Diva's Enemy

Guest Staring:
Alex Dodd As Phantom Ranger

    Cyann and Ecliptor were talking happily. Ecliptor: "I was wondering, could you go get something for me?" Cyann: "Sure. What?" Ecliptor: "I need my sword sharpened." Cyann: "I'll go find someone to do it." She walked out. In her head: "Why could he just do it himself?" Ecliptor looked down onto Stregna and saw his chance to make Cyann happier.
    Divatox sat in the living room. The only light was a lamp next to her. She got out a magazine and started reading. Divatox: "I need a beer." She left the book on the chair. When she came back in, the book was on the floor. Divatox: "That's weird." She picked it up again. Suddenly, the monitor came on. Divatox got up to turn it off and saw a strange message. It read: "I'm back" Divatox: "Da*n insurence salesmen!" She turned away from the monitor to see the lamp flash on and off a few times. Divatox: "Maybe I didn't need another beer as much as I thought I did!"
    She put the book down and went into the bathroom. Divatox: "Am I going crazy?" She pulled back the curtain on the shower and turned on the water. Once she had got in, the room filled with steam. Divatox began to sing. Divatox: "Shift into Turbo...." About a half hour later, she got out and wrapped a towel around herself. She turned to the mirror and stood there in shock. Written in the fogged up glass was: "You can't get rid of me forever." Divatox ran from the room and into Sarah's room. Divatox: "Sarah! Come here, quick!" Sarah: "Don't let Seth see you like that! He'd probably be throwing dollar bills at you!" Divatox pointed to the mirror. Sarah: "What?" Divatox: "The writing!" The mirror was clear of the fog and the writing. She had left the door open to long. Sarah: "I think you need to turn in early tonight." She walked away. Divatox: "I don't believe this!"
    Ecliptor: "Quads!" They entered the room in two lines of six. Ecliptor: "Go to the rangers' lab. There is someone there I want you to get. A ghost with the perfect gift for my dear Cyann." The bowed and left. Ecliptor: "I can't wait to see her face when she sees that ruby!"
    Divatox sat down to think later. Divatox: "Who could be doing this?" She got up and paced around the room. Divatox: "That's it! I've had enough of this! Who ever you are, come out! I'm done playing games!" Voice: "Hello, Divatox. Its been a long time." Divatox: "I thought you were...." Phantom: "Dead? Sorry to disappoint you." Divatox: "But how? I killed you! I know I did!" Phantom: "Wrong. After our one-on-one fight after Zordon's wave, you kicked me into a hole. For two years I laid there with no hope of escape. But one day, I was freed by someone. I don't know who." Divatox: "Why can't you just stay dead?" Phantom: "I have come here to pay you back for wasting two years of my life." Divatox: "You can't do crap to me. You never could." Phantom: "We'll see." Vypra walked in. Vypra: "Diva, what's going on? Who's he?" Divatox: "Allow me to introduce the biggest pain in the a*s who ever lived, the Phantom Ranger. He wants to beat the he*l out of me." Vypra: "Another failed marriage?" Divatox: "Lord no! He was the sixth Turbo Ranger. We have been enemies since 97." Vypra: "I see. Well Phantom, you don't have a chance of beating her up. She'd kill you." Phantom: "Meet me on the battle field." Divatox: "Whatever." He walked out.
    He walked out in front of the lab. Suddenly, the Quads jumped him. He punched one. Two more were hanging onto him. Another jumped on him, forcing him to the ground. Ecliptor came out wearing long black cloak. His face couldn't be seen because of the darkness in his hood. The Quads picked up the Phantom and held him. Ecliptor: "Take the ruby from your chest, ranger." Phantom: "Never!" Ecliptor's eyes flashed. Ecliptor: "I'm not giving you a choice." He kicked him twice. He put a sword up to him. Ecliptor: "Do it!" He hesitated, but did it. Ecliptor took the ruby and walked away.
