Hit and Run

    Katie came in and sat down on her couch. She turned on the TV and flipped through some channels. Katie: "My God! Gore and Bush are fighting again! Its programs like this that make me wonder why I even have a TV!" She got up and headed for the kitchen, but stopped when the phone rang. Katie: "Hello?" Girl: "Are you busy?" Katie: "Well, I've had a long day and I was going to..." Girl: "My car is screwed up and I'm stuck on the side of the road. I really need your help!" Katie: "All right." She got the name of the road and hung up. Katie: "Lady misses five oil changes and look what happens!" She got into her car started down the road. She turned on the radio.
    Back at her house, the window opened from the outside. A woman in tight black leather pants and a pink shirt climbed in. It was Vypra in civilian form. Vypra: "Where is that girl?" She pulled a black two way radio off her belt and pushed a button. Vypra: "No sign of her, Ms. F." Ms. Fairweather through the radio: "Just stay there. She's bound to show up sooner or later." Vypra: "I'll keep you posted. Vypra out."
    Katie kept driving. She reached for the glove box and pulled out a map. Katie: "So if I'm here, then that means she would be right about there." She put the map down and looked up. In front of her was the dark figure of a man. He stood right in the center of the road. Katie: "No!" She tried to stop, but she couldn't do it fast enough. She heard a thud and the car slid over to the side of the road. She got out and looked around. She saw the man on the ground. Katie: "Da*nit!" She ran over to him. Katie: "Are you all right? Hello?" He was covered in blood. She felt for a pulse. Katie: "Oh no." She stood up started to go back to her car. She sat on the hood and thought. Katie: "My finger prints are on his wrist from checking his pulse. So I can't just drive away. But if I call the cops, I'm screwed."
    Cyann: "Velossa, where's your sister?" Velossa: "After the night I've had, you have the nerve to ask me about her! How am I supposed to know?" Cyann: "She's not with the other rangers." Velossa: "Don't worry about her. Let me tell you about my night. I got into a fight with this girl. About 25 or so, and...." Cyann was smart. It didn't take her a second to pick up on Ms. Fairweather's plan. Cyann: "Stop! We have to go to the rangers' base. Now!" Velossa: "Thanks for listening, Cyann!" Cyann: "That's not important right now. If we don't get over there, our chances of victory are out the window!" She pulled her out the door.
    Katie got up and pulled the body over to the side of the road. She noticed that beside the road was a big pile of tree branches and stuff. Katie: "Its my only chance." She picked up the body and threw it into the pile. The she jumped down into it to cover up the man. Katie: "How can this day get any weirder? First I get into a fight with a winged woman! And now I'm covering up a dead guy!"
    Ms. Fairweather: "Vypra." Vypra: "What's up?" Ms. Fairweather: "Go to the address I sent you on your morpher. That's where you'll find out girl." Vypra: "Right. I'm on my way." She ran out the door.
    Cyann and Velossa stood outside the lab. Cyann: "Now, we have to find a way to get the green morpher." Velossa: "What's going on?" Cyann: "Must I take time to explain it to you?" Velossa: "Yea." Cyann: "Fine. That girl you got into a fight with. You said she was about 25." Velossa: "So what?" Cyann: "Now Vypra's missing. The way I see it, that Fairweather woman plans to give the green morpher to that woman you fought." Velossa: "Oh!" Cyann: "Now can we proceed?" Velossa: "Oh yea, sure."
    Katie had finished burring the body. She grabbed the rail and climbed back up onto the road. She turned and saw Vypra walking up to her. Katie started to run. She didn't want to confront anyone after what she had done. Vypra ran after her. Vypra: "Stop!" Katie kept running. Vypra stopped and picked up a rock. She threw it a Katie's feet, tripping her. Vypra ran up beside her. Vypra: "Stand up." Katie: "Excuse me?" Vypra pulled her up by her jacket collar. Vypra: "Do you know what kind of crap I had to go through to find you?" Ms. Fairweather on the radio on Vypra's belt: "Vypra." Vypra: "I know." She rolled her eyes. Vypra: "I have an offer for you." Katie: "Not interested." Vypra: "Let me tell you what it is first." Katie: "Before you even start, yes I am happy with my long distance service." Vypra: "Don't say anything else until I'm done. Got me? Now, I work for a woman named Ms. Fairweather. She is the head of a ranger team called the Psycho Rangers." Katie looked very confused. Vypra: "We recently lost a ranger to our enemy Queen Cyann." Katie: "What does all this have to do with me?" Vypra: "Remember that woman you fought earlier tonight? That was my sister Velossa. She is Cyann's warrior. Now we noticed that you were able to take her on. That's very impressive." Katie: "Thank you. But what do you want?" Vypra: "We want you to become our new Green Ranger." Katie: "Wow! Hold on a minute! Just because I saved those kids before doesn't mean I want to do that for a living!" Vypra: "You are just the kind of person we're looking for."
    Cyann entered the lab through the window. She looked around. She saw a safe built into the side wall. She shot a green bolt of energy at it. The door swung open. Cyann: "Bingo!" She grabbed the morpher and climbed back out.
    Katie: "Lady, I'm flattered that you thought of me. Really, I am. But I can't become a Ranger." Vypra: "I didn't want to use this, but I don't think you have a lot of choice. You can either come with me or be arrested and tried for murder." She pointed to the blood on the street. Katie stood there and thought for a long time. Katie: "Fine. Where are you taking me?" Vypra: "Its a distant planet called Stregna." She pushed a button on her morpher and a portal opened. Vypra: "Step though." Katie: "I don't know." They both heard sirens in the background. Vypra: "This is you only chance." A look of fear formed on her face as the cars pulled up in front of them. Vypra shot blue fire out of her hand. It formed a wall in front of the police. Katie jumped though the portal. Vypra followed her. The wall faded. Policeman: "What the he*l was that?"
    Back at Cyann's palace, Cyann ran up to Ecliptor. Cyann: "Look what I've got!" Ecliptor: "My morpher. But why?" Cyann: "The rangers have found a replacement for you. An Earth girl." Ecliptor: "Well that's just fine." Cyann: "Not for me. I have to fight them!" Ecliptor: "I know that. Go ahead and do what you have to do." Cyann faces the balcony. Cyann: "You rangers can't screw me that easy."