Happy Anniversary

    Olympius: "I can't believe it! We are so close to going home!" Vypra: "Maybe so, but we have to kill Cyann first. Who knows how long that will take?" Ms. Fairweather: "It is nice to know the option is there, though. Before, we had no choice but to stay."
    Velossa walked into the throne room, her mind filled with thoughts about the day before. Then she saw an envelope taped to the wall. Velossa: "What is this?" It had her name on it in fancy writing. She opened it and began to read. Galaxia: "Dear Velossa, I'm writing this so you know not to worry about me. I am just fine. Those rangers took a lot out of me, but some day I'll be back. And when that day comes, I'll send for you. We will truly be a team again. For now, help Cyann take on the Psychos. Best of luck to the two of you. Until we meet again,   Galaxia. Velossa smiled. Velossa: "Its nice to know she's out there somewhere. And someday rangers, watch out. When we are reunited, your lives will come to a most painful end. Ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Sarah sat on the beach that night. She thought to herself: "Seven years. I can't believe it. If only we could have made it work. Here I am, divorced at 25. How pathetic!" She heard footsteps behind her. She got up and saw Troy morphed. Troy: "Do you know what today is?" Sarah: "Yea. Seven years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life." Troy: "Its only fitting that today we end our fight. One-on-one." Sarah: "We don't really need to fight. We were both stupid back then! Its over!" Troy: "You're right. It is over... for one of us." He teleported away. Sarah: "What was I thinking when I said yes?"
    Sarah was talking to Vypra later. Sarah: "Why would I even think of marring him?" Vypra: "Don't be so hard on yourself. We all do dumb things when we're young." Sarah: "Do you think I can win tonight?" Vypra: "I don't know. Something tells me Cyann won't play fair."
    Cyann saw Troy lifting weights. She came over and sat on the balcony rail. Cyann: "Training for any reason?" Troy: "I'm going to finish Sarah tonight." Cyann: "I see. I think I'll join you." Troy: "Fine, but she can't see you there." Cyann: "Did you forget who you're talking to. If I don't want those rangers to see me, they won't." Troy: "Oh, right."
    Ms. Fairweather had got the rangers together that evening. Ms. Fairweather: "I know Troy wants you to come alone. But I think we should be there just in case it gets out of hand." Sarah: "Just watch the fight from here. I'll call if I need you." Vypra: "No. I'm coming with you. If you call us, there's no way we could get there in time. Cyann would stop us just long enough for him to finish you." Sarah: "Oh fine! Come on."
    Sarah: "I wish there was some other way. I mean, sure I hate his guts. But I don't want to kill him. He's human for God's sake!" Vypra: "Maybe there is another way. He himself isn't the problem. Its the fact that he's Cyann's Gold Ranger. If we get rid of the morpher, he won't be a threat." They came up on the battle ground. Sarah: Hide!" Vypra flew up into a tree.
    Cyann: "She's here." She turned into a rock. Troy walked to the center of the field. Troy: "So, ready?" Sarah: "It doesn't have to end this way! We should just get on with our lives. So our marriage didn't work. We were both stupid for ever thinking it would!" Troy pulled out a claw weapon. Troy: "Attack. You've done it before, now do it again." Sarah: "I attacked you that one time because I caught you sleeping with my best friend!" Vypra thought to herself: "Say what?" Troy: "And you're going to blame me for wanting a little change?" Sarah: "You're sick." She got out her morpher. Sarah: "Psycho Blast!" Troy shot a laser at her. She dodged it and ran up to him. He cut her with the claw. Sarah spun around and kicked him in the face. Sarah: "Can't you just leave me alone?" Troy elbowed her and then flipped backwards. Sarah saw the morpher on his arm and took her chance. She called her sword and landed in front of him. She blasted off to the side to distract him. When he wasn't looking, she cut the morpher in two. Instantly he turned back to his human form. Troy: "No!" Cyann came up to him. She punched him. He put his hand over his eye. Cyann: "I should have known better than to trust a human!" Troy: "All I need is another morpher and I can...." Cyann: "You've got some nerve! Failing and then asking for a gift!" Cyann shot a tree behind him. Then she watched as it slowly fell. Cyann smiled and pointed up. Troy looked up just as the tree came down to crush him. When it hit, it made a sick sound. Sarah had a disgusted look on her face. Cyann just laughed. Cyann: "I'll get you next time Purple Ranger." She teleported away. Sarah: "Well, you finally got what you deserved."
    Velossa: "Now Cyann, who was it that said this was a bad idea? Who do you think said the 'evil ranger' thing had been done to death? And who..." Cyann: "Ok! Da*n! You were right!" Velossa: "Thank you." Cyborg: "Our queen is never wrong! Why that was Sarah's fault!" Cyann: "Thank you Cyborg....." Cyborg looked at her happily. Cyann:.... you horny son of a blender." His face saddened. She walked away laughing. Velossa: "You keep trying. Someday she'll go out with you." Cyborg: "You really think so?" Velossa: "No. I'm just messing with your head."
    Seth: "Now you can finally put that part of your life behind you." Sarah: "Yea." Divatox: "What were you drinking when he proposed?" Sarah: "I think a little of everything. Why?" Divatox: "Whatever made you dumb enough to marry him had to be some strong stuff!"