The Truth Comes Out

    Troy: "That's right, my queen. Sarah won't fight me because she feels bad about our past." Cyann: "She might overcome that. Are you prepared if that should happen?" Troy: "Yes. I look forward to it." Cyann: "Good. Now leave me." He bowed and left. Velossa: "You've really got those rangers this time. They're team is torn apart and now your new ranger can destroy them." Cyann: "So you admit you were wrong about this being a bad idea?" Velossa: "It might still turn out bad, but it looks pretty good right now." Cyann went over to a table in the corner and brought back to glasses. She handed one to Velossa. Cyann: "I propose a toast. To the destruction of the Psycho Rangers and all they hold dear!" The two ladies drank. Velossa: "Wow! What's in this stuff?" Cyann: "Liquor and lots of it!" Velossa: "Cool!"
    Ecliptor and Sarah sat on the couch looking at the evidence they had found. Sarah: "If Diva didn't do this, how could it look so much like she did?" Ecliptor: "Whoever the real killer is, they're one sick person." Sarah: "Well I know that." Olympius came into the room and saw the clues spread out in front of them. Olympius: "You still think she didn't do it, huh?" Sarah: "We're not giving up. I know Divatox and she wouldn't do something like this." Olympius: "I wouldn't be to sure of that if I were you." He walked away. Ecliptor: "Don't listen to him."
    Later that night, Ecliptor had gone to bed. Sarah sat in a chair by the window, deep in thought. Then she got up quickly and ran to Ecliptor's room. She banged on the door. Ecliptor: "Come in." Sarah turned on the light and pulled Ecliptor out of bed. Ecliptor: "What do you want?" Sarah: "I've figured something out! Why didn't I see this sooner?" Ecliptor: "The question is, why couldn't you see this at a decent hour. Its 2:00 in the morning!" She pulled him to the living room. Sarah: "Look at this. We have this dart thing from the launcher on Divatox's arm. Well, that can't be fired when she is morphed. And our second piece of evidence is the piece of her suit. Her morphed suit." Ecliptor held his head up with his hand. Ecliptor: "What?" Sarah: "Don't you see? For this piece of blue cloth to have been ripped off, she would have to have been morphed. But she shot her with the launcher which means she couldn't have been." Ecliptor: "Oh my God! You're right. But this doesn't prove who really did it." Sarah: "I know, but this is plenty to convince Ms. Fairweather to give her back her morpher. Right?" Ecliptor: "It should be. But lets wait until morning to tell her." Sarah: "Ok."
    The next morning, Ecliptor and Sarah met Ms. Fairweather in her office and explained the whole thing. Ms. Fairweather sipped her coffee. Ms. Fairweather: "I don't believe it. You were right all along." Sarah: "So can she have the morpher back?" Ms. Fairweather: "Of course. I'll tell Olympius. You two go find Divatox and Vypra and bring them back here." Ecliptor: "Right."
    Velossa overheard that and went to tell Cyann. Then she stopped herself. Velossa: "Boron, come here." Boron: "Yes." Velossa: "I have a job for you." She held a hundred dollars in front of him. Velossa: "All you have to do is tell Cyann that the rangers know Divatox is innocent." Boron: "Ok." He went into the throne room. A few seconds later, he came flying through the wall. He quickly got up and ran away. Velossa walked through the hole Boron had made. Cyann ran past her. Velossa looked at the hole and laughed. Velossa: "I think she took it rather well."
    Ecliptor: "How are we going to find those two?" Sarah: "He*l if I know. They could be anywhere." Cyann then appeared in front of them. Cyann: "You're not going anywhere." Sarah: "We don't have time for this now!" Cyann: "I'm sorry, but you must have me confused with someone who gives a rats a*s. Quads!" Ecliptor: "You go ahead! I'll hold them off!" Cyann shot Ecliptor. Sarah: "Are you sure you can handle them?" Ecliptor held his chest. Ecliptor: "Yes. Just go!" Sarah: "I'll be back soon." Ecliptor: "If I'm still alive, I'll welcome the company." He ran into a big group of Quads and began to fight.
