Return of an Old Friend

Guest Staring: Melody Perkins

    Vypra and Divatox found Sarah sitting unmorphed on a rock. Her face was buried in her hands. Vypra: "What's wrong?" Sarah got up to walk away, but Divatox stood in front of her. Sarah: "Get out of my way!" Divatox: "No. Tell us what's going on." Sarah: "I don't want you guys to see me like this." Vypra: "Why not?" Sarah: "Look, after everything I've been though, I've been strong enough not to cry. I don't want anybody to see me this weak." Vypra: "You have never cried about anything?" Sarah: "Not as an adult, no." Divatox: "What's going on? Why just run away from a battle?" Sarah: "I had this dream earlier. My birth parents didn't want me. They just threw me out in the street like I meant nothing to them." Vypra: "Do you know who they are?" Sarah: "No. I couldn't see their faces." Vypra: "I'm so sorry." Divatox: "So am I. That's so sad."
    Cyann: "Mom that was so cool! That Purple Ranger couldn't even fight she's so hurt!" Shou: "So, now we just watch the heartbreak continue."
    The women returned to the lab. Ecliptor came over to Vypra. The two of them went into the kitchen. Ecliptor: "What's wrong with her?" Vypra: "She's sad because her parents didn't want her." Ecliptor: "How does she know that?" Vypra: "She had a dream about them. She is so hurt right now. I don't know what to do to help her." Ecliptor: "I think I do." He walked out of the room.
    In his room, he pulled out a little address book. He picked up a phone sitting on the night stand and dialed a long number. Karone: "Hello?" Ecliptor: "Hi, its me." Karone: "Hi dad! How are you?" Ecliptor: "I'm fine, but Sarah is really upset." Karone: "What happened?" Ecliptor: "She thinks her parents don't love her." Karone: "What can I do?" Ecliptor: "I was wondering if you could come talk to her. Vypra and Divatox have tried to help her, but they don't know what to do. She needs her mother to talk to." Karone: "I'll be there later today." Ecliptor: "Thank you."
    Ecliptor: "Ms. Fairweather, can you make something to teleport someone else here." Ms. Fairweather: "I love a good challenge!" She got to work right away.
    Karone went into the living room to find her friends talking. Karone: "Guys, I have to go somewhere for a while. I don't know where. I should be back soon." Taylor: "What's going on?" Karone: "Sarah needs me." Trakeena: "So she found your little morpher present?" Karone: "I guess. She's with Ecliptor, so I'm sure she did."
    Ms. Fairweather: "Ecliptor, I did it. But she can only stay for 24 hours. After that she gets teleported back to Onyx. The battery won't last longer than that." Ecliptor: "Thank you." Ms. Fairweather smiled. Ms. Fairweather: "It was my pleasure." She pushed a button opening a portal. Karone waved good bye to her friends and walked through. She saw Ecliptor and hugged him right away. Karone turned. Karone: "Hello." Ms. Fairweather: "I'm Ms. Fairweather. Nice finally put a face with the incredible stories Ecliptor has told us all." Karone: "So where is she?" Ms. Fairweather: "Right this way." She led her to the living room where Sarah sat on the couch. Ecliptor: "You have a visitor." Karone walked in. Sarah: "Mom! Oh my God, how did you get here?" Karone: "That's all thanks to the genius here." Ms. Fairweather: "It was nothing." Ecliptor signaled for Ms. Fairweather to follow him out of the room. Karone sat down on the couch next to Sarah. Karone: "So I hear you've been thinking about you parents." Sarah: "Yea. I had this dream about them earlier." Karone: "I know. Ecliptor told me." Sarah: "I can't believe they just threw me out like that." Karone: "Honey, what did I tell you when you were little? Dreams aren't real. They don't mean anything." Sarah: "I know, but what if that's true?" Karone: "What if its not? We don't know your parents. They could have been loving people who just couldn't take care of you." Sarah: "Or they could have just not wanted me." Karone: "That's possible, but don't worry about that. What's important is that you have wonderful friends and two parents who love you." Sarah: "I know you're right, but for some reason I still want to meet them." Karone: "That's understandable. I hope someday you do find them. But don't be let down if they aren't the kind of people you want." Sarah: "Ok. Of course you're right. You always are." Karone: "Ya know, I am kind of curious about why we look so much alike. That's so weird!" Sarah: "I know. That's another reason I want to find my birth parents." Karone: "Good luck with that. When you find them, call me. I want to meet them."
    Cyann: "Who is that?" Shou: "Psycho Pink. She fought Galaxia and wing girl over there." Velossa: "Amazing you know everything and yet you can't remember my name." Shou: "I'm kidding." Velossa: "Oh." Cyann: "So she was one of the first?" Shou: "Yes. She was also Dark Spector's favorite servant and the Pink Galaxy Ranger." Cyann: "Now you're just showing off!" Shou laughed. Velossa: "Can we go challenge her? Please!" Cyann: "Sure. You coming, mom?" Shou: "No. You girls go ahead. Feel free to take my monster though." Cyann: "Thanks."
