Dark Side of Love

Guest Staring:
Melody Perkins As Karone
Chris Kayman Lee as Andros
Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashly

    Ecliptor: "So how long does it usually take for someone of your species to give birth?" Cyann: "Well, I'm not really sure. But the computer on my old ship said about a week." Ecliptor: "A week!" Cyann: "How long does it take a human?" Ecliptor: "Nine months." Velossa was standing in the corner listening. Velossa: "Also, it says women of Stregna don't get fat. How do you manage that?" Cyann: "I don't know. We just don't have the same problems humans do." Ecliptor: "So we don't have this much time left." Cyann looked at Ecliptor sweetly. Cyann: "Could you go attack the rangers for me?" Ecliptor: "Of course I can."
    Andros was talking with Olympius in the kitchen. Olympius: "So if I ever see Cyann again, I'm going to kill her. I swear." Andros: "I can't believe Ecliptor's in love with her." Katie: "Hey! Cyann's man is coming! He's got the Quads with him." Ecliptor shot a blast through the window. Ecliptor: "Come out!" Karone ran out of Ms. Fairweather's office. Karone: "What's going on?" Vypra opened the door to her room and came out. Vypra: "Its your dad. He wants to fight." Karone: "Fight?" Vypra: "Yea. He's done that since he joined Cyann." Karone: "Stay here." Divatox: "But Karone..." Karone: "You heard me. I can handle him."
    Ecliptor stood in front of the lab with his sword pointed at the door. Karone walked out. Karone: "Ecliptor, I thought you were different." Ecliptor: "Huh? Karone! What are you doing here?" Karone: "When you fell in love with Cyann, I had no idea you'd take it this far!" The Quads walked closer to her. Ecliptor signaled for them to back off. Ecliptor: "What do you mean?" Karone: "Look at yourself! You're nothing more than Cyann's warrior!" Ecliptor: "That's not true!" Karone: "Oh its not. Then what are you doing out here ready to kill your friends?" Ecliptor: "But Cyann..." Karone: "Cyann nothing! I know you love her, but if she really cared about you she wouldn't ask you to do this!" Ecliptor: "I just wanted to make her happy." Karone: "Well what about me?" Ecliptor: "Karone, you know you will always come first in my heart." Karone: "Its tears me up inside to watch you fight against them. They trusted you!" Ecliptor: "But I never thought you would care." Karone: "How can you do this? You always seemed like the kind of man that would never turn on his friends. A warrior of honor." Ecliptor: "I still have my honor." Karone: "That's what you think." She turned and walked away. Ecliptor hung his head sadly.
    Ecliptor walked slowly back into the throne room. Cyann ran over and kissed him. Cyann: "How'd you do?" Ecliptor: "I didn't fight them. Karone stopped me." He walked past Cyann and into their room. Cyann: "What in the he*l?" Velossa: "It looks like his daughter stopped you from controlling him." Cyann punched her in the mouth. Cyann: "I love him! I don't want to control him!"
    Ecliptor sat on the bed and thought. He thought about the time he fought with Divatox. He saw himself blast her with the Phantom's ruby. Then he saw the Phantom dieing on the ground. He saw himself watching a battle while Cyann fought Katie. The way he almost hoped Velossa would win. Ecliptor: "Oh my God. She's right. I turned into everything I never wanted to be." Cyann walked in. Cyann: "What's wrong?" Ecliptor: "I have been a fool these last few months." Cyann gasped. Ecliptor: "Its not you. I love you. But that's what has corrupted me." Cyann: "What are you talking about?" Ecliptor: "When I was a warrior, I always fought with honor. But looking back on my actions of these last few months, love has turned me into no better a creature than Darconda." Cyann: "Is there anything I can do? I don't want to loose you." Ecliptor: "Can I ask one thing of you?" Cyann: "Of course." Ecliptor: "I don't want to fight the rangers. I know I can't stop you, but please don't ask me to get involved." Cyann: "I understand. But why did you fight them all this time?" Ecliptor: "I thought that was the only way to prove my love for you." Cyann hugged him. Cyann: "I don't care if you fight them or not." Ecliptor: "Thank you. Now I have to apologize to them for the monster I have been." Cyann: "All right."
    Andros met Karone outside. Andros: "What happened?" Karone: "He doesn't even think he's done anything wrong! That lady has unleashed a dark side of Ecliptor that I never knew existed. I don't feel like I even know him anymore." They heard footsteps. Karone looked up and saw Ecliptor coming out of the woods. Karone: "Come to destroy us?" Ecliptor: "Please Karone, may I talk to the rangers?" She sighed. Karone: "Who am I to stand in your way." She knocked on the window of Ms. Fairweather's office. Karone: "Tell the others to come out here." Ms. Fairweather nodded.
    The rangers and Ms. Fairweather stood in front of him. Karone still sat on the rock she had been on. Andros and Ashley stood next to her. Ecliptor: "I have come to apologize. Karone has shown me that my recent actions have been unthinkable." Karone looked up, surprised. Ecliptor: "Though I am not going to return as a ranger, I would like to assure you that I will never fight for Cyann again." Olympius: "So you finally dumped her." Ecliptor: "No. I love her as much now as I did on day one. But I see I don't need to kill to prove that to her." He turned to Karone. Ecliptor: "I hope that you are not still mad at me. I don't ever want to disappoint you." Karone: "No. I'm not mad. You didn't know what you were doing." Ecliptor: "I would be honored if you would come meet your baby brother of sister when the time comes." Karone stood up. Karone: "What did you say?" Ecliptor: "Cyann is pregnant." Karone: "That's great... I guess." Ecliptor: "I believe a child might make her softer. Maybe stop the war between us." Seth rolled his eyes. Karone: "Send her my warmest congratulations." Ecliptor: "Yes my princess."
    After Ecliptor had left they went inside. Karone: "Cyann's having a baby. I must say I am truly happy for her. A baby might be just what she needs to turn her life around." She smiled at Sarah. Seth: "Don't you see what's going to happen?" Divatox: "What are you talking about, Seth?" Seth: "If she has a baby, it will be the the heir to her throne. Stregna will never know peace!" Ms. Fairweather: "Maybe her child will be the kind of ruler this place needs." Seth: "Cyann will raise that kid to be just as evil as she is!" Vypra: "I hate to say this, but he's right. If we don't stop her, all of this fighting with her will have been for nothing."