Hale the Queen-Part 2

    Seth: "Guys....I have something to tell you." Ms. Fairweather: "What is it?" Seth: "Cyann is my aunt." Vypra: "Why didn't you tell us this before?" Seth: "It never came up. But if she is gone, I get the throne. Unless some other relative comes back. I really don't see that happening." Divatox: "Why would your own aunt attack you for all these years?" Seth: "She doesn't want me to have the throne. She knows I would rule Stregna fairly. She wants its people for her slaves." Olympius: "So we are tresspassers and you are a danger to her power. That makes sense."
    Cyann: "It feels so good to be the queen!" Velossa: "Just don't forget about the rangers. I know you're the queen now, but they are still a problem." Cyann looked at the box from her mom. Cyann: "I know. I plan to show them what I'm really made of right here and now." She walked over and picked up the box." Velossa: "What do you think your mom left you?" Cyann: "I have no idea. But I'm sure its something powerful!" She opened the box. Inside was a shiny green orb. Velossa: "What the he*l are you suppossed to do with that?" The orb started to glow. Cyann's mouth dropped open in shock. The orb floated out of the box. Cyann let the box fall to the floor. Suddenly, a blinding green light filled the room. Velossa covered her eyes. She heard Cyann breathing hard. The light disappeared. Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Velossa opened her eyes and saw somthing truely magnificient. Cyann stood where she had before, but not dressed the same. Her dress was a beautfiul shade of green. Her eyes flashed green. Velossa: "Cyann? Is that you?" Cyann smiled. Cyann: "Yes. Its me." Velossa: "What happened?" Cyann: "The orb has given me the power to destroy any world, bring life where once none existed, rule the galaxy as the one supream monarch!" She made a sword appear in her hand. Its handle was black. Its blade was green and covered with glitter. Cyann: "I will show those rangers the pain of a million deaths." She teleported away in a green streak of light. Velossa: "Whoever her mom is, she's got some power!"
    Ecliptor: "There's a strange energy around us." Ms. Fairweather ran to a big machine to try to get a reading on it. The machine sparked. Then smoke started to come out. Ms. Fairweather: "This power is off the scale!" Seth held his head. Seth: "Its Cyann!" Vypra: "How do you know?" Seth: "I just have a feeling. Trust me!" He ran out the door. The others followed him.
    Cyann and Velossa were walking towards the lab. They had the Quads with them. Seth: "Stop!" Cyann: "Oh I'm really going to enjoy this!" Vypra: "What in the world?" Cyann: "Now I have enough power to kill you all." Ecliptor: "But how?" Cyann: "That's not important." She shot three green lasers out of her eyes. The rangers fell. When the smoke cleared, they had burn marks on their faces. Seth: "Psycho Blast!" Cyann: "You don't think you can stop me with that, do you?" Seth ran at her. She kicked him. He flipped in the air and landed on the ground. Cyann picked him up by his neck. Cyann: "So, did you tell your little friends about us yet?" Seth: "Yea. What of it?" Cyann: "Just wondering how they took it. After all, if you're part of this family, you can't be all good." She threw him into the air. Vypra and Sarah both jumped and tried to kick Cyann, but she shot them in mid air. Velossa went over to fight Vypra. Ecliptor came at Cyann. She cut him with her new sword. The cuts were much deeper then they were with her old one. She stomped on his back when he fell. Everyone heard crunching gears and bending metal. Olympius jumped and tried to kick her. But to his surprise, he fell through her! Olympius: "How could that happen?" Cyann: "None of you can defeat me. Soon you will be slaves to my army." Velossa: "So does this mean the rest of us can retire?" Cyann laughed. Cyann: "Sure. Why not?" Vypra got up and ran to help Ecliptor. Cyann cut her with the sword. Seth: "Stop this. I'm the only one that's a threat to your throne. Fight me!" Cyann: "You're right." She opened her mouth and began to breath green fire. Cyann then took her sword and drew a strange symbol in the ground. It began to grow until it was underneath the hurt rangers. A huge ball of fire came out of the symbol. The rangers groaned in pain. They couldn't even move after that. Cyann: "Should I finish them now or let them lay here and rot?" Velossa: "I'd like to watch them rot, but whatever you want to do is fine." Cyann: "They are to hurt to get in our way. Lets go." They teleported away.
    Ms. Fairweather ran out to where the rangers were. One by one she carried them back to the lab. They all layed around the living room. Sarah sat up. Sarah: "What are we going to do? With that new power, Cyann can't be stopped. Stregna's people will become her slaves in no time!" Ms. Fairweather: "I know." Sarah stood and went over to Ecliptor. Ms. Fairweather: "Stop! You're hurt. You should be resting." Sarah: "No. Cyann won't wait for us to recover. She's probably having people bow at her feet right now." She got some tools and began repairing Ecliptor.
    That night, the rangers were pretty much recovered. Sarah and Vypra were in the lab working on Sarah's zord. Sarah handed Vypra a wrench. Sarah: "Cyann really kicked our a*ses today." Vypra: "Do you think we can ever get rid of her?" Sarah: "Maybe. We have to try." Vypra: "Really. Today I saw another portal open. It seems like more people get stuck here every few days." Sarah: "The more people are here, the more there are for Cyann to turn into slaves." Vypra: "We can't let that happen." Divatox had her ear to the door listening. Divatox: "They're so close it makes me sick!" She stood for a minute, looking very upset. Divatox: "Well fine. If they don't want me here, I'll just leave." She walked to the door and turned back. A tear ran down her cheek. Then she went out and slammed on the button to close the door.
    Cyann was in her new throne room. Velossa: "I thought you didn't like this place." Cyann looked around. Cyann: "I don't know. Its growing on me." Velossa: "I like this stone look. I got kind of sick of machines everywhere." Cyann: "What I'm thinking is leave the stone walls, but put in some control panels along the walls." Velossa: "That could work." She walked over to the balcony. She slammed her fist down on the rail. Velossa: "Da*n it! The rangers are gone!" Cyann ran over to her. Cyann: "How could they get the power to walk away?" Cyborg walked in. Cyborg: "Its Ms. Fairweather. I saw her help them." Cyann: "Oh well. We can destroy them any time we want." Velossa: "Ya know, I wonder when your mother will show up." Cyann: "I hope its soon. I haven't seen her in so long. I really miss her." Velossa: "I understand."