    Divatox: "If I were home right now, I'd be painting my nails and trying to decided what volcano to dump Elgar's ashes in." Vypra: "I'd be battling the Lightspeed Rangers. I wonder how Bansheera and Loki are doing." Divatox: "I don't know them, but from what you've said they have probably already been defeated." Vypra: "What chance do they have without me? I was the lead general after all." Vypra stopped and pointed. Vypra: "Look! Its Sarah!" They ran to meet her. Sarah was breathing hard. Sarah: "Come on. We have to go back to the lab." Divatox: "Did you forget? They don't want me there." Sarah: "No, no. I found a way to prove you didn't do it. Ms. Fairweather agreed to give you back your morphers." Vypra: "Do you know who did?" Sarah: "Not yet. But we know it wasn't you, Diva."
    When they got back to the lab, Ms. Fairweather was waiting for them. Ms. Fairweather: "I am so sorry I didn't believe you. I should have known you'd never do something like that." Divatox: "Its ok. I began to doubt myself for a time." Sarah: "The morphers, Ms. F.! Ecliptor's in trouble!" Ms. Fairweather: "Oh!" She ran to get them. She stuck her hand out of her office door and threw the morphers to them. Divatox: "Its good to be back. Psycho Blast!"
    When they arrived at the battle, Ecliptor was laying on the ground with Cyann's foot on top of him. Cyann: "Say good night, ranger!" Divatox: "Hold it right there!" Cyann: "What the he*l?" She looked up and saw the whole team. Olympius and Seth had come with them. Divatox: "That's right! They Psycho Rangers are back!" Cyann: "Skip the corny lines." Cyann snapped her fingers and a monster appeared. It was a woman with four arms. Her hair was long and green. Cyann: "Lets see how you do against her." Divatox pulled Ecliptor up from the ground. Vypra tried to jump kick the monster, but she grabbed her leg and threw her. The monster tried to punch Olympius, but her ducked. She was able to punch him with the other arm on that side. Seth came up from behind without the monster noticing, but Cyann shot him in the back. Cyann: "Boy, don't think you slick." The monster turned and started choking him with all four hands. His face could be seen through his visor. It was turning purple. Cyann: "Ya know, I'd like to get a dress in that color. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Divatox: "Psycho Cannon!" She shot the monster and it let go of Seth.Then she jumped and kicked the monster down. She got on top of it and started punching wildly. Divatox: "I've had enough of this." She pulled out her blade and stabbed it thought the the monster. Cyann shot Divatox. She flew off of the monster. Cyann: "Now!" Cyann's pet came flying down and bit the monster. Then it landed in Cyann's hand. The monster grew and challenged the rangers. Divatox: "Mera Psycho Megazord power!" The zords came out and quickly formed the megazord. It punched the zord one time with each fist making sparks. Then she kicked it. It fell onto a mountain, crushing it. Divatox: "We have to get back up!" Ecliptor: "Try the emergency power!" Divatox: "Right!" She slammed on a button. The zord got back to its feet. Divatox: "Mera Saber, full power!" A big sword appeared and cut the monster in half. The two halfs fell to the ground and exploded. Cyann: "Da*n you!" She teleported away.
    Velossa: "Looks like you've got the entire team to deal with again." Cyann: "Yep. I just can't win! Why is that?" Cyborg: "Perhaps it is because of your great beauty that you are not able..." Cyann: "Oh shut up!" She pushed him down and left the room. Velossa: "Bad time to decide to hit on her, Cyborg."
    Olympius sat down on the couch next to Divatox. Olympius: "I just wanted to apologize for blaming you. If there is anything at all I can do to make it up to you, just say so." Divatox put her hand on his shoulder. Divatox: "Don't worry about it. All is forgiven." Olympius: "Thank you."
    Velossa went to her room that night and laid on her bed. She found a picture of Galaxia sitting by her bed. She picked it up and a tear ran down her face.