Hale the Queen-Part 1

    Velossa walked into the control room of the ship. Cyann: "So you're back up again?" Velossa: "It takes more than 12 gun shots to keep me down." Boron approached Cyann. Boron: "My princess, the time set for the deal with your father is almost up. We have to capture a ranger very soon!" Cyann: "Oh God, you're right. What are we going to do?" Velossa: "I don't know. Your dad is to smart to fall for some kind of trick. Right?" Cyann: "Yes. Unless we really make it believable." Velossa: "What are you thinking?" Cyann: "How good are you at changing your form?" Velossa: "Not as good as you. But I can do it." Cyann: "I was thinking you could turn into a ranger just long enough for my father to fall for it." Velossa: "You'd be better!" Cyann: "True, but I have to be the one to present the captured ranger. Do you think you can do it?" Velossa: "I'll try."
    Olympius sat and played the events of the last few days over and over again in his head. Vypra and Ecliptor were talking in the kitchen. Vypra: "He is really torn up about this. This is the saddest I've ever seen him." Ecliptor: "I know. What's really bad is that we have no way to help him." Vypra: "How long does a thing like this usually last?" Ecliptor: "Sometimes a few days. Sometimes years." Vypra: "Who would do this? Why would somebody just kill her when they could have had any one of us?" Ecliptor: "I don't know. You're right, it doesn't make sense."
    Velossa: "I'm ready." Cyann stood back. Velossa concentrated for a minute. Then she turned into Psycho Purple. She changed back a few seconds later. Velossa: "I'm not good enough to hold a form yet!" Cyann: "Try again. You are my last hope!" Velossa tried, but this time she couldn't even make the switch. Velossa: "Its hopeless." She walked away. Cyann slammed her fist down on a nearby table. Cyann: "Da*n it! Now I have no chance of taking the throne!" Boron: "I'm sorry my queen." Cyann pushed him down and stormed out of the room. Cyborg help he up. Boron: "Took it better than I thought she would."
    Velossa went to Cyann's room later. She knocked on the door. Cyann: "What?" Velossa: "Open up! I've got an idea!" The door slid open. Cyann was laying on her bed. Velossa: "Why didn't we think of this sooner? My twin sister is Psycho Pink!" Cyann: "You look like Vypra! Of course! How could we have been so blind?" She got up quickly and ran over to Velossa. Cyann: "Come on! Lets do it now!" She pulled her out of the room.
    Velossa sat on a table in the storage room of Cyann's ship. Cyann was looking for some chains in a trunk. Cyann: "Found them!" She put them around Velossa and locked them behind her. Velossa: "You owe me." Cyann: "I know." She pulled her off the table and drug her along the floor. Velossa: "Hey! I can walk!" Cyann: "Oh. Oops."
    Vypra went to the lab where Sarah was working. Vypra: "What's up?" Sarah turned to her with grease on her face. Sarah: "I'm building a zord. It could take a while." Vypra: "Take a break. I came to see if you wanted to go for a walk. Maybe get to know each other. I mean, you're part of this team and I feel like you are a stranger." Sarah thought about it for a minute. Sarah: "Ok. Why not?" She put her tools down and went outside. In the living room, Divatox saw them walking out towards the ocean. Divatox: "Why didn't they ask me?" Olympius was in his room. Ms. Fairweather was running some tests on something and Ecliptor and Seth were sparing. This left Divatox nobody to hang out with. Divatox: "Best friend my a*s."
