The Seventh Ranger

    Vypra and Katie walked through the portal into Ms. Fairweather's office. Katie: "What is the place?" Ms. Fairweather stood up from behind her desk. She shook Katie's hand. Ms. Fairweather: "This is our home base. I'm Ms. Fairweather and welcome to Stregna." Katie: "Thank you." Vypra: "I can't keep this human form up any longer." Her metal wings tore though her pink shirt. She tore it the rest of the way off, revealing her usual battle armor. She picked her snake helmet up off the desk and put it on. Katie: "Now I see the family resemblance." Seth was walking by and saw that Vypra had come back. Seth: "So who's our new... oh my god! Thank you!" Vypra pushed him out of the way. Vypra: "Let me show you around." Katie: "All right."
    Later that day, Vypra was filling her in on everything that had happened to them so far. Katie: "Your lives are like soap operahs." Divatox was putting dishes away and overheard them. Divatox: "Next time on 'The Winged and the Restless'..." Vypra: "This is one of my best friends Divatox. She's the Blue Ranger." Katie: "Nice to meet you." Ms. Fairweather ran into the room. Ms. Fairweather: "I can't find the morpher!" Divatox: "Cyann." Vypra: "Right. She wouldn't just let us get a new ranger." Katie: "But how would she know?" Vypra: "Nothing gets by her. She's the daughter of the smartest woman in the galaxy!" Katie: "But if she took the morpher, how do I become the Green Ranger?" Vypra: "I don't know."
    Velossa: "I think we should plan a full scale attack. Don't hold anything back." Cyann: "We can't send the entire army, but we can put out enough of it to kill them." She turned to the side door and watched five warriors walk in. Four of them wore black and silver armor. Like knights. The other knight wore green and silver. He was the only one who spoke. Cyann: "Meet my Dark Knights." Velossa: "Very nice." Cyann: "Will you be able to kill the rangers?" Green: "No problem." Velossa led them out the door. Cyann: "No one can stop us this time."
    Velossa: "Quads! Spread out.." Green: "Where do you want us?" Velossa: "Just go anywhere. But when the rangers get her, be ready to strike." Green: "Got it." Velossa saw the rangers running towards them. Velossa: "I'm so glad you could make it. Now take them down in the name of Queen Cyann!" Olympius noticed Cyann and Ecliptor standing up on the lab roof. They were pretty far away, but they were easy to see because the lab is the only building on the planet. Cyann: "I am going to hide the morpher. You watch over the battle." Ecliptor: "Yes, my dear."
    Katie: "I'm worried about those guys. They're out there fighting a huge army of monsters while I just sit here on my a*s." Ms. Fairweather: "I understand, but there's nothing you can do to help them." Katie thought for a minute. Katie: "That's what you think." She ran out the door. Ms. Fairweather: "Why is it that no one listens to me?"
    Cyann ran deep into the forrest. She knew exactly where she could hide it. Katie ran out of the lab and saw the fight. Sarah flew through the air and landed beside Katie. Sarah: "Where are you going?" Katie: "I'm going after that Cyann woman. She's got my morpher and I'm going to get it back!" Sarah: "Good luck." Katie: "I won't let you all down." A Quad ran at her. She kicked it and kept running. Cyann reached a clearing. In the center was a rock. She pushed it just far enough to reveal a hole. She jumped through it with the morpher. Katie was right behind her. Katie: "I'm not sure if I should be doing this." She jumped down the hole after her.
    Back at the battle, the rangers were badly hurt. Velossa stood over her sister. Velossa: "How does it feel to be on the loosing end?" Vypra: "Go to he*l." Velossa looked up at Ecliptor. Velossa: "Can I kill them now?" Ecliptor: "No! Wait for Cyann to return. I want her to have that pleasure." Velossa: "Yes sir." Under her breath: "You horney bast*rd."
