Angel of Mercy

Kamara Walton

    Woman: "Your father and I are going out. Now I want you to be on your best behavior." Kids: "Yes mom." Man: "We'd better get going if we want to get there before the show starts." Woman: "Right." The man picked up his car keys and lead his wife out to the car. Outside the window, a dark form watched the two children. Voice: "This is to easy."
    Ecliptor: "So where did Velossa go again?" Cyann: "Oh, she wanted to kill with some scenery. So she had the Quads build one of those portal things. She's on Earth." Ecliptor: "That's interesting. Looks like we have the palace to ourselves." Cyann: "No yet." Just then, Boron came into the room with a bowl of popcorn. Cyann shot the bowl out of his hand. Cyann: "Get out. We want to be alone." Boron: "All you had to do was ask." Cyann: "Now we have the palace to ourselves."
    Girl: "That was the bomb." Guy: "Oh come on! It was such a chick flick!" Girl: "And what's wrong with that. We're chicks!" Another girl rolled her eyes. Girl: "What's wrong Katie?" Katie: "How did you ever convince me to go out with that jerk?" Girl: "At least its a double date." Katie: "Who are you with?" The girl turns and points. Girl: "That guy, that guy, that guy, and that guy." Katie laughed.
    The two kids were watching TV. Girl: "Give me the remote!" Boy: "You had it last night!" Girl: "Jake!" Jake: "Oh, I've seen this before. That guy stabs her in a minute." Girl: "I don't want to watch this!" Jake: "Abbie, you're such a chicken!" Some creepy music started playing on the movie. Abbie was tightly hugging the pillow that was laying on the couch. Jake: "Go get me a drink." Abbie: "No way!" He grabbed her arm and started to twist it. Abbie: "Ok!" She went to the kitchen. She looked up at the window above the sink and thought she saw something. Abbie: "Jake, come here!" Jake: "What do you want?" They both heard a stick break. Jake: "Somebody's out there." He ran to his room and came back down with a ball bat. He opened the glass door and went out onto the deck. Jake: "Hello?" He didn't see anyone, so he went back inside. They both returned to the living room. Velossa jumped off the roof. She knew they would forget to lock the door back. Velossa: "Children are such fools." She opened the door slowly so it didn't make a sound. Then she entered.
    The three people were walking to their car from the movie. Guy: "So Katie, doing anything later?" Katie: "Not you, that's for sure." Guy: "Oh I see how it is. Well lets see how picky your are when you're walking home." Katie: "A dangerous walk home alone, or your horny a*s? What should I do?" She turned and walked away from them. The other two got in the car and drove off, honking and yelling. Katie sighed. Katie: "What a night." She started walking in the direction of her house.
    The kids were getting ready for bed. Jake went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He heard a whistling somewhere in the room. He looked around, but didn't think anything of it. Suddenly, the lights went out. Jake tried to walk out of the room, but somehow the door had been closed. He began to freak out. The lights came back on. He was facing the door. He breathed a sigh of relief. When he turned back to the mirror, he saw Velossa standing behind him smiling. He tore the door open and ran down the steps. He ran into his sister. Jake: "We have to get out of here!" Abbie: "What's going on?" Jake: "There's some woman in the bathroom!" They ran to the front door, but Velossa was standing in front of it. Velossa: "What's your favorite scary movie?" They ran into another room. Velossa couldn't help but laugh. Velossa: "Man I'm loving this!"
    Outside the house, Katie was walking toward her house. She heard someone scream from the house and stopped. Katie: "What in the world?" Abbie stuck her head out the window and yelled for help. Katie saw Velossa's arm pull her back inside. She hesitated, but ran to the front door. She tried to open it, but it was locked. Katie: "Da*n" She went back to get and running start and slammed her shoulder into the door. After a few times, it came open. She went in and looked around. She ran up the stairs and down a long hallway. Katie in her head: "I must be out of my mind!"
    Velossa had the two kids cornered in their parents' bed room. She pulled out her knife. Velossa: "Oh don't be scared. Death is just part of life. It has to happen some time. I'm just speeding up the process." Katie: "Leave them alone!" Velossa turned, totally shocked. Velossa: "Lady, you're nuts. I'm a woman with a knife. Not the kind of person you want to boss around." Velossa threw the knife at her. Katie ducked. The knife was stuck in the wall above her head. She pulled the kids out of the room and down the stairs. Katie: "Go! Get out of here! Call the cops or.... something! Just go!" They ran out the door. Katie turned to see Velossa walking down the steps. Velossa: "I am going to kill someone tonight. If not them, you will do fine." Katie tried to run, but shot a blast of energy at the door, slamming it. Velossa: "You're going nowhere."
    Ms. Fairweather plugged something into her computer. Ms. Fairweather: "Finally, my monster tracker is complete." The computer brought up an image of Velossa on Earth. Ms. Fairweather: "What is she doing there?"
    Katie in her head: "What am I going to do?" Velossa came at her with the knife. Katie kicked her hand, making her drop it. Then she flipped over the couch. Velossa shot a blast at her. She dodged it. She jumped onto the coffee table, spun around, and kicked Velossa in the face. Velossa threw her off the table. She landed on the floor with a thud. She got back to her feet and ran upstairs. Velossa: "You won't get away that easy!" Katie ran into the kids' room. She looked around. Then went over and opened the window. She climbed out and hoped Velossa didn't see her. Velossa flew out the window and landed on the roof. Velossa: "You picked a bad place to run." Velossa ran at her. Katie rolled out of the way. Velossa turned to face her, but was on the edge of the roof. She did one very high kick and sent Velossa to the ground. She made a noisy landing on top of some trash cans. She didn't move. Katie: "What else can happen tonight?"
    The kids had called the police. The were asking Katie questions about what happened. Katie: "Well, the woman that attacked us is right over...." She stopped in shock. She looked at the fallen cans. Velossa was gone. Katie: "No way! No body could have survived that!" The kids ran over and hugged her. Katie: "What is this for?" Abbie: "You saved our lives!" Katie: "Well... uh." She didn't know what to say.