Switching Places

    Velossa sat on the rail of the balcony looking out at Stregna. She had been thinking about her friend Galaxia for a while. Velossa: "I wish there was some way I could see her again. Or at least get revenge on Taylor for what he did." Shou: "You wish you could have been there to save your master." Velossa: "Yea. She was more than just my master. We had been friends since we were kids. When I found out Psycho Silver killed her, all I could think about was that I should have been there." Shou: "You were knocked into Stregna before she was killed." Velossa: "Right. If I had only held on a little longer, things might have been different." Shou: "Loosing a friend is tough. But maybe you could focus on other things. Like your sister." Velossa got up off the rail. Velossa: "You're right!" Shou: "She and the blue on are out alone. They left because of Cyann's plot." Velossa: "You are so smart. Kicking the crap out of my sister will really cheer me up." She ran out the door. Shou smiled, happy about seeing a fight. She went to the balcony to keep an eye on them.
    Divatox: "How could I be so blind? I thought they were my friends!" Vypra: "I know. So did I. But I guess we were both wrong." Divatox: "Thank you, Vypra. You are the only real friend I have." Vypra gave her a hug. Vypra: "If we don't find some place to go, you won't need a friend... you'll need a coffin." They kept walking and searching for shelter. Velossa appeared near them, but stayed out of sight. She turned to a group of Quads next to her. Velossa: "They're right there for us! This will be so easy!"
    Darcon stood on a high mountain top. It was as dark as night up there, even though it was the middle of the day. A fire burned in the center of the small camp he had made. He saw an old friend of his come running up the mountain. The warrior wore black armor. A black cloak covered his face. Red eyes burned through the cloth. Darcon: "What do you want?" Warrior: "I have learned something about your daughter." Darcon: "I'm listening." Warrior: "She tricked you. She didn't capture Psycho Pink. The girl you saw was her warrior Velossa. Vypra's twin sister." Darcon: "How do you know this?" Warrior: "One of my servants saw the whole thing." Darcon: "Thank you, now leave me." The man bowed and walked away. Darcon: "Well, I'll show them not to mess with me." He shot a laser at Velossa. Then did the same to Vypra. Darcon: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Vypra was walking with Divatox and fell over suddenly. Divatox: "Vypra!" She picked her up and ran to a nearby tree. Then tried to think of what to do. Meanwhile, the Quads were kicking Velossa to try to wake her up. One nailed her in the head. She sat up quickly and looked around. Velossa: "What?" She got to her feet and prepared to fight the Quads. They looked at her, confused. Velossa: "What's wrong with them?" She suddenly noticed that she was holding a strange sword. Velossa: "What in the world?" She figured it out quickly. Velossa in her head: "I'm in Velossa's body! Yuck!"
    Vypra woke up under the tree. Vypra: "What the he*l?" Divatox: "That's a first." Vypra: "What?" Divatox: "I don't think I've ever heard you cuss." Vypra thought: "Why isn't she attacking me?" She noticed her armor. Vypra in her head: "Why is my armor so dark? It looks like stone instead of metal. Its almost like.... oh no! It couldn't be! Its not possible!" Divatox: "Come on. We need to find a place to stay, Vypra." Vypra: "uh... that's right. I just forgot." She followed Divatox around, not really saying much.
    A Quad said Cyann had called Velossa back. Velossa followed them back to the palace. When she entered, she looked around. She held onto the wall for support. She was still very shocked. Cyann: "What's wrong with you?" Velossa in her head: "I can't tell her who I am. She's never believe it. I'd be in real trouble if she did!" Velossa: "Nothing. What did you want?" Cyann: "I wanted to see if you wanted to screw with the rangers some more. My plan is working perfectly." Velossa: "Plan?" Cyann: "Yes. Haven't you been listening?" Velossa: "Um.. no not really." Cyann: "Its to late to go back over it. Lets just take over Stregna now that they're split up." Velossa: "Thanks, but I'm not feeling the best." Cyann: "That's not like you. But whatever." She walked away.
    Divatox and Vypra were looking up in an old tree. They saw a wooden board with rails on it. Divatox: "What's that?" Vypra: "I don't know." Vypra to herself: "Just play along until you figure this out." She climbed the tree. Vypra: "Its some kind of floor or something!" Divatox: "Like a tree house." Vypra: "I'm a demon. How do I know what a tree house is?" Divatox: "Never mind." She climbed the tree and joined Vypra on the wooden floor. Divatox: "Da*n, I broke a nail." Then she saw how big the floor was. Divatox: "This would be a great place to stay!" Vypra: "Ok."
