The Murderer Revealed

    Seth: "I can't believe Cyann would just take a life to get herself a shiny rock. I've known her since I was born, but I never thought she'd sink this low." Sarah: "And Diva said something about a man in black with her. Who could that have been?" Seth: "I don't know. But whoever it was, why the he*l would he love my aunt. That's just nasty!" Sarah: "She doesn't look bad. She's just a bi*ch. Who knows? Maybe he likes that in a woman.
    Cyann and Ecliptor sat at a table eating. Cyann sipped some wine. Cyann: "I've got something I'd like to tell you." Ecliptor: "Yes?" Cyann: "About that kid Olympius liked...." Ecliptor starred at her, waiting for her to continue. Cyann: "....I killed her." Ecliptor dropped his fork. Ecliptor: "You! All this time, it was you!" Cyann: "Yes." Ecliptor got up, knocking the chair over. Ecliptor: "How could you kill an innocent child?" Cyann: "Innocent child my a*s!" Ecliptor: "I can't stop you attacking the rangers. I even like your evil side, but where do you draw the line?" Cyann: "She got what was coming to her." Ecliptor: "After everything life had thrown at her, you just take it upon yourself to end any chance she had to make something of herself!" Cyann: "She shot Velossa! I'll be da*ned if I'm going to just sit by while my best warrior was hurt!" Ecliptor: "You didn't have to...." Cyann: "You weren't there! You don't know what its like! How could you?" She punched the table. Then turned and stormed out of the room.
    After a few hours of not speaking, Ecliptor knocked on her door. She didn't answer, so he just walked in. Ecliptor: "Cyann, listen. About our fight earlier, I thought things over and... you were right. You were only defending your friend." Cyann got up and walked over to him. Ecliptor: "Can I ask one thing of you though?" Cyann: "What?" Ecliptor: "Go tell Olympius. I know Jamie shot Velossa, but that's no reason to punish him too." Cyann sighed. Cyann: "Fine. I guess I could have some fun with this anyway." Ecliptor: "Thank you."
    Olympius sat talking to Vypra. Olympius: "Why did you and Loki treat me the way you did?" Vypra: "We didn't like taking orders from a baby. Come on, what did you expect us to do?" The phone rang. Olympius picked it up. Voice: "Come to the stone temple at 3:00 to end your suffering." Then he heard the dial tone. Vypra: "A phone call? Here?" Olympius: "I don't know who it was." Vypra: "I didn't think anybody here had a phone." Olympius: "Do you know where a stone temple is?" Vypra: "Yea. Velossa and I fought there once." Olympius: "Strange." Vypra: "Not really. We've fought just about anywhere you can imagine. Why do you ask?" Olympius: "I have to go there later. I might have found the killer." Vypra: "After all this time, do you really think they'd confess?" Olympius: "I'm not sure. But I have to go. If I don't, I'll never know." Vypra: "Do you want me to come with you?" Olympius: "No. I have to do this alone." Vypra had a worried look on her face as Olympius walked out of the room.
    Olympius got Vypra to draw him a map to the temple. Cyann got there first and transformed into a blonde woman wearing all black. Ecliptor teleported in behind her. Ecliptor: "I thought you were going to tell him you killed her." Cyann: "I am. This is just so he'll hear me out first. If I go up to him in my real form, we will just end up fighting." Ecliptor: "You will have to fight him anyway. I know how much he wants you dead for doing that." Cyann: "He couldn't kill me." She pulled a gun out of the inside of her coat. Cyann: "I hope he tries." Ecliptor disappeared. Cyann hid.
    Olympius: "Where are you? Show yourself!" Cyann in her temporary form came up behind him. Olympius: "Who are you?" Cyann: "Names are not important." Olympius picked her up by her shirt. Olympius: "Who did this to her!" Cyann: "What if I told you I did?" Olympius threw her to the ground. She pulled the gun out and pointed it at him. Cyann: "Stay back. I'm warning you." Olympius: "Why? Why would you do such a thing?" She walked up to him and held the gun to his head. Cyann: "Because I'm a bi*ch." He growled at her. She smiled, then turned into Cyann. Olympius: "Oh my...." Cyann: "Don't move." Olympius: "I'll kill you!" Cyann: "I don't think you're in the position to be making those kind of comments, Red Ranger." He stood silent. Cyann: "I could kill you just as easily as I did her. I can still hear her terrified screams, begging me for mercy. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Cyann teleported away. Olympius fell to his knees. He slammed his fists on the ground.
