Best Friends

Guest Staring: Robin Givens

    Vypra and Sarah came into the living room and sat down. Vypra: "Where's Diva?" Sarah: "I don't know." She stuck her head into Divatox's room. Sarah: "Hey, do you think she was series the other day about being mad at us?" Vypra: "I don't know. I mean, its not that we didn't want her to come." Vypra went into the kitchen and found a note Divatox had left them. Vypra read the note to herself. Divatox in the note: "Its clear you all don't need me. I'll be da*ned if I'm going to stay where I'm not wanted. I hope you two are very happy together. Good bye." Vypra dropped the note and ran back into the living room. Vypra: "She left!" Sarah: "Why?" Vypra: "She thinks we don't like her." Sarah: "Why would she think that?" Vypra: "I don't know." Sarah: "We have to find her before Cyann does!" They both ran out the door.
    Boron walked into Cyann's throne room. Some Quads were working on putting the wall panels in. Boron kneeled before his queen. Boron: "Psycho Blue has run away from her friends. Pink and Purple are looking for her." Cyann: "So the rangers are split up. We can use this time to enslave the people that keep dropping in here." Velossa: "I'll send the Quads to capture some people."
    The Quads ran into a woman. Robin: "More of these freaks! You want a piece of me? Come on!" One charged her. She punched it. Two came up from behind her and grabbed her arms. Another kicked her. She tried to break free, but couldn't. Vypra and Sarah were nearby looking for Divatox when they saw her being attacked. Vypra looked at Sarah. Vypra: "Come on. We have to help her!" They ran into battle. Sarah put her arm around one Quad's neck. They heard a sickening crack. The Quad fell to the ground. Vypra kicked the two that were holding Robin. Vypra: "Stay behind me!" A Quad ran at them. Vypra kicked it in the face. Sarah flipped on over her shoulder. Vypra turned and saw a Quad running towards Robin from behind. Vypra: "Get down!" The Quad tripped over her. They disappeared. Robin: "You saved my life. Thank you!" Sarah: "I'm Sarah and this is Vypra. We're Power Rangers." Robin: "Hi. I'm Robin. I host a talk show. Or at least I did before I got stuck here." She looked around. Robin: "Where is this place anyway?" Vypra: "This is Stregna. Its a strange planet ruled by the evil Queen Cyann." Sarah: "She's the one that sent those pink things." Robin: "How can I get back?" Sarah: "We don't know." Robin: "Well ok." She turned and started to walk away. Vypra: "Wait." Robin: "Yea?" Vypra: "What kind of talk show do you do?" Robin: "Oh, its called Forgive or Forget. People come on who are mad at each other. They see if they can forgive each other." Sarah: "You might be able to help us out. We've got this friend that's mad at us." Robin: "I'd love to help you. Where's your friend?" Vypra: "We don't know." Sarah: "Come with me." She turned to Vypra. Sarah: "Go look for Divatox. I'll take Robin back to the lab." Robin: "Lab?" Sarah: "Not that kind of lab. We're aliens, but you're thinking of the wrong kind." Robin: "Oh. Good."
    Vypra went walking. Vypra: "Diva!" She walked a little further. Vypra: "Come on! This isn't funny!" She heard something on the side of a mountain. She walked over and saw Divatox throwing rocks at the side. Vypra: "Diva." Divatox turned quickly. Divatox: "What do you want?" Vypra: "Come with me." Divatox: "Why? So you can have someone to cut out?" Vypra: "Just come on!" She pulled her all the way back to the lab.
    Ms. Fairweather whispered in Vypra's ear: "Robin wanted to tape this for when she gets back home. I said ok." Vypra: "Oh that's fine." Ms. Fairweather: "Divatox, go through that door. Vypra, wait here for a minute." Ms. Fairweather signaled to Robin. She walked through a large wooden door. Robin: "Hello and welcome to Forgive or Forget! Today we talk to a demon who wants to apologize to her pirate friend for abandoning her. Vypra, come on out!" Vypra came out through another door opposite the one Robin came through. She sat down in a chair. Robin: "Hi Vypra." Vypra: "Hello Robin." Robin: "So what's been going on?" Vypra: "Well we recently met our newest ranger, Sarah. I think my best friend Divatox is jealous of the two of us. I've