Princess Vulca

    Ecliptor and Cyann were sitting in bed together the morning after their baby's birth. Cyann looked down at her loveingly. Ecliptor: "I hate to rush you my dear, but she needs a name." Cyann: "I know." Velossa walked in. Velossa: "Good morning." Ecliptor: "And you were worried about her crying all night." Velossa: "No need to rub it in. I was wrong. She seems to be a very well behaved kid." Cyann smiled. Cyann: "We're trying to pick a name." Velossa: "I'm out of here!" Ecliptor: "Wait. We might want your opinion." Velossa: "That's exactly why I'm leaving." Cyann: "Come on. Think about it." Velossa: "I've always liked the name Vulca." Cyann looked at Ecliptor. Cyann: "I like it." Ecliptor: "Yes. That's good." Cyann: "Now was that so hard."
    Olympius: "I am going to kill that kid!" Sarah: "Give it a rest. You've been going on and on about that all night." Andros: "Yea. Its not that big of a deal." Vypra: "I know where you're coming from, but take your anger out on Cyann." Olympius: "Haven't you noticed? We can't kill her! We've tried for a year!" Karone stood in the hallway listening to them.
    She went to Cyann's palace. Ecliptor: "I would like you to meet our little princess Vulca." Karone: "She's so cute!" Ecliptor handed Vulca to Karone. Karone: "There's something I need to talk to you about." Cyann: "What?" Karone: "Its Olympius and Seth. We stopped them yesterday, but they are obsessed with this. She just isn't safe." Ecliptor: "I know. But what can we do?" Karone: "When I was Astronema, I ran into this guy that might be able to help you out. If you are willing to trust me, Cyann." Cyann: "You are a ranger, but you seem like a nice person. Where's this guy at?" Karone snapped her fingers and turned into Astronema. She wore the blonde wig from her date with Zhane. Astronema: "You two just follow me."
    They opened a portal and set it to go to KO-35. The appeared on an abbandened street. Astronema: "He set up a lab with government funding after Dark Spector's death. I just hope he's still here." Ecliptor: "What can he do?" Astronema: "Well, I heard he was working on a device to speed up the aging process." Cyann: "Wait. I don't want to miss Vulca's child hood." Astronema: "I understand that. But we need to make her at least an age where she can deffend herself. Olympius and Seth could kill her with no problem now. And you can't stay at her side forever." Cyann: "I know." They came up to a white brick building. Astronema knocked on the door. Man: "Who's there?" Astronema shot the door open and walked in. The man saw her and began to shake in fear. Man: "Astronema! But I thought..." Astronema: "It doesn't matter what you thought. I want you to help us." Man: "And if I can't?" Astronema made her septor appear and pointed it at him. Astronema: "Lets just say, you'll have a very sad end." Man: "Wh..what do you want?" Astronema: "That aging device you were working on a few years ago, is it finished?" Man: "Why yes, but I wanted to be the first to use it. You see, I am not a young man anymore. I fear I don't have a lot of time left and who knows, it may only work once." Astronema: "Plug it in!" The man ran to the corner and flipped a switch. Man: "What do you wish to do?" Astronema looked at Cyann. Cyann: "Make my baby around 7." Ecliptor: "That should be enough to deffend herself." Man: "Fine. Give me the child." He placed her in a door that lead inside the machine. Ecliptor: "Is this dangerous?" Man: "Its shouldn't be." He pushed a button and watched a bright light come through a hole in the machine. After the light dimmed, the man opened the door. An Asain girl walked out wearing black and pink armor. Her helmet was pink with bird feathers on it." Cyann: "Vulca?" Vulca: "Mom?" Astronema: "You have done well." Man: "My payment?" Astronema: "Your payment is, I let you keep your miserable excuse for a life."
    The went back to the palace. Ecliptor: "That was really nice, Karone. For you to pretend to be Astronema. I know you never wanted to do that." Karone: "I'd do anything for you." Velossa walked in and saw the child. Velossa: "God, how much sex have you had?" Cyann: "This is Vulca." Velossa: "Cool." She waved to her. Cyann: "This is your aunt Velossa." Vulca: "Hi." Velossa smiled. Karone: "I'd better be going. The others don't know I'm gone."
    Later that day, Ecliptor came into the throne room holding a little pink sword. He handed it to his daughter. She hugged him. Cyann: "Where did you get that?" Ecliptor: "I had the Quads make it." Cyann got an evil idea. Cyann: "How would you like to go into your first battle?" Vulca: "Can I?" Cyann: "Sure. After some traing from Velossa." Velossa: "Training from who?" Cyann: "Oh come on."
