the man with the drugs. The cop caught up with him. Cop: "How much do you want for it?" Vypra in her head: "You've got to be kidding!"
    Ecliptor and Divatox went together. They came across a house where they heard screaming. Woman's voice: "Fine, go to the other woman then!" They heard glass breaking. Then a woman ran out the door and into the street. A man stuck his head out the window: "Go then, you lesbian ho*r!" Divatox: "Good lord!" Ecliptor: "Lets just keep going." Divatox: "Is it wrong that this place is getting to me. I'm a villain, but I can't help but feel bad." Ecliptor: "No, that's not wrong. Even the most evil people in the galaxy have their limits." Divatox reached for Ecliptor's hand. He put his arm around her. Ecliptor: "If we ever get back to Earth, I want to find a way to stop all this from happening." Divatox: "I know. But after all the good the rangers have done in the past, it still turned out this way. Why?" Ecliptor: "I don't know. We just have to hope that somehow, man will see the light before its to late."
    Seth and Olympius were walking out behind an old building. Seth: "What's that smell?" Olympius went over to a dumpster and found a rotting body. Olympius: "Does this answer your question?" Seth: "Why do you want to come back to this place? Stregna is ten times better than this and we're ruled by an idiot!" Olympius: "When we got sucked through the portal, the Earth wasn't like this. It wasn't perfect, but it sure wasn't this bad!" Seth: "How are we going to find a ranger in a place like this? Its like looking for an ice cube in hell. You're just not going to find it!" Olympius: "This is where the mophrer said our ranger is. We have to believe its right. No matter how hard it is."
    Back on Stregna, Ms. Fairweather noticed something strange on the morpher. Ms. Fairweather: "What?" There was a circle cut in the top of it. Like a piece was missing. Then she figured it out. Ms. Fairweather: "So that's why it won't work. I'll bet whoever is meant to use it will have the missing piece! But now its to late to tell the rangers. I hope they can find her!"
To Be Continued.....