    Cyann and Velossa walked up to a big stone castle. Velossa: "Why'd your dad move?" Cyann: "He didn't. The ship I ran away from is just what he uses to destroy other worlds. This is my real home. Or at least it was." Two of Darcon's soldiers guarded the door. Cyann spoke something in another language. They stepped aside. Velossa: "Let me go!" Cyann once they walked inside: "Nice touch." Velossa: "Now once you become the queen, where will we live?" Cyann: "I'm planning on landing my ship on top of this castle. I mean this is a nice place, but its not really my style. Know what I mean?" Velossa: "Yea." They came up to another door. It had Darcon's royal symbol in the center of it. Those guards recognized the princess and let her pass. They entered a big room with a silver metal throne in the center. It was facing away from them. All they could see was the back of it. Cyann threw Velossa to the ground. Velossa: "You won't get away with this!" Cyann: "Father. I passed your little test." The chair turned to face them. There Darcon sat. He saw Velossa laying at his daughter's feet. Darcon: "I'm impressed." Cyann: "Now can you see I'm not the helpless little girl you think I am?" Darcon: "You have proven yourself to me. And as we agreed, I will give up my throne to you." He stood and walked over to Cyann. Darcon: "Stregna is now yours." Cyann: "Thank you." She stepped up to the throne and sat down. Darcon walked over to a table on the side of the room. He picked up a box with a green jewel on the top. Darcon: "Here. I don't know why I'm giving you this. Your mother told me to let you have it the day you become queen. I don't know what it is. The ho*r refused to tell me." Cyann took the box from her father. Cyann: "Leave me." Darcon: "As you wish." He teleported away. Cyann shot a laser out of her finger that broke the chains around Velossa. Velossa: "You did it! You actually did it!" Cyann sat the box down on a table next to the throne. Then she went to Velossa's side. Cyann: "I know. I couldn't have done it without your help though. Thank you for that." Velossa: "What are friends for?"
    Later that day, Sarah and Vypra came back. They were laughing and talking as they entered the living room. Divatox turned on the lamp next to her. Divatox: "Have fun?" Vypra was surprised by her tone. Vypra: "Huh...yea. Why do you ask?" Divatox: "What did you do?" Sarah: "We went around exploring and talking." Divatox: "Ya know what I did today?" Vypra opened her mouth to answer, but Divatox cut her off. Divatox: "I sat at home and did nothing. You didn't even ask me to come!" Vypra: "I didn't think..." Divatox: "Right. You didn't think!" Sarah: "Next time you can come with us. Ok?" Divatox: "I don't need your charity!" She got up and ran out of the room. Vypra: "What is wrong with her?" Sarah: "I don't know. But I know we have to do something about it."
    Cyann was speaking into a hand held device. Cyann: "That's right, Boron. Bring the ship down on top of my palace." She ran to the window and waved her arms, giving directions to her warriors. The ship landed with a thud. Then Cyann went out onto the balcony. Below her were a billion of Darcons gold and sliver armored warriors. Mixed in were her Quads. Velossa walked up ahead of Cyann. Velossa: "All hale Cyann, the new queen of Stregna!" All the warriors started cheering and raising their weapons into the air. Cyann: "I will do everything in my power to recapture our home world and destroy the invaders! The Psycho Rangers have met their match!" A gold warrior came up to her with some flowers. Velossa: "You are finally getting the attention you deserve." Cyann: "I am loving this!"
    Ecliptor ran in and turned on the monitor. Ecliptor: "Look!" They saw Cyann on the balcony talking. Ecliptor: "Cyann is the queen now." Seth: "How can that be? She didn't capture one of us." Vypra: "Its Velossa. She fooled Darcon. I was wondering how long it would take them to figure that out." Sarah: "So this means she won't try to capture us anymore." Ms. Fairweather: "Right. Now she will set her goal even higher. She'll kill us." Vypra: "Diva! Get out here!" Divatox came out of her room Divatox: "What?" Ecliptor: "Cyann did it. She is the new queen." Divatox: "That's not good." Ms. Fairweather: "Right. We are on her land now. Which means that she isn't really doing anything wrong by trying to kill us. We are trespassing." Seth: "Maybe so. But Stregna shouldn't be ruled by someone that crazy. We have to save what few civilians are left here. All Cyann wants them for are slaves!" Vypra: "But once Cyann is gone, who would be the leader?" Seth: "Guys....there's something I haven't told you."
To Be Continued.....