The Misunderstanding

    Olympius kneeled by Jamie's grave. Olympius: "I failed. I can't find the person who did this to you. I have looked so hard, but I can't find a clue. I'm so sorry!" He began to cry. He didn't see Cyann standing behind a tree watching him. Cyann in her head: "That fool just gave me an idea!" She turned and ran back to her palace.
    Cyann: "Velosssa! Mom! Get in here!" The two of them came running. The guys ran in the other door. Boron: "What? Aren't we important enough to yell at?" Cyann: "Shut up, I've got a plan." Velossa: "What is it?" Cyann: "Psycho Red still has no idea I was the one who killed that kid. I think we can play with that." Shou: "Interesting." Cyann: "I'm going to get into a fight with Psycho Blue. She's the one I want to set this trap for." Velossa: "Can I help?" Cyann: "I'd like to do this myself." Velossa: "But Galaxia and I always did stuff together." Cyann gave her a funny look. Cyann: "Do I look like Galaxia?" She walked out the side door. Shou: "I know you long to have your friend back. I have a feeling your wish might come true." Velossa: "I hope so, but its almost impossible. She was killed by Psycho Silver." Shou: "Sometimes, Velossa, death is not the last journey we take." She walked away. Velossa: "Huh?"
    Divatox was outside the lab walking around. Divatox: "I am getting so sick of this place. Why can't we just find another da*n portal and get it over with?" Cyann appeared in front of her. Cyann: "Go ahead and morph, ranger." Divatox: "This is getting old." Cyann shot a laser at her feet. Divatox rolled out of the way. She got back up. Divatox: "Psycho Blast!" Cyann punched her three times. Then she kicked her in the head. Divatox: "You really shouldn't kick that high in a dress!" Cyann threw another punch. This time Divatox got out of her way, making Cyann punch the side of the lab. Cyann disappeared. Divatox: "What's going on?" She reappeared behind her and put her arm around Divatox's neck. Divatox grabbed her arm and flipped Cyann over her shoulder. Cyann got up and pulled her sword out. She cut a piece of Divatox's suit off. She then fired two laser beams from her eyes making her demorph. Divatox fired two metal stars from the launcher on her arm. Cyann blocked both of them with her sword. Then Divatox tried to reach for one of them. Cyann stepped on her hand. Cyann: "I don't think so." The next thing Divatox saw was a green light. Then nothing.
    Cyann went over and picked up one of the stars. Then she picked up the cloth from her suit. Cyann: "This should do nicely." She went to Jamie's grave and pulled the cover off. She looked around to make sure no one was there. Then she took the metal star and put it in Jamie's leg. Cyann: "Now for this." She turned into Star and entered the bedroom where the murder took place. She put the piece of Divatox's suit in the floor next to the bed. Cyann: "Now suckers, just try to defeat us when your team is falling apart." She teleported away.
    Olympius returned to Jamie's grave later that day. He removed the cover and noticed the star. Olympius: "I don't remember this." She slowly pulled it out. He examined it. Olympius: "What is this thing?" He went into Ms. Fairweather's office. Olympius: "Can you tell me what this is?" Ms. Fairweather looked at the metal object. Ms. Fairweather: "Sure. Its a metal star from Diva's launcher. You know, that gold thing on her arm." Olympius: "Oh my God!" Ms. Fairweather: "What?" Olympius: "Come with me."
    They ran into the kitchen where Divatox and Vypra were sitting at the table. Olympius slammed the star down in front of Divatox. Olympius: "Explain!" Divatox: "What are you talking about?" Olympius: "Don't play innocent with me! I know what you did!" Vypra: "Olympius, calm down and tell what's going on." Olympius: "I found this in Jamie's leg just now. Ms. Fairweather says it came from her launcher." Divatox looked puzzled. Divatox: "That's mine, but I didn't put it in her leg." Seth walked in holding the blue cloth. Seth: "Hey man, I found this in Jamie's room. Do you think it might be a clue to who killed her?" Ms. Fairweather took it from him. Ms. Fairweather: "This is a piece of your suit, Divatox. Can you explain this?" Divatox: "No. I haven't been in her room. I swear." Olympius: "All this evidence points to you. All I want to know is why. Why would you kill her?" Vypra got up out of her chair letting it fall to the floor. Vypra: "Who do you think you are coming in here blaming her for this? She didn't kill her! Diva would never do that!" Olympius: "Oh really? How well do you really know her?" Vypra: "I can't believe you're saying this! She's our friend!" Olympius: "That's what I thought." He walked away.