    Velossa went to her room. After having a Quad tell her where it was. Velossa: "How am I going to get out of this?" She laid down on the bed and thought. Velossa: "There's no way the others are looking for me. I'll be Velossa is with... Diva!" She got up quickly and headed for the door. She ran down the hall and bumped into Shou. Velossa: "Sorry." She kept running. Shou: "Wait a minute." She turned. Velossa: "What?" Shou: "There's something wrong with you." Velossa: "I'm just sick. That's all." She walked away. Shou: "Well isn't this interesting?" Velossa was about to leave to find Divatox when Shou stopped her again. Velossa decided to use this to her advantage. Velossa: "What was Cyann's plan again? I forgot." Shou: "Well, that's something I don't feel I should discuss.... Pink Ranger." Velossa dropped her sword. Velossa: "How did you know?" Shou: "Isn't it clear yet? I know everything." Velossa: "How can I get my real body back?" Shou: "I rather enjoy watching you worry." Velossa picked her up. Velossa: "Don't toy with me, old woman!" Shou just laughed. Shou: "That will take the one thing you are not capable of, my dear." Velossa: "Tell me!" Shou thought about something. Shou: "If I tell her, she will be able to solve me problem. Cyann thinks I came back for her, but actually I wanted to see her father destroyed." She looked a Velossa. Velossa: "Well, don't just stand there with that blank look on your face! Help me!" Shou: "Fine. You and Velossa must find Darcon and kill him." Velossa: "I can kill him without her!" Shou: "No, you can't." Velossa made sickened face. Shou: "Vypra, you and your sister together are strong enough. Once Darcon is dead, his spell will be broken." Velossa: "So I have to find my real body?" Shou: "Yes. Velossa has it." She ran out the door. Shou: "Nice knowing you, you selfish bast*rd."
    Velossa ran full speed to find Vypra. Vypra told Divatox she was going to find some food. The two of them then ran smack into each other. Vypra: "You!" Velossa: "I talked to Cyann's mom. She said Darcon did this to us. We have to kill him to reverse the spell." Vypra: "I'll kill him myself. Just stay out of my way!" Velossa: "That's what I said too. But that isn't going to work. We have to work as a team." Vypra gagged. Velossa: "I don't like it anymore than you do." Vypra: "Why does this sh*t always happen to me?" Velossa: "Stop. I don't want that stuff coming out of my mouth. But anyway, if you ever want your body back, we have to do this." Vypra: "Oh fine. Where is he?" Velossa: "My guess is that big mountain over there."
    The two walked up the mountain. Velossa: "Look, about this fight between us..." Vypra: "I don't want to talk about it." Velossa: "It wouldn't bother me so much if I knew you were even the least bit sorry about killing our parents." Vypra: "Well sorry sis, I'm not. They deserved every bit of pain I gave to them." Velossa: "That's a load of crap and you know it! Our parents were good people! Or at least as good as demons come." Vypra: "No Vypra, they were good to you and only you! They never wanted me! I was just some mistake they had to put up with!" Velossa: "No you weren't. They didn't expect twins, but they loved both of us anyway." Vypra: "Then why would they act like they did? Huh? Tell me that." Velossa: "You weren't the best daughter in the world. You never listened to a word they said. You always wanted to hang out with Galaxia and kill people. Well, they would have liked to have you kill people with them too." Vypra: "Never mind that. We're here." Darcon: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Are you enjoying my little prank?" Velossa: "Change us back, now!" Darcon: "If you ever want me to change you back, you'll have to kill me. And personally, I don't think you've got what it takes." Vypra: "Oh yea. Show him. Go ahead and morph!" Velossa: "I can't. I gave the morpher back to Ms. Fairweather when I left. Its up to us." Vypra looked at her. Vypra: "Well, here we go."
    Darcon blasted the two demons. They rolled out of the way. Vypra ran up and tried to punch him. He grabbed her hand and shot two purple lasers from his eyes in her face. Velossa ran to help her, but was taken down by a blast from Darcon's sword. Darcon: "Do you really think two little girls are strong enough to stop me?" He threw Vypra to the ground and held the sword above her. Darcon: "This ends now." Velossa couldn't get to her in time. Darcon was about to cut her throat with the sword when he screamed out in pain. He dropped the sword and fell to the ground. Vypra got up and ran to Velossa. Vypra: "That's the one sure way to take a man down." Velossa: "Lets get him!" Velossa ran up and kicked him in the face. He managed to get to his feet only to be knocked down again by Vypra. The two ladies got out their swords and held them close together. They formed one big sword which the used to destroy Darcon. The stabbed it right the him leaving a bloody hole in his stomach. Darcon: "I don't believe it. I have been defeated by a couple of winged women!" He fell over and exploded. Vypra and Velossa were hit by a flash of light. Vypra: "I think we did it." Velossa: "Yea. We're back to normal."
    They two began to walk back down the mountain. Vypra: "Was it so bad working beside me?" Velossa: "We are a good team, but its not something I will ever do again. We fixed the problem. Now its over." Vypra: "You are so hard headed! All I'm asking for is an apology." Velossa: "For what? I did nothing wrong. And I assure you, the next time we meet like this will be the last." She teleported away." Vypra: "There is something seriously wrong with that girl."