    Ms Fairweather ran into the living room. Cyann: "Rangers, Cyann is challenging you!" Divatox: "Do we have to go? You know this battle won't be any different than the others." Ms. Fairweather: "If we don't meet her in combat, she will take this planet over. That's what we've been fighting to stop this entire time. We can't just give up now." Sarah: "Let's go."
    The rangers ran to the beach. Vypra: "Look! On the mountain!" Cyann: "Rangers, I'm so glad you could make it." Katie: "What kind of worthless monster is it this time?" Cyann: "This is not mear monster. Today your attacker is my daughter Vulca. And I assure you, she will be more than a match for you." She stepped up beside her mom. She looked up at her. Cyann saw the terror in her eyes. Cyann: "Don't worry. You'll do fine." Vulca took a deep breath and jumped off the mountain. Katie: "If we attack this kid, Cyann will kill us!" Vypra looked at Olympius. Right away he charged the princess. She held her hand out. She shot him with a pink laser. She laughed, very impressed with herself. Seth ran at her from the side. She kicked him in the stomach. He hit the ground instantly. Cyann: "Good girl! Keep going!" She jumped into the air and kicked Vypra. She tried to cut her with her sword, but Vypra held her's up to block. She kicked Vulca. She fell backwards. Cyann ran up to her. Cyann: "Are you ok?" She got back up and shot pink flames out of her sword. They hit Sarah and Divatox. Olympius got up again. Cyann stabbed him. Cyann: "I know what you're thinking. I won't let you kill her, Red Ranger. If you want to blame someone for Jamie's death, I'm right here." He growled at her. Vypra ran to Vulca's side. Vypra: "Why are you attacking us?" Vulca: "Because you are mommy's enemies." She punched Vypra in the face. Cyann: "Yes!" She kicked Olympius in the head.
    Ms. Fairweather watched the battle from the lab. Ms. Fairweather: "I'm really worried about them." Ashley: "If they need help, don't you have some secret weapon or something?" Ms. Fairweather: "No. All the weapons I have, I have already given them. They are own their own now." Andros: "I can't believe that kid is beating them!" Ms. Fairweather: "Remember, she may be young, but she has Cyann's blood."
    Vulca cut Katie with the sword. Cyann: "Finish them!" The rangers were hurt. Sarah: "Please don't do this. If you have any goodness in your heart at all." Vulca held her hands together. A huge ball of pink fire came out and hit the ground. The rangers flew into the air. They landed back in the fire ball. Vulca: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Metal parts began coming out of the fire. Vulca ran behind her mother. When the fire had gone out, the rangers lay on the ground unmorphed. They had steam coming off of them. No one moved. Cyann: "Do you know what you did?" Vulca: "I'm sorry." Cyann: "No, no. Its good. You have done what a year of weak warriors and failed monsters could not! You killed the Psycho Rangers!" Cyann picked her up. She hugged her mother. Velossa and Shou came running up to them. Velossa: "I can't believe it!" Velossa gave Vulca a high five.
    Back in the lab, Ms. Fairweather stood in shock. Karone's eyes began to water. Andros: "They're gone." Ashley burried her face in Andros's jacket.
    Shou: "It is an honor to call you my grandaughter." Velossa walked over and looked down at her sister. Velossa: "I would have given anything to kill you myself. But either way is fine, as long as you're dead. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Cyann: "Lets return to the palace. We have to get the Quads ready to take over the planet."
    Ms. Fairweather came running up to the rangers' bodies. Ms. Fairweather: "How could I let this happen? I am so sorry! I should have been there. Should have done something to stop her." Karone: "No, its my fault. I was the one who made Vulca grow up." Ms. Fairweather: "Why?" Karone: "I thought if she were a little older, she could deffend herself. I never expected this." Andros: "Its ok. You were only doing what you thought was right." Karone: "Maybe, but it cost six people their lives! I'm no better now than I was two years ago!" Ashely saw Vypra's hand move. Ashley: "Wait! Look, they might have lived." Ms. Fairweather got down to check their paulses. Ms. Fairweather: "Oh thank God! They are just badly injured." The others helped carry them back to the lab.
    The rangers woke up the next day. Vypra: "What happened?" Ms. Fairweather: "Vulca nearly killed you. I'm so glad you're all right!" Katie looked down at her morpher. It was busted and charred black. Katie: "What's wrong with our morphers?" Ms. Fairweather sighed. Ms. Fairweather: "All though you survived, I regrete to inform you that your powers did not." Sarah: "You mean.... we're finished?" Olympius: "Can't you fix them?" Ms. Fairweather: "I'm sorry, but they are damaged beyon recognition." Seth: "Then Cyann won." Ms. Fairweather: "Her Quads are patrolling Stregna as we speak." Divatox: "What about the Astro Morphers and the original pink psycho morpher?" Andros: "As much as we'd like to help, three rangers won't be enough. There's no way we can win."