been spending a lot of time with Sarah." Robin: "Why spend so much time with Sarah if Divatox is your best friend?" Vypra: "Well I want to make her feel at home. Plus she's a nice girl." Robin: "Lets meet this other girl! Come out Sarah!" Sarah sat down next to Vypra. Robin: "So you and Vypra hang out a lot, huh?" Sarah: "Yea. But I didn't want to come between her and Diva. That's the last thing I'd ever want." Robin: "Tell her that." She pointed to a monitor behind them. Divatox was seen sitting in another room. Divatox: "Its clear you guys don't want to hang out with me." Vypra: "Yes we do!" Divatox: "Why spend all this time with her and never once ask me to join you?" Vypra: "I thought we were beyond that! If you want to hang with us, please do." Sarah turned around to face the monitor. Sarah: "I don't want to come between you two. All I want is for the three of us to be friends." Vypra: "Yea. There's no rule that says somebody has to have only one best friend." Divatox: "You're not doing this just because I'm asking you to, right?" Vypra: "No. You've been my friend since we first came here. No one is every going to change that!" Robin: "Will the three of them be able to be friends and keep their team going? Find out when we come back!"
    Ecliptor: "How did you make this set so fast?" Ms. Fairweather: "I have been testing some simulation equipment. Its not real." Seth: "Cool." Olympius: "Do you guys think she'll come through the door?" Ecliptor: "I hope so. If she doesn't, we don't have a team."
    Robin: "We're back! Did Vypra and Sarah's words get through? Lets see. Ladies, go to the door!" They got up and walked over to a huge wooden door. Robin: "Ready?" Sarah: "Yea." Vypra: "Ok." Robin: "Lets open the door!" The door opened slowly. They saw Divatox standing on the other side. The hugged. Then they returned to their seats. Divatox: "I didn't think you guys even cared about me. I mean, he*l, I haven't had that many friends." Vypra: "We're your friends. Don't ever forget that." Robin: "I love happy endings!" She faced the camera. Robin: "This is the perfect example of an everlasting friendship. Its really great to see this kind of relationship be able to last under the conditions. Thanks for being here guys. I'm Robin Givens and I'll see you next time!"
    Later that night, Robin got ready to leave the lab. The girls came up to her as she was walking out the door with the tape. Divatox: "We wanted to say thanks." Vypra: "Yea. You were a big help today!" Robin: "It was my pleasure." They said their good byes. Then she walked out into the cool night air. She turned back. Robin: "They're a good group of people." She turned and saw a big white portal. Robin: "What the heck?" They rangers came running. Robin walked through the portal. It closed before the rangers could get to it. Robin looked up and found herself standing in front of her house. Robin: "That was weird!"
    Cyann: "That was a sickening display!" Velossa was gagging over the side of the rail. She pulled her head up to look at Cyann. Velossa: "Tell me about it!" She went back to her gagging. Cyann: "What did you do with that murder tape I gave you?" Velossa: "Its in my room on our old ship." Cyann: "I'm going to go watch that to cheer myself up!" Velossa: "Wait for me!"
    Ms. Fairweather: "How do you like the new simulator?" Ecliptor: "That's really interesting." They were cleaning up a mess from dinner. Olympius was doing the dishes. Olympius: "I wonder if Robin made it home." Ms. Fairweather: "What I'd like to know is how those portal keep appearing. I have tried and tried, but I can't get a lock on one. And I sure as heck can't get a pattern to predict them!" Olympius: "Its to bad. If we could predict them, we'd be home in no time." He pulled out a little pink cup. It was Jamie's. He sighed. Vypra picked up the dish towel. Vypra: "Have you come any closer to finding out who killed her?" Olympius: "Not yet." Ecliptor: "I'm going to look around the scene a little bit. Maybe they left a clue." Olympius: "Thanks, man." Ecliptor: "No problem." Vypra kissed Olympius on the cheek. Vypra: "We'll find whoever did this. I promise you that."

Robin's show, Forgive or Forget, can be seen week nights on UPN! Its really cool!