From Bad to Worse

    Ecliptor sat at the kitchen table talking to Sarah. Ms. Fairweather, Olympius, and Seth were in another room. Sarah: "So if Divatox was set up, how do we find the real killer?" Ecliptor paced back and forth. Ecliptor: "I'm not sure. But I know we can't ask the others to help. They're set against her." Sarah: "We are in real trouble here. Cyann knows we're weak. She can kill us any time she wants."
    Shou: "Cyann, come in here please." Cyann walked into the throne room. Cyann: "What?" Shou: "I am afraid my time here has come to an end." Cyann: "But why?" Shou: "Darcon has been destroyed. I have some last minute stuff I need to do in regards to that." Cyann: "Will I ever see you again?" Shou: "Yes, my daughter. But for now, you are a fine villainess. You can kill the Psycho Rangers by yourself." She teleported out. Velossa: "Well, at least you have the palace to yourself again. And those rangers still have no idea you kill that little girl. God, how can they not see that?" Cyann: "Who cares? They are separated and no longer a threat."
    Later that day, Cyann stood with Velossa. Cyann: "Now that my mother is gone, I can unleash my secret weapon." Velossa: "What are you talking about?" Cyann: "As long as she was here, I couldn't do it. If I did, I'd have to listen to her patented 'now let me show you what you did wrong' speech. This way its my plan. I'm calling the shots." Velossa: "Ok, fine. What is this secret weapon?" Cyann: "Come with me." Velossa followed Cyann into a dark room. She saw a box on a table in the corner. Cyann picked up the box. Velossa: "What is that?" Cyann: "This is a ring from one of my old boyfriends. He said it held great power." Cyann paused. Cyann: "Then again, he also said I'd have the time of my life in the back seat of his car and that sure as he*l didn't happen." Velossa: "So how do you know this will work?" Cyann: "I had Cyborg run some tests on it. He said it could give power to a human with the right spark of evil." Velossa: "Oh my lord! You're not honestly thinking about an evil ranger, are you?" Cyann: "Exactly." Velossa: "Take it from a woman who has seen this before. Don't do it! Galaxia tried a Silver ranger last year and he turned on us. He also killed her and opened the portals to this place. Do you really want to go through that?" Cyann: "This one won't turn on us. They already have six members. Or they did before the split up. I'm just using this to finish the job." Velossa: "Don't say I didn't warn you."
    Vypra sat on a rock talking to Divatox. Vypra: "What do you think the others are doing?" Divatox: "Probably throwing darts at my picture or something." Vypra: "I can't believe they'd just kick you out like that." Divatox: "Do you blame them? I'm beginning to think maybe I did kill her. I mean how else could you explain all this?" Vypra: "You know full well you didn't kill her. I don't know how, but someone set you up." Divatox: "Why would anybody do this to us anyway? We're just trying to get home. What's so wrong with that?" Vypra: "People are crazy. We know from past experience."
    Meanwhile on Earth, Cyann went into a bar. She looked at a piece of paper. Then walked past a table of drunk men. Man: "Hey baby, want to have some fun tonight?" Cyann shot him with an energy beam. Then she saw a man by himself in the corner. She went over to him and grabbed his bottle of beer. She drank it and then busted it on the floor. Man: "Who the he*l are you, lady?" Cyann: "I'm looked for a Troy Carter. You know him?" Man: "I'm Troy Carter. What do you want?" Cyann: "I've come to make you an offer. Its about you ex-wife." Troy: "Keep talking." Cyann: "I know the two of you had some misunderstandings." Troy: "Are you kidding? That bi*ch was nuts!" Cyann: "Fine. So how would you like to have the power to pay that 'nutty bi*ch' back?" Troy: "How can I? Every time I try to get rid of her, the cops just bust my a*s. And I haven't seen her in a long time." Cyann: "I have a way you can avoid the cops and kill Ms. Carter. Interested?" Troy: "I'll do whatever you want." Cyann: "Good." She pulled him up by his shirt and dragged him out the door.
