The First Date

    Karone and Trakeena were in their room. Karone was getting ready for her first date with the Silver Ranger. Trakeena: "You do realize you know nothing about this guy, right?" Karone: "Yea I know. I'm going to try to find some stuff out about him tonight." Trakeena: "Stuff like his name?" Karone: "Yes of course his name." Trakeena: "Just don't do something you might regret." Karone: "I'm not Divatox. I don't do that kind of stuff right away."
    Brutus: "I can't believe he turned on her." Velossa: "Neither can I. But you know who's going to be over worked now don't you." Galaxia from the other room: "Velossa get in here!" Velossa: "Told ya." She walked into the throne room. Velossa: "Yes my queen." Galaxia: "I just found out that Psycho Silver and Karone are going on a date tonight. You will take a monster and bring the two of them back here." Velossa: "You got it. Heart Breaker, forth!" A monster with a black heart shapped head entered the room. Velossa: "Come on. We've got a date to screw up."
    Karone: "Oh I can't wait! How's my hair?" Trakeena: "You've gone through 10 styles already!" Karone: "Yea when I was Astronema." Trakeena: "No. I mean tonight! But black leather on a date? Won't he get the wrong idea?" Karone: "I wear the same kind of cloths every day." Trakeena: "Ok. You have a point. I guess he'd better get used to them." Zedd stuck his head in the door. Zedd: "He's not blind is he?" Karone: "No." Zedd: "Then he'll love the outfit. Come on, he will be here any minute." Karone turned to Trakeena. Karone: "Sometimes I don't know if Zedd is trying to make me feel good or just hitting on me." Trakeena: "Oh he's hitting on ya! But don't worry about him. Just go have fun."
    The door bell rang. Villimax answered it. Villimax: "She'll be right with you." Karone came to the door. Karone: "Hi." Psycho Silver: "Hello." She noticed that this was the first time she'd seen him unmorphed. He handed her some flowers. "Psycho Silver: "Ready to go?" Karone: "Yea." Zedd: "Bring her back in one piece!" Trakeena: "Shut up Zedd."
    They walked through the park. Karone: "Ya know I never cought your name." Psycho Silver: "Its Taylor." The found a spot and sat down. Taylor began to look up at the moon. Karone: "So tell me about yourself." Taylor: "Well my home planet was KO-35." Karone: "Oh cool! Mine too." Taylor: "When Dark Spector attacked, I left and came to Onyx. It was pretty nice for a while. Untill Galaxia came." Karone: "I know. She's a real bit**." Taylor: "I'm really sorry for all the trouble I put you guys through." Karone: "Its no problem. We all used to be evil. You have no idea how hard it is to ask forgivness from a team of tatally good rangers. I had to do that with the Space Rangers. At first the only one who liked me was my brother Andros." Taylor: "Sounds tough." Karone: "But they decided to forgive me. They made me the honorary Purple Ranger." Taylor: "This is my second time being a ranger." Karone: "Oh really. What other team have you been on?" Taylor: "You know the team that was on KO-35 right before the big battle?" Karone: "Yea. The..Delta Rangers right?" Taylor: "That's right. I was the green one." Karone: "I was a Galaxy Ranger before I came here. Kendrix Morgan died so I took her place." Taylor: "I'm sorry. About Kendrix I mean." Karone: "Oh she's fine now. She is back on Marinoi with the other rangers."
    Velossa came up to them. Velossa: "You two talk to much. Swobbies, attack!" Karone: "Your timing sucks!" Velossa: "Thank you." They fought the swobbies. Karone: "Say, aren't these Captain Mutiny's?" Velossa: "Yes. Its a long story." Velossa ran towards them." Both rangers: "Psycho Blast!" Karone and Velossa traded punches. The monster appeared and fought Taylor."  Taylor jumped up and hund from a tree branch. He swong back and kicked the monster in the face. Taylor ran over to Karone. Taylor: "I was going to give this to you later but I guess you could use it now." He made a sword appear in his hand. It had a pink blade guard and a shinny silver blade. Karone: "Its beautiful! Thank you!" Velossa: "Hello. I'm still here." Karone turned and cut her with the sword. Velossa: "Why can't someone give me one of those?" The sky behind Karone turned black. The sword had pink fire all over it now. She held it over her head and struck Velossa. She teleported away. Karone: "This thing is really strong!" The two rangers turned towards the monster. Taylor: "You're next!" They attacked him together. After fighting for a while, they joined their hands and a silver and pink laser came out and hit the monster. It blew up right away.
    Taylor: "I'm sorry Velossa had to ruin our date." Karone: "What are you kidding? This was great! We're a good team." Taylor: "You actually had fun?" Karone: "Yea! We should do this again." Taylor: "Why not go break into Galaxia's ship?" Karone: "Lets not push it." They went back home. They went onto the ship but stood outside the door of the control room. Zedd leaned up against the other side of the door with a glass to his ear. Trakeena came up behind him. Trakeena: "Boo!" Zedd: "Oh lord!!!" Trakeena: "Get away from there." Karone came in with a big smile on her face. Scorpina: "Have a good time?" Karone: "Yea. It was wonderful!"
    Galaxia: "So let me guess, they got away?" Velossa: "Yes. They are to strong together." Galaxia: "Complain, complain, complain! Next time get it right." Velossa: "I won't fail you again." She left the room. Galaxia: "I've heard that before."