    Cyann: "Well, that was fun!" Ecliptor: "Now you will be his main target." Cyann: "I know. I look forward to the battles. Him coming so close to me, but never being able to take his revenge. His life will be worse now than he ever thought possible." Ecliptor: "That will be the last time I tell you what to do. You know that, right?" Cyann: "Yea. That was ok. I mean, I might have told him some day. Just to see the anger on his face."
    Olympius went into Ms. Fairweather's lab to try to calm down. But images for Cyann kept flashing in his head. He picked up a big machine and threw it against the wall. Olympius: "God da*nit!" Ms. Fairweather ran in and tripped him. Then she brought him back to his feet and threw him up against the wall. Ms. Fairweather in Olympius's face: "What the he*l's the matter with you?!" Vypra stood back behind Ms. Fairweather. Olympius knew he could never take her. Olympius: "It was Cyann. She killed her." Vypra: "Oh my God!" Olympius: "I would have taken her out, but she didn't give me a chance to." Vypra: "I can't believe she was smart enough to hid it from us this whole time." Ms. Fairweather: "And to some how make us think Divatox did it." Olympius: "I assure you, the next time we meet, she won't walk away."
    Cyann and Ecliptor had went to Cyann's room. The fireplace put forth a romantic glow throughout the room. The two of them were laying on Cyann's bed in each other's arms. Meanwhile, Velossa was looking for Cyann. Velossa: "Boron, have you seen Cyann?" Boron: "No." Velossa: "Where is that girl?" She walked down the hall and heard voices from the room. She knocked on the door. Cyann: "I'm busy!" Velossa came in anyway. Velossa: "Sorry Cyann, but its important. I....." She stopped and starred at them, totally confused by the sight. Velossa: "Ok, who wants to go first?" Cyann: "I can explain. I was trying to trick him into working with us." Ecliptor: "Give it up. We should have told her long ago." Velossa: "Told me what?" Cyann: "Ecliptor and I..... we're in love." Velossa fell backwards, hitting the floor with a thud. Cyann: "I knew we shouldn't have told her." Ecliptor: "When would you have? When you were, I don't know, eight months pregnant with our child?" Cyann: "That would have been a good time, yes." Ecliptor sighed.
    Olympius had went out into the woods. He was practicing his fighting skills. Sweat poured down his face. He was breathing hard, but still he continued. He spun around and almost punched Vypra. He stopped quickly. Olympius: "What are you doing here?" Vypra: "I came to see if you were all right. You ran out in kind of a rush." Olympius: "I had to go somewhere quiet. I need to think this out." Vypra: "I know this whole thing has been really hard on you." Olympius: "I want revenge so bad!" Vypra: "I know." Olympius: "But one thing worries me." Vypra looked at him sympathetically. Olympius: "What if I challenge Cyann and I can't win? What if she is to strong for me?" Vypra: "I'm sure she is stronger than you. But revenge can help you in a fight. There is no better motivation." Olympius: "Or it could just distract me." Vypra: "You can't let it. Use your anger to make yourself stronger." Olympius: "I could do that with most people, but...." Vypra waited for him to continue. Olympius: "I'm...scared of Cyann." Vypra: "Oh. Well, I could understand that. She's a strong woman." Olympius: "How could I be though? I am a Psycho Ranger!" Vypra: "That doesn't matter. We all have our fears." Olympius: "What about you?" Vypra stood silent for a minute. Vypra: "Well, I'm not scared of any one person. My only fear is loosing someone else I love. After Velossa took my parents from me, I've always had that in the back of my mind." Olympius: "You don't seem like the type that would be afraid of anything." Vypra: "I know. But don't worry about Cyann. If you need help with her, just call me. The other rangers and I want her dead too. Remember that."
    Velossa sat up a little while later. Velossa: "I don't believe it! This is crazy!" Cyann: "Velossa..." Velossa: "I can't believe you would do this! He's a da*n ranger!" She stood up. Ecliptor: "Look, I just...." Before he could finish, Velossa punched him in the face as hard as she could. Then ran out the door. Cyann helped Ecliptor stay on his feet. Cyann: "I'm so sorry about that! I never dreamed she'd take it this bad!" Ecliptor: "Don't worry about it. You only told one person. I have to tell six! I can't even imagine what their reactions will be."