    Seth ran into the living room. Seth: "Cyann, Velossa, and a monster are coming!" He looked at the two ladies. Seth: "Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!" Karone: "Velossa? What's she doing here?" Sarah: "Making our lives a living He*l." Karone: "So she hasn't changed much, you're saying?" They got the others and ran out to meet them.
    Velossa: "Psycho Pink." Karone: "Velossa." Cyann: "This should be fun. I get the honor of killing all of you, plus and old ranger." Karone: "If Galaxia couldn't kill me, you don't have a chance!" Cyann: "We'll just see about that." Sarah: "Watch this. Psycho Blast!" Sarah turned to Karone. Sarah: "These powers are great." Karone: "Thank you." Sarah: "You made them?" Karone: "Yep." Sarah: "But how?" Karone: "I can't reveal all my secrets." Velossa: "Quads! Destroy them!" Sarah: "Mom, will you be all right with no powers?" Karone: "Don't forget who you're talking to. I'll be fine." The other rangers fought the Quads while Sarah and Karone took on Cyann and Velossa. Velossa tried to do a spin kick, but Karone ducked. Then she kicked the demon in the side. Velossa turned and fired many blasts at Karone. She did several back flips to avoid the blasts. Then she pointed two fingers at Velossa, lifted her off the ground and threw her. Velossa: "I thought their alien powers couldn't work here!" Karone: "That's not an alien power. That's a skill passed down through many generations on KO-35." Velossa: "Whatever."
    Cyann shot a green energy beam at Sarah. She blocked it with her blade weapon and sent it back at Cyann. The she jumped and kicked her down. Cyann got back up quickly and tried to throw a punch. Sarah caught her arm and threw Cyann over her shoulder. Cyann slammed the end of her sword into Sarah's knee. She fell to the ground and landed on the other knee. Karone got away from Velossa and came to help her.
    Ecliptor and Vypra took on the monster of Shou's. Every time they tried to hit it, it disappeared. Vypra: "How can we fight this thing?" The monster threw its weapon. It struck both Vypra and Ecliptor making the kneel on the ground hurt.
    Karone helped Sarah up. Karone: "Lets show these guys what we're made of!" Sarah: "Right!" Karone jumped and kicked Velossa, landed on the ground and punched her in the stomach. Velossa bent of in pain. Karone kicked her in the face. She fell backwards to the ground. Sarah threw her blade weapon to Karone. Karone held it over Velossa's head. Karone: "Go ahead, run. You know you want to." Velossa: "We will meet again, Astronema. I promise you that." She teleported away. Sarah used her Psycho cannon. But when she fired on Cyann, she just blocked the blast. Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Karone jumped from behind her and kicked her in the head. Karone: "Now, while she's distracted!" Sarah fired the shots and hit her dead on. Cyann slowly walked away, hurt from the large blasts from the cannon. Cyann: "Da*n you!" She teleported away.
    Meanwhile, the others were about to be killed by the monster. Karone: "Stop! Take me on!" Ecliptor remembered something about Karone. He saw a long stick laying on the ground next to him. He threw it to her. Karone: "All right!" The monster held his sword out. Karone twirled the stick so fast, when she stopped the sword was cut into a million pieces. The she jammed the stick into the monster's stomach and used it to throw him into the air. The monster got back up and ran at her. Karone ran and put the stick into the ground and used it to push herself into the air. When she came back down, she kicked the monster down and landed on top of him. She stepped off him and picked him up. Karone: "Fire!" Sarah shot her cannon at the monster. Karone rolled out of the way as the monster exploded. Karone: "Yes! We did it!"
    Cyann: "How could this happen?" Shou: "Karone is a powerful warrior, my daughter. You're only chance to defeat the Psychos is to wait until she returns to Onyx tonight." Cyann: "Why didn't you tell me that before I left?" Shou: "I wanted to see if Astronema still had the heart of a warrior." Velossa: "Surprise....she does!" Shou: "Don't worry, she will be gone in a matter of hours."
    Later that night, the rangers were in Ms. Fairweather's office talking. Karone: "I am so proud of you, Sarah. You have become a great warrior." Sarah: "Thanks." Vypra: "You're everything Ecliptor said you were, Karone." Karone smiled. Karone: "What have you been telling them?" Ecliptor: "I just told them what an incredible warrior you are." Vypra: "Its an honor to meet you." They shook hands. Seth: "Say, are you busy tonight?" Karone: "I'm married." Seth: "Da*n, the good ones are always taken!" Then he thought of something. He came over and put his arm around Sarah. Sarah: "Oh no! One failed marriage is enough!" Seth: "Yea, but I'm not the village idiot like your other husband." Karone: "Are you sure?" She paused. Karone: "I'm just kidding." She looked at a clock on Ms. Fairweather's desk. Karone: "Well, its been fun. I wish you all the best of luck." She hugged Sarah and Ecliptor. Karone: "Bye." Suddenly she vanished.