Demons Unite

    Cyann: "I'm going out for a while, Velossa." Velossa: "Again! Its the fourth time this week you've been off by yourself. What in the world are you doing?" Cyann: "I'll tell you.... when the time is right." She turned and walked out. Velossa: "Well, this gives me time to attack Vypra. Maybe this time I can finally get rid of her." She snapped her fingers and six Quads came into the room. Velossa: "Cyann's mom managed to give us control of those portal things a while back. I think now we should take advantage of that. Come on."
    Back on Earth, the remaining demons plot against Marinor Bay. Bansheera: "I have decided to recreate Diabolico. I have sent him to battle the rangers. Jinxer, I want you to come with me. We have to keep searching for Olympius and Vypra." Loki: "You've looked for almost a year. There's no way you'll ever find them!" Bansheera: "Don't you ever say that! Olympius is my son and I will not stop until he is back with us!" They teleported out. Loki: "She is really loosing her mind." Velossa and the Quads appeared behind a stone pillar. She walked out. Velossa: "Surround him!" Loki: "What the he*l?" He saw Velossa. Loki: "Vypra! Where have you been?" Two Quads grabbed his arms. Velossa: "I'm not Vypra. But I assure you, you'll see her very soon. Lets go fools."
    Ecliptor was running around the lab wildly. Vypra: "What's wrong with you?" Ecliptor: "I'm late!" He ran out the door. Vypra: "Late for what?" She walked over and sat on the couch.
    The Quads pushed Loki into the throne room. He was in chains. They threw him to the ground. Loki: "You won't kill her! You're not good enough!" Velossa: "We'll see. Now I want you to send the signal calling her here." Loki: "Never!" Velossa: "I have ways to make you change your mind." She pulled a knife out of her boot. Then she walked over and held it up to his throat. Velossa: "Cyborg, send the signal."
    Vypra heard a beeping coming from Ms. Fairweather's office. She went in after five beeps. Vypra: "Ms. F.?" She didn't find her. Vypra: "Who could be calling us?" She leaned over the desk and pushed the button on the video phone. Vypra: "Hello." The image of Velossa and Loki came up. Velossa: "Hey sis! Guess what I've got!" Vypra: "Oh my God, Loki! No!" Velossa: "If you ever want to see him again, come to Cyann's palace." Loki: "No! Don't do it! Don't sacrifice yourself for me!" Velossa: "Shut up!" The signal died. Vypra sighed. Vypra: "Here we go again."
    Vypra ran to the door. Ms. Fairweather: "What's up?" Vypra: "Its Velossa! She's got Loki. I'm going to have to fight her." Ms. Fairweather: "Its to dangerous!" Vypra: "The others won't be able to help me. I'm the one Velossa wants. You guys would just be stuck fighting the Quads." Ms. Fairweather: "But Vypra..." Vypra turned and ran. Ms. Fairweather: "Every day this job gets more stressful! Rangers..."
    Velossa: "She should be here any minute." Loki: "I can't believe she'd come here so easily." Velossa: "Believe it or not, she cares for you. And that is a weakness she will live to regret." Loki: "You're a real piece of crap, ya know that?" Velossa: "Yep. And proud of it!" Vypra came running up to the palace. Velossa: "Yes!" A few minutes later, she ran into the room and over to Loki. Vypra: "Loki! Are you ok?" Loki: "I'm fine. Watch out. Some woman that looks like you wants you dead." Vypra: "Oh don't I know it! That's my sister Velossa. She's always wanted me dead." Velossa from across the room: "And today is the day my dreams come true." Vypra: "Don't you ever get tired of doing this?" Velossa shot an energy blast at her. Velossa: "No." Vypra: "Watch this, Loki." She pulled out her morpher. Vypra: "Psycho Blast!" Loki: "You're a Power Ranger?" Vypra: "That's right. Weird, huh?" Velossa charged at her with her sword held high in the air. Vypra held her's up to block. Then kicked Velossa back, spun and cut her on her arm. Velossa shot two eye lasers at her. Vypra jumped to avoid them. She landed behind her. Velossa did a spin kick, hitting Vypra in the mouth. Vypra shot blue fire from her sword. The fire made Velossa fall. Vypra ran back to Loki. She blasted a chain off his arm. Loki: "Look out!" Vypra ducked. Velossa's sword cut the wall. Vypra slammed her head into Velossa's. Then she shot the rest of the chains. Loki: "Come on!" They ran out of the throne room. Velossa: "Seal all the exits!"