    Katie landed on a large floating rock. She looked  around. Katie: "Space?" There were planets everywhere and a few more floating rocks. She looked for Cyann, but couldn't find her. Katie: "How could I end up out here when I went through a hole?" She soon forgot about that when she saw a warship above her. Katie: "That's got to be where Cyann went. But how can I get up to it?" The ship began to move. Katie: "Come on! Think!" Then she just went for it. She jumped into the air and grabbed onto the wing of the ship. Katie: "How did I pull that one off?" As it turned out, the gravity there was different from that of Earth or Stregna. She climbed up on top of the wing, nearly slipping. She kicked a window, making it shatter on the ship's floor. She climbed in. The room was dark and filled with noisy machines. She looked around and spotted the door. She pushed a button and went into a large dark hall. She thought about the other rangers, back on Stregna. Katie: "I have to get back there. They need me... if they're still alive." She began to run.
    Olympius: "Where is that girl?" Vypra: "Give her time! She'll be here!" Divatox got up. Divatox: "Ecliptor! Why are you doing this to us?" Ecliptor: "It isn't my choice. Cyann wants you dead. I've tried to talk her out of it, but that's not possible." Seth: "What do you see in her? She's a barbareic monster with no reguard for the feelings of others! She doesn't love you! She doens't even know the meaning of the word!" Ecliptor: "Silence!" He shot two green eye lasers at him, knocking him to the ground. Ecliptor: "Velossa, save that one for me. No one talks about the love of my life that way." Velossa shook her head.
    Katie approached a door. She backed up. Then jumped into it. The door flew open. She saw Cyann facing the huge window. Cyann: "I knew you would come." Katie: "I don't have time to listen to your crap. Give up the morpher!" Cyann turned and stuck her hand out, signaling for Katie to come forward. Cyann: "If you want it, come take it." Katie ran at her. Cyann punched her, then kicked her up against the side wall panel. She held her shoulder. Cyann punched her again, knocking her down. Cyann: "You're no ranger." Katie pulled herself up with the chair on the side of the ship. Cyann jumped and kicked her. Katie: "All right lady, you pushed me to far." She kicked the emergency door open. She tried to throw Cyann out, but she cut her arm with her sword. Then Cyann kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying out the door. She hung onto the edge of the floor. Cyann: "Any last words?" Katie let go of the edge with one hand and dug around in her coat. She pulled out a chain. Katie: "Just two. See ya!" She threw the chain. It wrapped around Cyann's leg. Then with all her strength, Katie pulled her out the door. She watched as she turned into a green streak of light and disappeared. She pulled herself back up into the ship. She saw the morpher on the front panel. Katie: "Yes!" She strapped it onto her wrist. Then teleported out. She landed on a floating rock. Then watched the ship crash on another one in a massive ball of fire.
    Cyann appeared at Ecliptor's side. Ecliptor: "What happened?" Cyann: "The Earth ho*r beat me!" Green Knight: "So she has the morpher?" Cyann: "Yes." Sarah gave Vypra a high five. Then Katie teleported in. She helped the fallen rangers up. Olympius: "Hurry up!" She looked at him, expecting him to tell her what to do. Vypra ran up to her and whispered something in her ear. Katie held arm high in the air. The morpher glowed green in the morning sunlight. Katie: "Psycho Blast!" Cyann: "Knights! Kill her! No matter what the cost!" Two of them charged her. She flipped over them, but one still managed to grab her arm. She punched it with her other one. Then pulled out the green twin blades. She cut its arm off. It yelled in pain as blood came gushing out of the wound. She threw the other blade and it got stuck in another's chest. It fell over instantly. Katie: "Anybody else want some?" She ran and jumped off one's shoulder and landed on another. She jumped off of it and grabbed the arm of the standing Knight. She threw it down on top of the fallen one and stuck her sword threw both of them. Green Knight: "How dare you!" He fired many huge energy bolts at her. She flipped out of the way of them. The others came up to join her. A message came up inside Katie's helmet. It contained instructions on how to control the cannon. Katie: "Psycho Cannons!" The six of them all aimed them at the green knight. Katie: "Lock on and fire!" He blew up in a ball of green fire. Cyann disappeared. Ecliptor: "You won this round, but we'll be back."
    Katie and the girls were sitting around talking that afternoon. Divatox: "You know we were up all night. What are we still doing?" Vypra: "I think we should find some way to welcome...." Diva's head hit the table with a thud. Vypra: "Or not." Katie: "You guys got me out of some real trouble. I just wanted to say thank you for that." Sarah: "No problem."