Life's Surprises

    Olympius and Seth were talking on the side of the lab. Olympius sat on the big rock looking at Jamie's grave. Seth leaned against a tree. Olympius: "Don't worry if your aunt has a baby." Seth: "Why not? If that happens, the throne of Stregna is lost to me forever." Olympius: "True, but if she has a child, it will be my chance for revenge." Seth: "I see." Olympius: "I will show her my pain by killing her only heir." Seth: "If its dead, there's no problem. But I'd feel a lot better if it was never born." Olympius: "I can help us both. What if we wait till the day she has it, hide outside the palace and kill it right away. It can't take the throne and Cyann will be devastated." Seth: "That's good. That's da*n good."
    Karone ran inside the lab. Karone: "Guys! We have to stop Seth and Olympius!" Divatox: "What's wrong?" Karone: "They are plotting to kill Cyann's baby! I was hiding in the trees a minute ago." Vypra: "Would it be so bad if they did?" Karone: "I know the child might turn out evil. That's always a possibility, but maybe Ecliptor will have an influence on it." Ashley: "Either way, we can't let them kill a baby. Its just not right."
    Four days later, Cyann and Ecliptor were sitting around talking. Cyann: "Have you thought of names?" Ecliptor: "I was up all night last night thinking about that." Cyann: "Its just such a rush!" Ecliptor: "I know." Karone walked through the door. Ecliptor: "My princess! What a welcome surprise!" Karone: "I wish I could say I'm here to help, but there's something more." Ecliptor: "What is it?" Karone: "Its Seth and Olympius." She took a deep breath. Karone: "They're going to try to kill your baby." Ecliptor: "How could they even think of doing that?" Cyann: "I don't blame them." Ecliptor: "I won't let them!" Cyann: "Thanks for telling us." Karone: "No problem."
    Olympius was heading for the door. Vypra hid behind the kitchen counter. Olympius: "She will finally pay for what she did." Vypra threw her knife. It stuck in the wall beside Olympius's head. He turned around. Vypra stood up and flipped over the counter. She kicked him against the wall and held him with her leg against his chest. Vypra: "You're not going anywhere." Olympius: "Let me go!" Vypra: "I know you're mad at Cyann, but that's no reason to take it out on an innocent child!" Olympius: "What did she do?" Vypra: "I know. But... you'd be no better than her if you go through with this." Olympius: "As soon as you let me go, I'm leaving." Vypra: "I assumed as much." She shot blue fire at him. It formed three chains. She threw him into one of the chairs. Vypra: "I want her to suffer too, but not this way."
    Cyann and Velossa were practicing. Velossa: "Come on! Is that all you got?" Cyann threw a punch, then fell to the ground. Velosa knelt down beside her. Velossa: "What's wrong?" Cyann: "Its time." Velossa helped her up. Velossa: "Ecliptor!" He ran into the room. Cyann: "Its coming." Ecliptor ran over and helped her onto the throne. He held her hand. Ecliptor: "I'm right here." Cyann began to breath hard. Cyann: "No.... you have to... stop Seth." Ecliptor: "But I..." Velossa: "Go. She'll be fine." He hesitated, but ran for the door. Velossa stayed at her side.
    Seth ran through the woods towards Cyann's palace. Seth: "Where the he*l is Olympius?" He kept running. When he got out of the forest, he saw Ecliptor in front of the palace. Ecliptor: "You won't get past me." Seth: "I can't let this baby live!" Ecliptor: "Please don't make me fight you. I swore I wouldn't, but if you even think of harming my child, I will be forced to." Seth: "If Stregna is ever to be at peace, this kid can't be brought into the world!" Seth charged at him. Ecliptor tackled him. Seth was pined to the ground. Ecliptor: "I won't let you do this!" Karone walked out of the woods. Karone: "Stop, Seth." Seth: "Karone!" She got down on the ground and help Ecliptor hold him. Karone: "I hope this is a fast birth."
    Velossa: "Breath." Cyann: "How do you think Ecliptor is doing?" Velossa: "Don't worry about him. He's strong. And besides, he wouldn't let anything happen to this kid. Neither would I." Cyann: "But I thought..." Velossa: "I know. I still don't like kids, but out of respect for you I will give my life to protect yours." Cyann: "Thank you so much!" Velossa: "No need to get mushy. Just concentrate on this. And hope this kid doesn't have a big head." Shou appeared on the balcony. She walked over and stood next to Velossa. Cyann: "Mom." Shou: "I was right in the middle of a war on the other side of the galaxy. How could you get nailed now?" Cyann smiled. Cyann: "Always with the guilt trip, huh." Velossa: "You won't believe who the father is." Shou: "Did you forget who you're talking to?" Velossa: "Oh yea." Shou: "The father is Ecliptor, the former Green Psycho Ranger." Velossa: "Smart a*s."
