Megazord Power
(Silver Ranger Mini Series-Part 2)

Last Time on Power Rangers Psycho: Galaxia calls on Psycho Silver to attack the rangers. He kicks their butts and then gets on board the Dark Fortress and makes it crash. How will the rangers survive? Find out next....

    Karone: "Oh man that was some crash." The rangers pulled themselves off the floor. Trakeena: "Hey. This ship is totaled." From out side: Galaxia: "Come out rangers!" Zedd: Oh no." Scorpina: "We have to go face her." They went out the door to see Galaxia, Velossa, and Psycho Silver standing right in front of them. Galaxia: "You rangers are powerless." Velossa: "Now you can't stand in our way." Galaxia: "Onyx is doomed!" The three of them teleported away. Villimax: "They're probably going to the city to destroy it." Trakeena: "Probably? What else are they going to do, stand on the corner selling flowers?" Zedd: "We can't let them get away with it." Karone: "But how do we stop them? The fortress is messed up and we are really hurt." A red beem came out of Zedd's visor. Zedd: "Galaxia has made Velossa and Psycho Silver grow." Scorpina: "Oh my lord! We don't have a zord."
    Velossa was filing her nails with a telephone poll. Velossa: "This is so much fun! Psycho Silver: "Yea. We get to have a blast and destroy the world at the same time!" He kicked a building making it expload. Lasers came out of Velossa's eyes. Galaxia stood on a building. Galaxia: "Yes! Destroy everything on this pitiful planet!"
    Karone: "Wait a minute. The box that turned the Megaship into the Astro Megazord!" Trakeena: "Yea. What about it?" Karone: "If we get that, it may work on the fortress!" Zedd: "But the fortress is messed up from the crash." Karone: "Right. Trakeena and I will go get the box. You three get this place back online." Villimax: "Ok. We'll do our best." Karone and Trakeena ran off. Trakeena: "Where are we going to get the box? I forced you to destroy the megaship. Remember?" Karone: "Yea. But Alpha was the one who had the box in the beginning. I'm thinking maybe he'll have another one." Trakeena: "That's kind of a long shot isn't it?" Karone: "Yes. But we don't have a choice."
    The two of them teleported to Marinoi looking for Alpha. They came to the place where the tents were the last time they were there. Karone: "All right! They're making progress." Trakeena: "They have log cabins. That's your opinion of progress?" Karone: "It used to be a jungle planet." Trakeena: "Well I guess its something." Maya ran out of a cabin. Maya: "Karone!!" Karone: "Its great to see you Maya, but we don't have time. Where's Alpha?" Maya: "Inside." Trakeena: "Go get him." Maya: "Hey Alpha! Come out here!" Trakeena: "I could have done that." Alpha: "Yes." Karone: "Do you have another one of those code boxes for the megazord?" Alpha: "Why?" Trakeena: "Because we need a zord, you walking ATM!" Karone: "Trakeena please." Alpha: "What are you going to turn into a zord?" Karone: "The Dark Fortress." Maya: "That will be a tough zord!" Trakeena: "So do you have one or not?" Alpha: "Yes." He ran into the cabin and came out with a box like the one he gave the Space Rangers. Alpha: "I hope this helps you." Karone: "Thanks man. You're a life saver." They ran off again.
    Galaxia: "What? They're trying to get a megazord!" She snapped her fingers and a Knight monster appeared. Galaxia: "Come on. We have to stop them." Knight: "Yes my queen." They teleported to Marinoi. Galaxia: "Where do you think you're going?" Trakeena: "You won't stop us. So don't even try." Galaxia kicked the box out of Karone's hand. The Knight charged her and knocked her over. Trakeena: "Karone!" Karone through the Knight off of her and stood up next to Trakeena. Both rangers: "Psycho Blast!" Trakeena ran at the monster and began to battle it. Karone and Galaxia stood staring at each other. Each waiting for the other one to make a move. Karone made pink electricity come out of her hand but Galaxia blocked it. Swords appeared in both of their hands. They ran at each other and began a sword fight. Karone kicked Galaxia in the stomach twice making her fall down. While she was down there, she tripped Karone. Galaxia got back up and held the sword at Karone's throat. Galaxia: "Now to finish you." Trakeena threw her ax and knocked the sword out of Galaxia's hand. Galaxia: "No!" Karone got up and went to help Trakeena with the monster. The two of them joined their hand and made a big energy blast come out. The monster blew up. Galaxia: "We will fight again Pink Ranger!" Trakeena: "Sounds like you made her mad." Karone: "Oh well. Who cares? We've got to get back to the fortress."
    Scorpina came into the control room with greese and stuff all over her face. Scorpina: "You guys better appreciate this. Zedd: "Engines are online." Villimax: "Where are those two with that box." Zedd: "There was probably a sale some place and they stopped for that. Trakeena: "Shut up Zedd. Here's the box." Karone: "I'll bet you feel stupid." Zedd: "Yes I do. But not a stupid as I did on my wedding day." Karone went over to the control panel and instauled the box. Villimax: "Lets go show Psycho Silver what we're made of. Velossa: "The fortress!" Psycho Silver: "How could they get that thing running?" Zedd: "Psycho Megazord Power!" Once the megazord had formed, the Silver Ranger attacked it. Karone: "Satalasers, fire!" Two green lasters shot out of a gun on its hand. They knocked the Silver Ranger down. Velossa ran at them. Zedd: "Psycho Megazord Saber!" The saber hit Velossa three times. Velossa: "We'll be back rangers!" Scorpina: "This thing actually works!" Zedd: "You expected less of my handy work?" Scorpina: "If you had anything to do with this, the arm would have fallen off." Trakeena: "Stop joking on eaching other and lets go home."
To Be Continued.....

Next Time on Power Rangers Psycho: The final face off between Psycho Silver and the rangers. Will Galaxia and Psycho Silver be the united force that destroys the Psycho Rangers? Find out next time.