    That night in Ms. Fairweather's office, Divatox sat trying to explain herself. Vypra stood beside her for support. Divatox: "Why can't you believe me? I didn't kill Jamie!" Ms. Fairweather: "I want to believe you. Really, I do. But you can't deny the fact that all the evidence we have points to you." Divatox: "Why would I do a thing like that?" Ms. Fairweather: "That's what I've been trying to figure out for the last few hours." Vypra: "Come on. Its clear we can't convince her." They left the room. Ms. Fairweather sighed and continued to think.
    Cyann: "What do you think, mom?" Shou had a huge smile on her face. She hugged Cyann. Shou: "You are pure evil, my daughter." Velossa: "Yea, cool setup." Cyann: "Notice how the rangers are divided? Vypra and Divatox are on one side. Olympius, Seth, and that scientist are on the other. That leaves Sarah and Ecliptor in the middle. Their team is screwed!"
    Ecliptor had heard about what was going on. He went into Ms. Fairweather's work station to find Sarah building something. Ecliptor: "Have you heard?" Sarah looked up from a big hunk of metal. Sarah: "Heard about what?" Ecliptor: "Divatox might have been the one who killed Jamie." She let a piece of a motor fall to the floor, making a big crash. Sarah: "I can't believe it! Why would she do something like that?" Ecliptor: "That's what puzzles me. I don't think she would." Sarah: "I have to go talk to her." She ran out the door into Ms. Fairweather's office. She then went through the living room and into Divatox's bedroom. Sarah: "Diva, is it true?" Divatox sat on the bed. Divatox: "Of course its not true! Do you think I would do something like that?" Sarah: "Well... no. But why does everyone else?" Vypra: "They found 'evidence'. They actually had the nerve to accuse her of killing someone now! I could see back in 97, but none of us are evil anymore. This is unbelievable!"
    Ecliptor went to Olympius's room where he found Ms. Fairweather, Olympius, and Seth. Ecliptor: "What did you guys find?" Olympius: "Her star and a piece of her suit. And she still says she didn't do it. That's such a load of sh*t!" Ecliptor: "Do you guys really think she would do this?" Ms. Fairweather: "I'm as shocked as you, but we can't ignore the truth. She had to of." Olympius: "I want her out and I want her out now. I can't live with a person like that." Ms. Fairweather left the room.
    She went into the girls' room. Ms. Fairweather: "Divatox, because of your recent actions, I am forced to remove you from the team. Its nothing personal, just something I have to do." Divatox: "I didn't do it!" Ms. Fairweather: "All right. I challenge you to find who did then." Divatox: "Ok, I will." Ms. Fairweather: "And until then, you are suspended from your duty as a ranger. Give me the morpher please." Divatox hesitated, but gave it to her. She got up and left. Vypra looked at Ms. Fairweather, her eyes filled with hurt and anger. Vypra: "How could you just come in here and do that? You're making a mistake!" Ms. Fairweather: "Put yourself in my position. What would you do?" Vypra: "I sure as he*l wouldn't turn on my friend!" She walked over to her. Vypra took the morpher off her wrist and slammed it in Ms. Fairweather's hand. Vypra: "If she goes, I go." Ms. Fairweather: "I'm sorry you feel that way. But that doesn't change my decision." Vypra gave her a cold star and walked out the door. Ms. Fairweather slammed her fist down on the dresser next to her, then walked furiously out the door.