Forbidden Attraction

    Ecliptor was looking out the window one night. Ecliptor: "Divatox, come here." Divatox: "Wait." Ecliptor: "You really have to see this." Divatox: "What? Some woman taking her top off?" Ecliptor: "No." Divatox threw her book up in the air. Divatox: "Fine. What do you want?" He pointed to the sky. It was changing color every few seconds. Divatox: "So?" Ecliptor: "Don't you find that interesting?" Divatox: "Not really. What I would find interesting is that book I threw a minute ago. I was just about to see how to make my finger nails twice as long without them breaking!" Ecliptor: "Whatever. I'm going out for a while." Divatox: "I'm not your mother. You don't have to tell me." Ecliptor waved. Divatox: "See ya."
    Cyann was on her balcony. Cyann: "Isn't it beautiful, Velossa?" Velossa was sitting upside down on Cyann's throne, drinking a tropical alcoholic drink. Velossa: "I've never really got into that sort of thing. I think beauty is found more often in a bloody murder." Cyann: "That's true. But this is nice too." Velossa got up and come to the balcony. Velossa: "You're evil and you still get into this?" Cyann: "Yea. Mom and I used to watch the sky do this when I was little." Velossa: "Oh." Cyann: "Ya know what? I'm going to go out for a while." Velossa: "But Boron is cooking dinner." Cyann: "Tell him to warm it up later." Velossa: "Oh he'll love that!"
    Cyann walked out into a field and saw Ecliptor standing there. She took another step. Ecliptor heard that and turned. Cyann: "Hi." Ecliptor: "Don't mess with me, lady!" Cyann: "Wait! I don't feel like fighting right now." Ecliptor: "You don't?" Cyann: "No. I just came out here to look at the sky." Ecliptor: "Oh. Me too. I tried to talk to Divatox about it, but she was more into her nails." Cyann: "That's how Velossa was. But I guess I can't expect a girl like her to care about something like this." The two were somewhat cautious of each other. But eventually sat down side by side. Cyann: "Its so beautiful." Ecliptor: "I know. I've never seen anything like it. How often does this happen?" Cyann: "Once a year. My mom told me this was the night Princess Caliea was born." Ecliptor: "What?" Cyann: "She was the daughter of the spirit that created Stregna. In honor of her birth, the spirit made the skies light up with a million colors." Ecliptor: "I didn't know Stregna had stuff like that." Cyann: "Yea. The legend has been around for so long. It was way before it was ruled by evil."
    Vypra: "Seth, what's going on out there?" Seth: "Oh, this happens every year." Vypra: "Ecliptor went out to see it." Seth: "What do you think of it?" Vypra: "I don't know. I guess its kind of cool. But its not something I'd spend all night watching." Seth: "Me neither. Cyann loves this though." Vypra: "Cyann?" Seth: "That's right. I know its hard to believe. Her being such a bi*ch and all."
    Ecliptor: "You don't seem like the kind of person who would enjoy this." Cyann: "I know. But just because I'm evil doesn't mean I can't have fun." Ecliptor: "I guess you're right. I was evil too... once." Cyann: "I don't see how you could just change sides like that." Ecliptor: "I was built to be evil, I guess in my heart I always knew I wasn't." Cyann: "I don't really consider myself evil. Its just, I want to take my rightful place as the Queen. And your Yellow Ranger will stop at nothing to kill me." Ecliptor: "Seth thinks you'll enslave the people here." Cyann: "Well I've kind of already done that!" Ecliptor: "He thinks your crazy." Cyann: "Well I think he is too. But does that make him evil?" Ecliptor: "You kill for fun." Cyann: "No. Galaxia killed for fun. Velossa kills for fun. Not me." Ecliptor: "Really. Then how do you explain constantly throwing knives at me?" Cyann: "You and your friends are getting in the way of me ruling the planet. I won't let you stop me." Ecliptor: "What about how you act?" Cyann: "Ok. You got me there. I'm a bi*ch. So what? I have a heart of stone. Big deal!" Ecliptor: "But you care about your warriors, right?" Cyann: "Some. I've grown pretty close to Velossa."
    Velossa sat on the throne. She saw Boron come into the room. The Quads were carrying several pans of food. Boron: "Where is Cyann?" Velossa got up and whispered in his ear. Boron: "Warm it up!? You do not warm up such a meal! I have slaved over a hot stove all day to make this meal for you two!" Velossa: "Man, you sound like my mom."  He left the room. Velossa: "I thought he was a warrior, not the maid." Boron from the other room: "I heard that!" Velossa: "Good."
    Ecliptor and Cyann continued to talk. Meanwhile, Cyborg plotted an attack. Cyborg: "Cyann has distracted him for me. Now I can make my move." He ran out into the open. Cyborg: "Get up and fight, Green Ranger!" Ecliptor jumped to his feet. Cyann stayed on the ground. She gave Cyborg a dirty look, but he didn't notice. Ecliptor: "I should have known it was a trap. Psycho Blast!" Cyborg shot him. He jumped and kicked Cyborg. They threw punches back and forth for a while. Cyann ran away. Ecliptor: "Go ahead and run!" Cyborg kicked him down. Cyborg: "Now its just you and me." Ecliptor kicked him in the knee. He fell over. He looked up at him and shot lasers out of his green eyes. Ecliptor went flying. Cyborg: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Suddenly he was shot in the back. He turned and saw Vypra morphed behind him. She flipped over to him. Then stood on her hands, putt her legs around his neck and flipped him over. Then she landed hard on the ground with her leg in his stomach. She got back to her feet. Cyborg ran away.
    Ecliptor: "Thanks." Vypra's shape changed. She turned into Cyann. Cyann: "You're welcome." Ecliptor: "Huh? You? But why?" Cyann: "I see now you aren't like your friends. I didn't want Cyborg to destroy you." Ecliptor: "I don't know how to repay you." Cyann: "Don't worry about it. But don't expect me to go easy on the other rangers." She came up and kissed him on the side of his face. Cyann: "Bye." She teleported away.
    Velossa: "Have fun? Boron and I sure did!" Boron from the other room: "Oh, bite me!" Cyann: "Yes I did. As a matter of fact, this may have been one of the best nights of my life." Velossa: "I didn't know someone could get so much pleasure out of looking at the sky." Cyann: "I'll see you tomorrow." She ran back the hall to her room. Velossa: "She's so happy, its sickening!"
    Ecliptor came back in to find Olympius at the table. Olympius: "Where have you been?" Ecliptor: "Out." He went into Ms. Fairweather's office and got on the computer. He looked up Cyann in the villain profiles. He pushed a button and her picture came out of the printer. He went to his room. He kissed the picture and then hid it under his bed.