Memory Lane

Thanks to Evil-Monarch for the episode idea! :)

    Velossa: "Why did you have to die? Why did that bast*rd have to kill you? I miss they way things used to be." She buried her head in her pillow. Suddenly, light flashed outside her window. The light entered the room and created the form of a woman. Woman: "Girl, you've gone soft on me." Velossa turned. Velossa: "Galaxia!" She gave her a big hug. Velossa: "I thought you were dead!" Galaxia: "I was. You don't know what screwed is till you cuss out the devil. Let me tell you, that is not the kind of person you go and pi*s off." Velossa: "How did you get here?" Galaxia: "I'm not sure." Galaixa: "Its now time to take revenge on my son for doing this to me." Velossa: "But this isn't Onyx." Galaxia: "Where are we then?" Velossa: "This is Stregna. A planet being attacked by this girl named Cyann." Galaxia: "So, is this girl powerful?" Velossa: "Well yea." Galaxia: "Then the way I see it, if we kill her, we can use her energy to escape this place." Velossa: "You're right. But there is a team of Psychos here too. Could we kill them first? For old times sake." Galaxia thought for a minute. Galaxia: "Sure! It'll be fun!" They teleported out.
    Ms. Fairweather: "With this blood test, we might get closer to finding your birth parents." Sarah: "Good." Ms. Fairweather put a sample of blood into a machine. Vypra: "Sarah, come on!" Sarah: "I'm in the middle of something here." Vypra: "It doesn't matter. Velossa's coming and she's got somebody else with her!" Sarah: "Never fails. Right when you're about to get something done, ya gotta get interrupted." The rangers ran out to meet the ladies. Vypra got a good look at the two of them. Vypra: "Galaxia? But how?" Galaxia: "Vypra. I haven't seen you since... oh yea. Our little murder." Vypra: "Go to he*l!" Galaxia: "Been there. Done that." Velossa: "You rangers have met your match." Galaxia shot a laser at them. Vypra: "Psycho Blast!" Vypra then charged at Velossa. Velossa pulled out her sword and cut her 4 times. Then Galaxia punched her. She fell to the ground. Divatox jumped into the air, but was blasted down by Galaxia. Galaxia then ran and kicked Olympius in the stomach. While he was kneeling on the ground holding his stomach, Galaxia hit him in the back of the head with the end of her sword. Ecliptor ran full speed at her. Velossa jumped off Galaxia's shoulder and kicked Ecliptor. Then she spun quickly and cut Seth with her sword. Sarah attacked Galaxia, but was no match for her. She threw a punch and Galaxia blocked it. Then she did a spin kick, knocking Sarah down. She tired to get up, but Galaxia kicked her down again. Galaxia: "Now for the real fun!" Velossa: "Right." They joined hands and blasted the rangers. A big ball of fire surrounded them. When it was finished, they laid on the ground with smoke coming off their suits. Velossa drew her sword above her sister's head. Velossa: "She tried to cut her, but she couldn't move her sword. She turned and saw Cyann holding it. She grabbed it from her and broke it over her knee. Cyann: "What the he*l do you think you're doing?!" Velossa: "Oh..uh...Cyann. How are you tonight?" Cyann: "Cram it! Who gave you the right to fight the rangers like this?" Galaxia: "Listen lady, she doesn't have to ask you sh*t!" Cyann: "Who is this?" Velossa: "Well, this is my best friend Galaxia." She turns to Galaxia. Velossa: "This is Cyann.... my boss." Galaxia: "You work for her?" Velossa: "Yea. When I arrived here I had no where else to go. Cyann just got into a fight with her dad and ran away. I figured that together we could survive." Galaxia: "Well, that's over now. You don't need her anymore. Come on." Cyann: "I have just as much right to her as you do!" The rangers used this time to run away.
    Divatox: "So that was Galaxia?" Vypra: "Yea. How did she get back here?" Ecliptor: "I don't know, but I don't think we're going to get that lucky again." Seth: "Right. The only reason we lived today is because they all started fighting." Sarah walked over to them. Sarah: "I have an idea." She talked quietly to her friends.
    Galaxia: "You don't want to start something with me, lady!" Cyann: "You think you're so tough? Come on then!" The two started pushing each other. Velossa ran between them. Velossa: "Knock it off! Don't you two see the big picture here?" Galaxia: "No, but you're going to see a big wound on her face in a minute!" Velossa: "Stop it! I know how we can solve all our problems. If we join forces, the rangers don't stand a chance. That leaves Stregna free for your rule, Cyann. And Galaxia and I can return to Onyx using the rangers' powers. And once there, we can kill Taylor for what he did." Cyann: "It sounds good. But are you sure we can defeat the rangers?" Velossa: "You know all those stories I told you about Galaxia? They were all true! You are looking at the queen of the bi*ches herself! No rangers can stop us together!" Galaxia: "You're making me blush."