    Olympius: "Let me go!" Vypra: "I'm sorry. You know I can't do that." Olympius: "Earlier you were on my side!" Vypra: "Karone got through to me." Olympius: "Let me go or I swear I'll kill you!" Vypra grabbed onto the kitchen table to stop from falling over laughing. Olympius: "I see nothing funny about what I just said." Vypra: "You don't have what it takes to kill me. Even if you weren't tied up."
    Cyann: "Its time." Velossa: "All right Cyann, push!" She screamed her head off. Velossa gritted her teeth from the pain of Cyann squeezing her hand. Cyann: "Aren't you forgetting something?" Velossa: "Oh, right. Boron!" He walked in and bowed. Velossa: "Come catch the baby." Boron: "But... But..." Velossa: "Do it!" Boron: "I don't want to." Cyann looked over at him with the most evil stare. He ran right over to her. Cyann continued to push. She breathed a sigh of relief. Boron: "Its a girl." Cyann started to scream again. Velossa: "What's wrong?" Boron: "It seems there's something else in there. Another baby." Cyann: "Huh?" Boron: "Keep pushing." Velossa held the girl. Boron stood up. Boron: "You have a boy." Both kids were given to Cyann. Velossa: "Say, the guy looks nothing like you." Boron: "Why do you say that?" Velossa: "He's American!" Cyann: "Oh my God!"
    Later in Velossa's room, the two ladies were talking. Cyann: "It can't be. Its just not possible." Velossa: "What? Do you know how you got an American baby?" Cyann: "Ecliptor and I look like Japanese humans.... more less. This child doesn't. There's only one answer to this." Velossa waited for her to continue. Cyann started to cry. Velossa: "Tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help." Cyann: "Before Ecliptor and I started going out, I met this guy. He wasn't a serious relationship. He was just a one night stand. I never thought I'd have to look back. But...." Velossa: "So the girl is Ecliptor's and the boy..." Cyann: "The boy is the other man's. I didn't even get his name!" Velossa: "Calm down." Cyann: "You don't understand! If Ecliptor finds out... I don't know what he'll do!" Velossa: "He might not notice." Cyann looked up at her with a 'you idiot' look on her face. Velossa: "I know. I'm just trying to help." Velossa put her arm around Cyann. Velossa: "It will be ok. Ecliptor might not get mad."
    Boron from the throne room: "My queen, Ecliptor is here!" Cyann: "Coming!" She turned to Velossa. Cyann: "Keep him in here. I'll decide what to do later." Velossa: "Um... all right." Cyann took a deep breath. Then went out to see Ecliptor. Cyann: "Look, there's you daddy." Boron walked away to avoid hearing the baby talk, just as Cyann knew he would. Her mother of course knew what happened and kept her mouth shut. Ecliptor: "She's beautiful." Cyann: "I know. I'm so proud!" Cyann handed the little girl to Ecliptor.
    That night, Ecliptor was asleep. The baby girl was in his arms.  Cyann took the boy to Velossa's bed room. She found a basket on her dresser and placed the child in it. Then she opened the window. A cold wind entered the room, waking Velossa. She saw Cyann and decided not to let her know she was awake. Cyann climbed out the window. She changed her form to a dark haired young woman and ran into the woods.  She stopped at a stream. Cyann: "I am so sorry. But this is the only way. No matter what happens, always know that I love you." Tears ran down her face as she kissed him. She then placed the basket into the stream. Her heart broke as she watched it float away.
    Cyann climbed back in the window. She turned around to face the door. The light came on. Velossa stood in front of the door. Cyann gasped. Cyann: "Velossa!" Velossa: "I saw you go out earlier tonight." Cyann: "I was..." Velossa: "What did you do with your son?" Cyann: "I put him in the stream beside the woods. I didn't want to but it seemed like the only way." She started to cry. Velossa walked over and hugged her. Velossa: "Maybe it was for the best."

Writer's Note:
People from Stregna have a different body makeup than humans. Which explains why Cyann was able to have the babies of two different men at the same time. Also how it only took a week. Just figured I'd point that out.