Shadow Island

    Vulca: "Mommy, where are the rangers?" Cyann got up from her throne quickly. Cyann: "What do you mean?" Vulca: "They aren't on the beach anymore." Shou: "They are alive." Vulca: "I thought I killed them." Shou: "You managed to destroy their powers, but not them." Velossa walked in. Velossa: "Don't worry, princess. This gives me the chance I been waiting for." She went over to the corner and picked a map up off the table. She pointed to a spot on it. Cyann: "Shadow Island?" Velossa: "In the middle of the ocean on Stregna. A beautiful place. There, I plan to challenge my sister." Shou: "Velossa, I don't think you should do that." Velossa: "Please stay out of this." Shou: "Fine, be that way." She teleported away.
    Divatox: "I can't believe we lost!" Katie: "Imagine how I feel. I only got to be a ranger for about a month." Vypra walked in. Vypra: "I guess we wasted a year of our lives." Divatox: "Yea." Then Vypra disappeared in a flash of black light. Katie: "Vypra!"
    Vypra landed face down in the sand. She looked up and was nearly blinded by the bright sun. She slowly stood up and looked around. She saw some palm trees and for the first time in a year, blue water. Vypra: "Where am I?" She walked over to a tree and saw a note pinned to it. The words were burned into it. It read: "Welcome to Shadow Island, sister. Here, we will end this battle once and for all. Come find me.... if you're brave enough." Vypra threw the note to the ground. Vypra: "I know you can hear me. If you think I won't kill you, you're wrong. You deserve to pay for everything you've done. All the lives you've taken, all the hearts you've broken. My entire life I've put up with your bull sh*t. Well not any more." Vypra took off running into the trees.
    As Vypra walked through the woods, it started to rain. Vypra: "Oh that's just great." She walked into a clearing and found a bed with a trunk next to it. Vypra: "Velossa's hide out." She went to the trunk and opened it. She found a letter Velossa had written to their parents the night before she killed them. Vypra: "I can't believe she kept this." Vypra read the note out loud. Vypra: "All my life I always came second in your heart. No matter what I wanted, you never looked away from you darling Vypra. It seems as though my feelings just don't matter to you two at all. Well you'll be sorry. You've always wondered why I'm as cold hearted as I am. That's all because of you. You made me this way, and now you'll pay for it. Sleep well guys, because your lives on Earth soon will be nothing more than distant memories." Vypra laid the note down. Vypra: "She's totally evil." Vypra had always known this, but it never truly hit her until she read this. She got up and ran back through the woods.
    She came out onto the beach on the other side of the island. Velossa stood by the water. Vypra: "Velossa, you were wrong about them." Velossa: "Shut up! I've heard it all before! The only reason you defend them is because you weren't the one they didn't want!" Vypra: "Do you know how hard they worked? They wanted to get it through to you that they didn't like you any less than me." Velossa: "If they loved me, why did you get all the attention?" Vypra: "When they tried talking to you, you would always turn away. Like you didn't want anything to do with them. Can you understand how much that must have hurt them? To think their own daughter hated them." Velossa: "This is pointless. We are never going to agree on anything. In my eyes, those bast*rds were the cold ones. I hope they're rotting in he*l right now."
    The two demons stood away from each other. Vypra looked into her sister's eyes, hoping for some sign of goodness. Nothing. Velossa: "Lets get this over with." Velossa pulled her sword out and ran at Vypra. She cut her twice. Vypra did a jump kick and sent Velossa stumbling back. She fired a blast from her sword. Vypra hit the ground and rolled out of the way. Vypra got up and came at her with her sword. The two were locked in combat. Velossa pointed to a tree in the distance. Velossa: "Anything look familiar?" Vypra couldn't believe it. Her eyes began to water as she looked at her father, nailed to a tree, bloody and lifeless. She turned back to Velossa. Vypra: "You make me sick." Vypra cut her with the sword. Velossa held her arm to stop the bleeding and kicked Vypra in the side. She then blasted her with a silver fire ball. Vypra hit the ground. She looked up as Velossa came closer. When she was about to strike her again, Vypra threw sand in her eyes. She got up and kicked her in the face five times. She got the sand out of her eyes, but felt blood running down her face. Vypra: "For the record, I never wanted it to end this way. You left me no choice." Vypra ran at her, her fists glowing pink. She punched her twice and sent her to her knees. She hit her in the back of the head with her elbow. She lay in the sand, badly hurt. Velossa: "Go ahead and kill me." Vypra: "Good bye Velossa." Vypra drew her sword up over her head and brought it down to strike. She stabbed Velossa in the heart. Her eyes slowly closed and the life left her body. Vypra threw her sword into the ocean. Vypra: "May you find peace on the other side, my sister." She teleported away. A few minutes later, a pair of white boots appeared beside Velossa's body. Then everything goes black.
    Back at Cyann's palace, Cyann turned away from the balcony. Ecliptor looked very puzzled because of the look on Cyann's face. Ecliptor: "What's the matter?" Cyann: "She's gone." Ecliptor: "No." Cyann: "Velossa is dead." Tears began to run down her face. Ecliptor ran over and put his arm around her. Ecliptor: "Be strong my dear." It was easy to see he was forcing himself not to cry. Ecliptor: "She is in a better place now." Cyann: "I just wish I could have helped her." Ecliptor: "She left this world the way she would have wanted. In battle. She was a great warrior and will be missed."
    Vypra walked in and saw the entire team looking at her. Ms. Fairweather: "What happened?" Vypra: "I... killed Velossa." Katie: "Are you ok? I mean, she was you sister and all." Vypra: "Yea. I'm fine. Now I can finally put that part of my life behind me." Divatox: "You did the right thing." Vypra: "After all she has done, she didn't deserve to live any longer."