    Vypra and Loki came to a door. It began to close. Vypra: "No!" They ran, but it closed just as the got to it. Loki: "I'm sorry I got you into this." Vypra: "It wasn't you. Velossa would try anything to kill me." They ran into an old dusty room. Vypra took her helmet off. Vypra: "If we don't get out of this, I want the chance to tell you how good of a friend you're been to me. If it wasn't for you, Olympius would have driven me crazy." Loki: "You were the only thing stopping me from killing the little runt. By the way, where is he?" Vypra: "You really want to know?" He starred at her. Vypra: "He's Psycho Red." Loki: "You're working with him?" Vypra: "I know it goes against everything we believe in, but what choice did I have? We were stuck out in the middle of nowhere." Loki: "But you're not nice to him, right?" Vypra: "I had to be at first. Just so we'd survive. And now.... well, a lot has happened to him. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him." Loki: "How could you do that?" Vypra: "You weren't there! You didn't see how upset he was when his friend was killed! I'm sorry Loki, but I did what I thought I had to do!" Loki: "Hating him was everything our friendship was based on." Vypra: "I would still never take orders from him." Loki: "I guess that's something." Vypra: "Please don't be mad because of it. It broke my heart to see him so hurt." Loki: "I didn't even know you had a heart. You're a demon." Vypra: "I didn't think I did either. That all changed when I became the Pink Ranger." Loki: "I guess I have to except that. I don't know what it feels like to be a ranger, and I probably never will." They heard Velossa walking around outside. Vypra: "What do ya say we teach my sister not to mess with us?" Loki: "Right. That's the only way we're going to get out of here."
    Vypra kicked the door open. It hit Velossa, knocking her down. Velossa: "Da*n it, you're going to pay for that!" Loki: "We have to get out in the open! This hallway is to small to fight." Vypra: "Right!" They ran back to the throne room with Velossa right behind them. Velossa: "Stay out of this, Loki! It doesn't concern you!" Loki: "You mess with Vypra, you're messing with me too." He shot blue electricity at her. Vypra ran and jumped off Loki's shoulder. She kicked Velossa backwards into a wall. Vypra: "Let us out of here!" Velossa punched her. She almost fell back, but Loki held her up. Vypra whispered a plan in Loki's ear. Vypra ran to the other side of the room. Vypra: "Come and get me!" Velossa ran at her, but she tripped over Loki's foot. He got down and grabbed her arms. He pulled her back up. Vypra then ran up and stabbed her with her sword. Loki let Velossa fall to the ground. She looked up at Vypra. Vypra: "I'll ask you one last time, let us out." Velossa: "You always were a bi*ch." She signaled for the Quads to open the door. Vypra and Loki ran out. Velossa: "Some day I will have the pleasure of burring them both."
    Vypra and Loki walked into the lab. Vypra: "Guys! Look who's here!" Olympius looked up from a book. Olympius: "Oh lord!" Loki: "Don't have an accident, Impus. I'm not here to beat you up." Divatox grabbed his arm. Divatox: "Hello, you big hunk of demon, you." Loki: "Who is this?" Vypra: "This is Divatox. And... where's Ecliptor?" Seth: "Who knows?" Sarah: "The last time I saw him, he was running around here like a chicken with its head cut off." Vypra: "He's done that a lot lately." The door opened and Ecliptor walked in. They all looked at him. Seth: "Well? Where have you been?"
    Loki: "I should really be getting back to the queen." Vypra: "Don't tell her where we are." Loki: "I won't, but she can't get here anyway." Ms. Fairweather opened a portal. Vypra hugged him. Vypra: "I'll miss you." Loki: "We shouldn't get all mushy. We're evil. Remember that." Vypra: "Its easy to forget when you've got this kind of job." Vypra waved. Loki walked through the portal. Once it had closed, Loki: "I'll miss you too."