    Later, the rangers came out into the open. They were miles from the lab. Olympius: "I hope you're right. If you aren't, we are dead!" The three villainesses were up on a mountain talking. Velossa: "Its so great to be fighting beside you again." Galaxia: "Oh I know!" Velossa stayed quiet for a minute. Galaxia: "What is it?" Velossa: "I'm sorry I couldn't help you back there. Ya know, with Taylor." Galaxia: "There was nothing you could do. It doesn't really matter anyway. I fine now." Cyann noticed the rangers. Cyann: "Look! Those fools are out in the middle of nowhere!" Galaxia: "Its time." There jumped off the mountain and landed in front of the rangers. Galaxia: "I've waited a long time for this. Swobbies!" Galaxia's orange soldiers appeared around the rangers. Cyann: "Quads!" Sarah: "Try to go out for a walk and what happens? We end up right in the middle of bi*ch fest 2000!" Velossa: "This is why I told you to kill her back in 99, Galaxia!" Galaxia: "How was I supposed to know she'd become a ranger?" Cyann: "It doesn't matter. We're going to kill her now." The Swobbies and Quads started beating on the rangers. The three villains laughed and their enemies groaned in pain. Galaxia pulled a knife on Sarah. Velossa held her arms while Galaxia got closer. Sarah: "No! Please!" Galaxia: "Oh how I've missed the pleading of the innocent!" Just as the knife was about to reach Sarah and voice stopped them all in the tracks. Voice: "Hold it, Galaxia!"
    They all turn and see Karone on the mountain. Galaxia: "Good, now I can finish you off too." Then the other Psycho Rangers walked up beside her. Karone: "You wanted us, here we are!" They held their arms out letting the sun reflect off their morphers. Karone: "Psycho Blast!" In a flash of light, they became the original Psychos again. Their suits were as good as new. Galaxia: "But how? I destroyed your powers!" The rangers stepped aside letting Ms. Fairweather walk between them. Ms. Fairweather: "I hate to ruin your day, Galaxia. But it will take more than you to keep them down!" Karone high fived Ms. Fairweather. Then they jumped off the mountain to join the others. They lined up facing the villains. Karone and Vypra: "Psycho Pink!" Trakeena and Divatox: "Psycho Blue!" Zedd and Olympius: "Psycho Red!" Seth and Scorpina: "Psycho Yellow!" Villimax: "Psycho Black!" Ecliptor: "Psycho Green. Sarah: "Psycho Purple!" Taylor: "Psycho Silver!" Galaxia: "Kill em' all!"
    Everyone started fighting all across the battle field. In the middle of the field, Galaxia and Taylor stood. Galaxia: "You. Every night since you killed me, I dreamed of this moment. The day you pay for what you did to me." Taylor: "You can't kill your own son." Galaxia: "Oh yea. If only you could look into my cold, dead heart and see what you did to me. I cared for you once, but no longer." She threw her knife at him. It cut his suit. Galaxia ran at him, but was kicked back by Sarah. Sarah: "Dad, are you ok?" He got up. Taylor: "I'm fine." The two of them started to fight her together.
    Velossa battled the two Pink Rangers. Vypra: "Watch out, Karone. She's crazy!" Velossa pulled out her sword. Karone used her telekinetic powers to lift it away from her. The she ran up and kicked her in the mouth. Vypra punched her twice. Karone did a spin kick in the air making Velossa step back. Then she put her hands together. Vypra jumped off of them and kicked Velossa to the ground.
    Cyann fought the Red Rangers. Olympius threw a punch, but Cyann caught his fist. Zedd came up from behind and kicked her in the back of the head. Cyann fired on Olympius, but he ducked and punched her in the stomach.
    The others fought the Swobbies and Quads easily. Trakeena: "Lord this brings back memories!" Then all the rangers regrouped. Galaxia: "I won't let you stop me!" Karone: "We have to take her out now!" Seth: "I'd like to, but she's probably seeing someone." Scorpina: "Pig." Zedd: "What?" Scorpina: "For once I don't mean you." Ms. Fairweather ran up to them. Ms. Fairweather: "I did it!" Villimax: "What do you mean?" Ms. Fairweather: "Darcon's hold over your powers is gone!" Vypra: "Thanks Ms. F.!" Divatox: "So we can shoot them now?" Ms. Fairweather: "Yes." Scorpina: "I'll take Velossa and Cyann!" She held her hands together while some red stuff shot out. It covered the two of them. A minute later the stuff formed a cocoon. Scorpina: "They'll be stuck for a while." Karone: "Use everything you've got! She won't go down easy!" Vypra shot blue fire out of her sword. Ecliptor: "Cyber Shadow!" That blast made Galaxia fall. Divatox shot a red blast out of her eyes. Zedd used his staff's energy. Scorpina: "Feel my sting!" Galaxia was breathing hard. Karone shot purple electricity at her. Trakeena used her staff like Zedd did. Olympius shot a fire ball from his hands. Karone: "Finish her Taylor!" Galaxia got back to her feet. Galaxia: "You won't do it to me again." She teleported away. Trakeena: "How could we just let her go like that?"
    Later, they were all back in the lab talking. Ms. Fairweather: "How did you guys know to come?" Sarah: "Karone and I developed a mental connection over the years." Ms. Fairweather: "Amazing!" Karone: "I know. Since we're not even really related." Vypra: "That's great, but it doesn't explain how you all got here." Ms. Fairweather smiled. Vypra: "What are you not telling us?" Ms. Fairweather: "I also managed something truly incredible. I've managed to finally control those portals." Divatox: "So we can go home?" Ms. Fairweather: "Yes, but we can't just let Stregna fall to Cyann." Ecliptor: "Right. We'll stay until she is destroyed." Taylor: "We have to get back to Onyx. There's no telling what my mom will do now." Ms. Fairweather: "She was blasted with all of your power. It will be a LONG time before she comes back. Trust me."
    They later opened a portal and prepared to return home. Zedd: "It was great to fight along side you, rangers." Trakeena: "Yea. You are a great group of people. Cyann doesn't stand a chance." Scorpina: "Those cocoons won't hold much longer. I wish I could have got them out of the way for longer." Seth: "Don't worry about it. No cocoon could hold my aunt for to long." They said good-bye and went back through the portal.