Ecliptor was out beside the lab. He bent down and saw a some blood on the ground. Ecliptor: "Olympius's." He stood back up. He headed towards the woods to his left. Ecliptor: "He said he woke up here." He found nothing. Ecliptor: "I can't believe whoever did this is this good. They had to have slipped up somewhere." He returned inside. Ecliptor: "I'm sorry. I couldn't find any trace of who did it." Olympius: "That's ok. At least you tried." Ecliptor: "I'm not giving up." Olympius: "Why do you care so much about helping me?" Ecliptor: "I understand your pain. That's the only reason I can give you." Olympius: "We've turned into a fine bunch of villains! Caring about each other's feeling. My mother would have a cow if she knew what I had become." Ecliptor: "Don't worry about her. But you're probably right."
    Divatox and Vypra were in their room talking. Divatox: "Have you noticed something strange about Sarah?" Vypra: "Please don't start this again!" Divatox: "No. I don't mean it like that. Its just, she's Karone's adopted daughter, right?" Vypra: "Yes. She told me Karone found her in an ally one day." Divatox: "Then why does she looked exactly like Karone?" Vypra didn't say anything for a minute. Vypra: "Does she? I've never met her mother." Divatox: "She looks the same. Just her hair is shorter than Karone's." Vypra: "You're right. That's doesn't make sense." Divatox: "Has she ever told you who her real parents are?" Vypra: "She doesn't know. Karone found her when she was only a few months old." Divatox: "Weird."
    Cyborg went up to Cyann. She was looking through her dad's stuff. Cyann to Velossa who was next to her: "Dad couldn't have throne out every memory of my mom. Could he?" Velossa: "I don't know. Your dad's a real piece of work." Cyborg: "My queen, I don't want to interrupt you, but we have a perfect opportunity to attack. The green and red rangers are out looking for clues in the death of that little brat." Velossa: "What about the girls?" Cyborg: "I didn't check. You know my enemy is Psycho Green. The rest are not my concern." Cyann: "Fine. You can attack them. I'm in the middle of something." Cyborg: "Good luck." Cyann: "You too."
    Ecliptor and Olympius were searching the woods again. Olympius: "I can't believe they didn't screw up even once!" Ecliptor: "I know. Its not possible." Cyborg walked out from behind some trees. Ecliptor: "You again!" Cyborg: "That's right. You escaped me once, but not this time." Ecliptor: "Get the others!" Olympius turned to run. Cyborg shot him in the back with his eye lasers. He fell. Ecliptor: "Psycho Blast!" Ecliptor jumped at Cyborg. Cyborg caught his foot and threw him into a tree. Cyborg then blasted him with an energy beam from his hand. Cyborg: "You have no chance of destroying me." Ecliptor: "That's what you think." He called the Green Psycho Cannon. He fired on Cyborg knocking him down.
    Cyann: "How do you think Cyborg is doing?" Velossa: "I'm sure he's fine. He probably already killed Psycho Green." Cyann saw an envelope in the bottom of an old box. She pulled it out and looked inside. Cyann: "How could he?" Velossa didn't understand. Velossa: "What?" Cyann: "These are all the letters I wrote to my mom when I was little. Darcon said her sent them to her." Velossa: "Looks like he's a big fat liar." Cyann: "Yea, really." Velossa: "What did he saw when she didn't write back?" Caynn: "He said she was conquering other worlds. She didn't have time to reply to some kid's letters." Velossa: "I'll bet that really hurt!" Cyann: "For years I thought my mom didn't care about me. Then I remembered all the fun we had before she left. I convinced myself that Darcon was lying." Velossa: "Why would he do that though? What did it matter to him weather you and your mom got along?" Cyann: "I don't know, but I think it was because he knew I liked her better." Velossa: "Why wouldn't you? Your dad treated you like you were two you whole life!" Cyann: "I know. I wish he was still here so I could tell him to his face how pi*sed I am!" Velossa: "You'll get your chance."
    Two Quads came up behind Ecliptor and took the cannon. Cyborg got up and got his sword. Ecliptor did the same. Cyborg tried to cut Ecliptor. Ecliptor blocked his sword and kicked him. Cyborg punched him twice making sparks. Ecliptor called for his two blade weapons that looked like clock hands. He cut Cyborg with one. Then the other. Cyborg spun in the air and landed hurt on the ground. Ecliptor: "Get out here!" He held the sword at Cyborg's head. He disappeared. Ecliptor ran to help Olympius up. Ecliptor: "Are you ok?" Olympius: "Fine."
    Vypra and Divatox approached Sarah. Vypra: "I don't know how to put this, so I'll just say it. Are you curious about your parents? Your real parents I mean." Sarah: "Well...maybe a little. Why?" Divatox: "We noticed that you looked like Karone. How can that be if you are adopted?" Sarah: "I've always wondered about that. Mom swears I was adopted." Divatox: "Have you seen how thin your mom is? Of course you were adopted! She wouldn't look like that if you weren't!" Vypra: "Are you still jealous of her?" Divatox: "No. I was when we worked for Dark Spector, but not now." Sarah: "Guys, you seem more interested in this than I do!" Vypra: "You have to admit its a little strange." Sarah: "Ok. It is. But I don't really want to know my parents." Divatox: "That's not a good thing to say." Sarah: "Why? They abandoned me! There's no reason in the world I would ever want to see them again!"
    Cyann: "You told me you could kill Psycho Green. What happened?" Cyborg: "I can. I could have today." Cyann: "I used you to mop the floor, you dumb a*s!" Cyborg: "We were about tied in today's battle, my queen." Cyann: "Well a tie doesn't cut it. Either you kill him or I'll find someone who can. Do you understand?" Cyborg: "Yes." He bowed and left the room. Velossa: "I just don't understand the help around here." Cyann gave her a funny look. Velossa: "Yes I see the irony in what I just said." Cyann went out onto the balcony. A cold wind started to blow. Cyann remembered a time when she was four. She hand her mother were having a fake sword battle in their yard. They both were having a lot of fun. Cyann thought about how much she missed those days. Cyann in her head: "Mother, where ever you are, please come back. I miss you." She sighed. She had wished her mom would come back a million times as a kid. She knew wishing now wouldn't be any different.