Dark Angels

Guest Staring:
Jessica Alba As Max

    Cyann and Ecliptor stood on the balcony talking. Behind them, the heard a big metal door slam. Then Velossa came through the small door on the far corner of the room. She threw a man down on the ground. Velossa: "Look what I've got!" Both Cyann and Ecliptor turn. Cyann: "What's that? Your date for the evening?" Velossa: "No. Someone we can kill" Cyann: "Velossa..." Velossa: "Loosen up! Ecliptor can't stop you from doing this!" Cyann: "True."
    Vypra was outside walking. She heard a distant roar. Vypra: "What's that?" The sound got closer. She ran towards it and saw a motor cycle heading straight at her. She jumped out of the way. The cycle stopped right in front of where she was standing. A woman got off of it and looked down at her. Max: "Halloween isn't for another few weeks." Vypra stood up. Vypra: "How did you get here?" Max: "A portal opened, and drove through it." Vypra: "I see. Those portals still aren't under control." Max: "I'm Max. You are?" Vypra: "Vypra, Psycho Pink." Max: "Psycho? Those things that worked for Astronema a couple years ago?" Vypra: "No. Well, sort of. That's not us though. We're friends of Astronema.... Karone." Max: "Whatever." Ms. Fairweather came running out of the lab. Ms. Fairweather: "Vypra! Cyann has someone captured. She says she'll kill him if we don't surrender." Vypra: "Always something with her." Velossa appeared in front of them. Velossa: "One hour, rangers. Either give up the fight, or this guy is dead." She teleported away. Vypra: "I'm going up there to get him." Ms. Fairweather: "Alone?" Max: "No. I need a thrill. I'm going with you." Vypra: "Its to dangerous." Max: "Dangerous? That's a good one. Now lets go." Vypra: "Suit yourself."
    The man was chained to the wall. He said nothing. Ecliptor: "I'm glad you decided not to kill him." Cyann: "You were right. It would be smarter to use him instead of just killing him." Velossa: "But its not nearly as much fun." Ecliptor: "Those rangers won't let him die. By the end of this day, you will have the throne that you rightfully deserve."
    Vypra and Max were in front of the palace. Max: "How do we get in?" Vypra grabbed her hand. Vypra: "Hold on." She flew up to a window. Max: "Watch this." She let go of Vypra hand flipped, kicking the window out. She landed on the floor inside the building. Vypra huvored in the air. Vypra: "Impressive, for a human." Max: "You coming or not?"
    Once they were inside, the began to walk down the long hallway. Vypra: "We've got quite a walk. I know this place well by now." Max: "You've been in before?" Vypra: "Yea. My sister has challenged me to a few fights in this place." Max: "You two don't get along?" Vypra: "No. A long time ago, her and her best friend killed my parents. And for no reason." Max: "Consider yourself lucky. I never knew my parents. And I haven't seen my brother in forever. I probably woudn't even recognize him now." Vypra: "I'm sorry." Max: "That's ok. I'll find him someday." Vypra: "You know what her excuse was for killing them? She said they always liked me more than her." Max: "Typical sybling rivalery." Vypra: "Well I think they treated us the same. She didn't think they did because she was never around long enough for them to do anything for her. And when she was, she acted like a little brat." Max: "I see. So she's the one that came up with the threat earlier." Vypra: "Yep, that's her." They came up to the door that lead to the throne room. Vypra: "Her prisoners are usually in here. Or at least that's where she kept my best friend Loki when she used him as a hostage." Max: "Does she do this kind of stuff often?" Vypra: "I can't think of any time in my life that she hasn't acted this way. I just wish I were an only child." Max: "With a sister like that, I see what your saying."
    They entered the room and saw Cyann, Velossa, and Ecliptor staring back at them. Cyann: "You should know by now you can't get in here without me knowing." Ecliptor: "Who's your friend?" Vypra: "Ignore them, Max." Prisinor quietly: "Max?" Velossa: "So, have you come here to surrender in person?" Vypra: "We'll never surrender to you! Send all the monsters you want! Cast all the spells in your power! Murder as many people as you can! But you'll never defeat us!" Ecliptor charged at them. Cyann followed him. Max: "Vypra! I can handel them! Get your sister!" Vypra: "Right!"
    Cyann: "No human will ever be enough to take me." Max kicked her in the chin. Max: "I might just have to change that." Ecliptor shot lasers from his eyes at her. She dodged them and onto Cyann's throne. She jumped off, kicking Ecliptor down. Cyann came up behind her and wrapped her arm around her throat. She squeezed as hard as she could. Cyann: "You're not so though now." Max began to gasp for breath.
    Velossa shot a blast at Vypra. She blocked it with her sword. Then she jumped and kicked Velossa with both feet. Velossa ran at her and threw a punch. Vypra jumped out of the way. While Velossa was facing the other direction, Vypra shot her in the back. The she saw Max was in trouble. She threw her sword, cutting Cyann. She let go of Max. The two of them met in the center of the room. Vypra: "We make a pretty good team." Max: "Yea. I'll get him. Make sure they don't get up."
    She ran over to him and pulled out a knife. She cut the chains and he fell to the ground. While he was there, Max's eyes grew wide. Max: "I don't believe it." Somewhat hidden by shadows, she saw the bar code on the back of his neck. He looked up at her. Zack: "Thanks." When their eyes met, they both knew what had happened. Max: "Zack?" Zack: "Max, is it really you?" They hugged. Max: "I didn't know if you even made it out alive! This is so great!" Vypra went over to them. Vypra: "What's going on?" Max: "This is Zack.... my brother." Zack: "There's so much I want to say and do." Vypra: "If we don't get out of here, the only thing you two will be doing is heading toward the light. Lets go!"
    Later in the lab, Max and Vypra were talking. Max: "I guess I owe you something. For allowing me to see Zack again." Vypra: "No way. I had fun today." Max: "Maybe we can do this again sometime." Vypra: "I'll be coming back to Earth when ever we kill Cyann and Ecliptor." Max: "Good luck with that." Vypra: "Thank you. I hope you find the others like you. And if you ever need help, don't hesitate to call." Zack stuck his head into the room. Zack: "Ready to go?" Max: "Yea." She gave Vypra a five and walked out.

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