    Divatox watched from the window. Divatox: "Cool! That guy in the black cloths took his ruby! That'll teach him!" Ms. Fairweather: "Divatox, go help him." Divatox: "He*l no!" Ms. Fairweather: "I was trained in the army. And let me tell you, generals in the army don't take no for an answer. Now go." She started to object, but didn't. She walked out, slamming the door behind her.
    Divatox ran up to the Phantom. He was laying on the ground alone. The Quads had already left. Divatox: "Where'd the guy in black go?" Phantom: "He went that way." Divatox: "Wait here." Phantom: "I don't have anywhere else to go!" Divatox: "Oh yea, that's you power source isn't it?" She ran into the distance and spotted Ecliptor. Divatox: "Hey you! Stop!" Ecliptor turned. Ecliptor: "Get out of my way, Blue Ranger." Divatox: "What are you, the Grim Reeper monster?" Ecliptor shot her. She fell on her back. Divatox: "Ok, that's two mistakes. Mine and yours. Psycho Blast!" She shot a blast at Ecliptor, but he blocked it with the ruby. The blast came back at Diva. Divatox ran up to him and tried to take the ruby, but he kicked her down. Ecliptor: "I don't want to do this. Just mind you own business and no one gets hurt." She got up and tried to strike again, but he punched her. Cyann appeared behind them. Cyann: "So this is why you tried to get me out earlier." He came up to her and handed her the Phantom's ruby. Cyann: "Its beautiful! Thank you!" Ecliptor: "You're welcome, my dear." Divatox: "Would you two mind if I threw up right here?" Cyann: "Why not finish her off while we're here?" Ecliptor looked at Divatox and thought about their friendship. Then she looked at Cyann. Ecliptor: "Quads, kill her." Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Divatox: "That little pain better appricate what I'm doing for him." She jumped and kicked Cyann to the ground. Then she spun around and kicked Ecliptor in the head. Divatox tried to get the ruby, but Cyann kicked her in the knee. Divatox fell down instantly. Cyann: "You have got in my way to many times. Cyann and Ecliptor joined hands and blasted Divatox. She looked up and saw the two of them laughing. Then everything went black.
    When she woke up, Ms. Fairweather was standing over her. Divatox: "Where's the Phantom?" Just then, Vypra walked carring him. She layed him down. on the couch. Vypra: "He doesn't look good." Divatox tried to get up, but Ms. Fairweather stopped her. Ms. Fairweather: "You're hurt. You have to rest." Divatox: "No. Its my fault he's like this." Vypra: "You did all you could do." Divatox: "It wasn't enough." She got up and went over to the Phantom. Ms. Fairweather signaled for Vypra to leave the room with her. Divatox after they had left: "I don't know if you can hear me or not, but I'm sorry about today. He*l, I'm sorry about the past three years. We were enemies, but I've always respected you. You were the only Turbo Ranger I ever thought was a match for me. I always figured I'd be throwing a party when you were this close to death, but to be honest I enjoyed our battles. The challenge with you made my job interesting. I don't want to give that up." Divatox turned to walk away.
    Cyann: "I can't believe you beat the he*l out of your own friend for me. That was so sweet!" Ecliptor: "I thought about it and you mean more to me than the rangers ever could." Cyann wore the ruby around her neck. Cyann: "I really like the ruby, but was it worth everything you did today?" Ecliptor: "Yes. Just seeing your face when I gave it to you was worth all the trouble in the world." Cyann: "Oh Ecliptor, where do you come up with this stuff?" Ecliptor: "I don't know, I just thought it sounded good."
    Later, they were sitting on the rail of the balcony together looking at the stars. Cyann: "We're going to have to tell Velossa and Boron soon." Ecliptor: "I know. How do you think they'll take it?" Cyann: "Knowing Velossa... not well." Ecliptor: "I have to tell the rangers too." Cyann: "What are you going to do about the powers? You know Fairweather won't let you keep them when you're with me." Ecliptor: "I am willing to give up the suit. It was fun being a ranger, but if they can't except us I will leave them and never look back."