Mother Knows Best

    Cyann sat on her throne. Her warriors kneeled in front of her. Cyann: "We need some way to take out a ranger. I was thinking take Sarah down first. Ya know, get the extra one out of the way." The wind began to blow harder and harder outside. The wall behind Cyann's throne was made of glass. Velossa saw fire outside. It filled up the entire wall. Velossa: "Cyann!" She got up and turned to the wall. Suddenly, the glass broke and the fire entered the throne room. In the middle of the flames, there was the form of a woman. The flames cleared away and the others were then able to see her clearly. She walked out of the fire and slammed end of her septor on the ground. The fire disappeared. Cyann stood in disbelief. Cyann: "Mother?" Shou: "I see you got my little present." Cyann: "Oh...uh...yea, its wonderful." Shou: "I know you're surprised to see me. He*l, the last time we talked, you were only 8." Cyann came over and hugged her mother. Cyann: "I've missed you so much!" Shou: "I know. I have been watching you take on the Psycho Rangers. You have grown into a fine young warrior." Cyann: "Thanks." She looked around. Shou: "So, you finally got that miserable excuse for a ruler off of the throne?" Cyann: "Yes. Well...sort of. I kind of..." Shou: "Say no more. I saw what you and Velossa did." Cyann: "I'm sorry." Shou: "Sorry for what? That was very nicely done. I am very proud of you." Cyann: "We tricked Darcon into giving me the throne though." Shou: "I know. You're evil. That is what I like to see."
    Ecliptor: "The wind is really picking up out there!" Vypra came into the room with Seth. She helped him over to the couch. He was in great pain. Vypra: "What's wrong?" Seth: "Its my grandmother. She's returned." Divatox was sitting on the arm of a chair. Divatox: "So, not a real family man, huh?" Seth: "The entire living part of my family is pure evil. This lady is the most evil woman in existence!" Ecliptor: "I don't believe that for a second. Every villain says they're the most evil. But soon, they all look like fools." Seth: "She's not like that!" Olympius and Sarah came in. Sarah: "I heard what you said. So this woman is worse than Cyann?" Seth: "Its not hand to hand combat we have to worry about with her. Its her helping Cyann destroy us."
    Shou: "You were such a perfect little girl, Caynn. A mother couldn't ask for anything more." Velossa: "Can you go into detail?" Shou: "Well, there was her first day of school." Cyann: "Mother please!" Shou: "What? Its a cute story. So anyway, she goes into the class. This boy tells the teacher that he thinks Cyann is pretty. The teacher comes over to Cyann and tells her that and do you know what she said? I was so proud. She said 'F*ck him and the horse he rode in on!' The teacher fainted. I just couldn't stop myself from laughing. The boy of course ran away crying." Velossa: "She's right. That is a cute story!" Cyann: "Can we attack the rangers now?" Shou: "Certainly. I'm not going to stop you." Cyann: "I know, but I thought you came back to help me." Shou: "I know how evil you are. You don't need my help." Cyann: "I want to get rid of Psycho Purple." Shou: "I know just what to do."
    Sarah, Vypra, and Divatox were in the kitchen later that day, talking about Sarah's parents. Sarah: "So what if I did want to find them? Where can I start?" Vypra: "Well, you could just try to think back. Maybe you can remember something about them. I know it seems strange, but I've heard of stuff like this happening." Sarah: "Maybe if I take a nap, I can dream something up." Divatox: "Its worth a shot." She left the room, heading for her bed room.
    Velossa: "Excuse me, if you don't mind my asking, how are you going to get rid of Sarah?" Shou: "Well I think about what her heart most wants and it seems to me that even though she won't admit it, she most wants to meet her real parents." Cyann: "So use that against her! That's great!" Boron: "But you don't know who her parents are. You can't do anything with this if you don't know." She smiled at him. Shou: "Oh I know full well who her parents are. I know more of this world than you have ever dreamed." Cyann: "You know! Can you tell us?" Shou: "I could, but that would reunion the surprise."
    Sure enough, Sarah did have a dream. She looked up and saw a ceiling. She tried to talk, but only crying came out. Sarah in her head: "Oh my God! This must be what Vypra was talking about!" She heard to voices in the distance. Woman: "Look, I just don't want a da*n kid." Man: "She will just get in the way." Woman: "What can we do with her though?" Man: "Who cares? Why not though her out with the rest of our trash?" The woman walked over to the crib. Her face was covered in darkness. She picked Sarah up and put her a basket. Then she and her husband walked to their car with the basket. They drove to the ally where Karone had found her. They opened the car door and put her out on the ground in the basket. Woman: "Lets go before some one sees us!" They drove away. Sarah in her head: "They really didn't want me. I don't believe it." Then, from above her she heard the woman talking. Woman: "Sarah. Sarah." She started to wake up. She saw some one standing over her. Divatox: "Sarah!" Sarah: "Huh?" Divatox: "Get up. We have to go into battle." Sarah: "Oh. Ok." She got up and walked slowly to the door.
    Cyann and Shou stood outside waiting for the rangers. Cyann: "That was so mean!" Shou: "Thank you. By the way, have I told you what a great job you did killing that little girl? Olympius is still torn up inside over that! I couldn't have done it better myself." The rangers came running up to them. Shou: "So, I finally meet my grandson." Seth: "You won't get rid of us! Don't even try!" Shou: "He's such a disappointment." Cyann: "Oh, don't I know it!" Shou: "You are an embarrassment to the family. There for, you must be killed." Seth: "For a woman who's meant to know it all, you have some real problems." Shou: "Yes. And they start with you." Cyann: "Quads, go!" Shou held her hand up to stop Cyann. Shou: "Let me." A red smoke floated off of her hand. It formed a monster. Shou: "Go get those rangers." He wore a black hood. His face could not be seen. He said nothing, but obeyed her orders. He pulled out a huge sword. Olympius ran and jumped at it. The monster cut him with the sword. Ecliptor tried to kick it, but the monster caught his foot and tripped him. Cyann fought with Sarah. Sarah tried to punch her, but Cyann blocked it. Sarah: "Your mother is a real freak." Cyann kneed her in the stomach. Cyann: "At least my mother loves me. That's more than you can say." Cyann used her eye lasers to blast her. She hit the ground. Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Vypra tried to cut Shou with her weapon, but it didn't do any damage. Shou: "My, you're a young one aren't you?" Vypra: "Got a problem with it? Come and get me, granny!" Shou held her hands out. Lasers came out of her fingers, sending Vypra flying into Divatox. Shou: "Nobody calls me old!" Divatox: "She really doesn't look that old." Vypra: "Shut up!" The monster had badly beaten the rangers.  They all ran back to the center of the battle field. Olympius: "We have to get rid of this monster!" Sarah stood away from the group a little. The others couldn't see it, but inside her helmet, tears ran down her face. Suddenly, she just ran away. Vypra: "Sarah! Wait!" She started to run after her, but Ecliptor stopped her. Ecliptor: "No. We have to stop this monster." Shou smiled at her daughter. She then whispered in Cyann's ear: "Lets go back." Cyann: "What? Why?" Shou: "We don't have to use force to kill them. We can watch my little plot rip them apart." The ladies and the monster left. Ecliptor: "Why would they do that?" Seth: "I don't know, but I don't like it." Vypra and Divatox ran in the direction Sarah went. Olympius: "I wonder what's wrong with Sarah." Ecliptor: "I have no idea, but I'm really worried about her."