It was a dark, rainy night. The rangers sat at the kitchen table playing cards. Divatox: "This isn't much fun if you keep letting me win." Vypra: "Who's letting you? We never played before." Divatox: "Oh. Well then, please continue." She looked down at the pile of money in front of her. Thunder boomed in the background. Jamie came running over from the couch and grabbed onto Olympius's arm. Olympius: "What, you don't like storms?" She shook her head. Jamie: "No." He lifted her onto his lap. Olympius: "Well you can help me play then." She smiled and looked down at the cards in his hand. Jamie: "Can you teach me? I don't know how." Divatox rolled her eyes. Divatox: "Don't worry. He don't either."
    Later that night, Olympius noticed that Jamie had fallen asleep in his arms. Olympius: "I'm going to take her to bed. You guys go ahead without me." Ecliptor: "That's okay. I'm out." Vypra: "Yeah, we lost enough for one night." He walked back into her room and layed her gently onto the bed. She woke up as he put her down. Olympius: "Go back to sleep. Its really late." He kissed her and headed for the door. Jamie: "I love you." He didn't respond. After he had closed the door, he thought back on his life. No one had ever told him that before. Not even Bansheera. His thoughts were inturrupted by the sudden darkness. Sarah: "Great, the power's out." Ms. Fairweather: "Since you're up, can you go see if you can fix it. There's a power box on the side of the lab." Olympius: "Need I remind you that I'm a demon. And its raining." Vypra: "That little bit of water won't hurt you." He sighed and went outside.
    He went over to the side and started playing with some buttons on the box. He heard something in the trees behind him, but didn't think anything of it. After a few minutes, he started to go back inside. Once his back was completely turned, Cyann came walked out silently. She held out her hand and blasted him with a blue energy bolt. He hit the ground. Cyann: "You're little friend will regret the day she ever met me." She looked down at him for a minute, then changed her form to match his. Just then, Sarah came walking up. Sarah: "Is it that hard to fix?" Olympius: "Well, I..." Sarah: "Get outta the way." She pushed one button and the lights came back on. They headed back inside.
    Ms. Fairweather and Sarah were in a bright room working on something. Ms. Fairweather stood at the window, watching the rain. Ms. Fairweather: "Its really great that Olympius found a friend like her. She seems to have really opened him up." Sarah: "Yeah. I didn't know him before, but just from that one day, he's like a whole different guy." Ms. Fairweather: "Sure she's a little difficult at times, but she has mad a difference with him that nobody else could have even dreamed of." Sarah: "Wonder what his momma'd say if she saw him." Ms. Fairweather laughed. Ms. Fairweather: "Oh Bansheera. She'd have a fit. After raising what she thought was the ultimate evil and he let a kid get close to him." Sarah began to weld two pieces of metal together. Sarah: "Guess he's seen the light." Ms. Fairweather: "To bad it couldn't have happened sooner. Before so many in Mariner Bay lost their lives."
    It was about 1:00 in the morning, and the storm still continued. Cyann was on the couch, still in the form of Olympius, flipping through channels after the others had gone to bed. She looked out the window. Olympius: "Its only a matter of time." Lightening flashed. Then with a loud boom of thunder, he heard Jamie scream. He went running into her room. Olympius: "What's wrong?" She held her pillow tightly. He walked over and sat down beside her. Olympius: "There's nothing to be afraid of. Storms can't hurt you." Olympius thought: "But I can you little brat." Olympius: "Go back to sleep. When you wake up tomorrow, it will be over." Jamie: "Tell me a story." He thought for a moment. Olympius: "All right. On a far away planet, there lived an angry queen. Her servent and best friend had been attacked. But not by a great warrior, no. But a little girl." She continued to listen, but felt a little strange. Olympius: "The queen vowed revenge for her friend. Saying that soon she would pay for what she did." Jamie: "Then what?" He got up and closed the door. Then turned back to face her, his green eyes glowing in the dimly lit room. Olympius: "The girl died... alone and frightened without anyone to save her." Jamie's eyes grew wide as Cyann returned to her true form. She walked closer to the bed. Jamie started to scream, but Cyann put her hand over her mouth. Cyann: "You should have never got in my way." A knife appeared in her hand. Jamie struggled to get free, but Cyann wouldn't let her. Cyann: "Say good night, sweetie." She drew back the knife and jammed into into her chest. Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." She let her dead body fall back against the bed. Then got up slowly. She smiled, then teleported away.
    The next morning, the real Olympius woke up beside the lab. He held his head and sat up slowly. Olympius: "What happened?" He remembered hitting the ground, then everything went black. He got up and walked inside. No one else was up yet. He went back the hall and looked in on Jamie. He gasped in horror when he saw the metal blade sticking out of her. He ran over to her, but fell to his knees on the floor before he got all the way. His eyes filled with tears as he sat there. After a few minutes, he rose to his feel and picked her up. He walked outside and layed her on the ground. Olympius: "I promise you, I will find whoever did this to you and I will kill them. They had no right to take your life. There was so much you could have done. So much I wish I had said to you." He blasted a hole in the ground and layed her body inside. Then covered it with a sheet of metal he created using the star power. Olympius: "If only there was some way I could tell you what you meant to me. You changed my life; showed me happiness that my mother said was only in fairy tales. And mostly.... I wanted to prove to you how sorry I was. The way I treated you before was cruel and I would give anything to make up for it. I was a monster." He began to cry again. Olympius: "You were the best thing that ever happend to me and I hope somehow you knew that." He turned slowly and walked away.
    He went back in to find Vypra waiting for him. Vypra: "I heard you go out..." She noticed the tears in his eyes. Vypra: "What happened?" Olympius: "She... she's gone." Vypra: "Jamie? She ran away?" He shook his head. Olympius: "No." He paused. Olympius: "Someone killed her." She didn't know what to say. So she put her arm around him. Vypra, after a few minutes passed: "I wish there was something I could do." Olympius: "Thank you. But I need to be alone." Vypra: "Okay." She started back the hall. Vypra: "I know you'll find who did this." Olympius: "I won't stop until I do."