    She brought him back to her palace. Velossa walked out with the ring. Cyann: "All you have to do is put the ring on." Troy put it on. Troy: "So now what?" Cyann: "Hold you fist in the air." He did and a gold light came out of the ring. He turned into a Gold Ranger. Troy: "Da*n!" Cyann: "Now go." Troy: "But I don't know where she is." Cyann: "Men! Ya do one nice thing for them and you just gotta keep helping them! She's in that lab. Just walk up to it and she will come running." Troy: "All right."
    Ecliptor: "I am going to go look for a way to prove Divatox's innocence." Sarah: "Good. I'll keep an eye on the others." Then she saw the Gold Ranger walking towards the lab. Sarah: "What is that?" She ran outside. Sarah: "Who are you?" Troy: "I am Cyann's Gold Ranger." Sarah: "Give me a break! Now she's making a clone of us?" Troy: "I am so much more than a clone, Sarah. I could destroy you any time I want. And then Stregna will be returned to its rightful queen." Sarah: "Shut you hole." She held her fist up and pushed the button on her morpher. Sarah: "Psycho Blast!" Troy: "I'm gonna enjoy this." He fired a big ball of gold fire from his hands. It hit Sarah, sending her flying into the air. She tried to attack him, but when she came up to him, his hand turned into a big gold sword. He cut her four times. Then his hand returned to normal. Sarah tried to pull out a sword, but Troy kicked it away. Troy: "No fancy toys." He twisted her arm backwards until she screamed in pain. The he kicked her down. Sarah: "Who are you?" Troy: "Don't ya recognize my voice?" He slowly took his helmet off. Sarah: "You! What are you working for Cyann for? She's crazy!" Troy: "She gave me what I needed to finally take you out." Sarah: "Ya'll deserve each other." He put his helmet back on. Troy: "Get up and fight. We both know you can." He punched her in the face, cracking the helmet. Troy: "Remember that time you busted a lamp over my head? I miss those days." Sarah got up. Sarah: "I can't believe I ever stooped to you level." Troy: "You were a monster. Admit it!" Sarah: "You wanna start something? Come on!" She pushed him, but he didn't move. Sarah: "No. You're doing it to me again. You've been back in my life for five minutes and we're already back in that place we were in we we were married. I don't want to do this anymore!" Troy cut her arm really deeply. She yelled and grabbed onto the wound. Troy: "To bad you won't fight me. But you will in time. Trust me." He teleported away. Sarah: "Da*n it!" Ecliptor came running up to her. Ecliptor: "What happened?" Sarah: "I'll explain when we get inside."
    The other rangers and Ms. Fairweather joined Sarah in the kitchen. Ms. Fairweather was dealing with the cut on her arm. Seth: "So who did this to you?" Sarah: "Cyann hired my ex-husband to be her new Gold Ranger." Ms. Fairweather: "How did he do this to you though?" Sarah: "I wouldn't fight him. I couldn't stop thinking about the way we used to be. Every night when we were married we'd end up fighting. It got pretty ugly." Olympius: "Continue." Sarah: "Well sometimes we'd end up getting into fist fights in the street. Neighbors thought we were nuts. When I look back, I was no better than he was. He'd cheat on me... I'd push him through the screen door. I don't want to be that kind of person anymore." Ecliptor: "Its not the same. Now you aren't just two humans with a bad marriage. He has real power now. We have to stop him, or we are all as good as dead."
    Ecliptor went into Sarah's room that night. Ecliptor: "If we hope to defeat you x, we have to prove Divatox didn't kill Jamie." Sarah: "Don't you think I know that? Its useless! The killer is long gone! We can't find any clues that point to anybody but Diva! Now tell me smart guy, how the he*l are we going to prove it!" Ecliptor: "Calm down. I know you're going through a lot right now." Sarah: "Yea I'm sorry. I mean, dad told me stuff like this would happen. But not all at once. One of my best friends was framed for murder, I'm looking for my birth parents and can't find them anywhere, and now this bast*rd shows up again! What else can go wrong?" Ecliptor: "This will all turn out ok." Sarah: "Just who you try'n to convince? Me or yourself?"