Team Work

Guest Staring:

    Galaxia sat wondering how to defeat the Psycho Rangers. The door on the other side of the room opened and in walked who she thought was her servent. Galaxia: "Velossa, make yourself useful. Help me think of a plan." The girl walked up to her. Girl: "I'm not Velossa. But I will help you kill the rangers." Galaxia: "Who are you?" Girl: "I am Vypra...Velossa's twin sister." Galaxia's mouth dropped open. Galaxia: "Oh my lord!" Vypra: "We don't get along to well, but we are a good team in battle." Galaxia: "That's good enough for me. Velossa!!!!!" She came into the room and saw her sister. Velossa: "Oh he*l no! I hope you don't think I'm doing anything with that bi*c*!" Galaxia: "Oh yes you are. The two of you will attack the rangers together." Velossa: "The only time I'm gonna be seen with her is at her funereal! Or maybe dancing on her grave." Galaxia: "I don't care if you two beet the crap out of each other later. But right now you are going to get rid of the rangers. Do I make myself clear?" Vypra: "Yes ma'am." Velossa: "Lady don't push you luck." Galaxia gave her an evil glare but let the comment go."
    They teleported to Onyx. Velossa: "Why did you suck up to her back there?" Vypra: "Look, I know we used to get into these little fights but..." Velossa: "Little fights? The last time we fought there was a guy outside selling tickets!" Vypra: "That's not the point. I've changed. I want to help you." Velossa: "Do I look like I fell of the ternup turck yesterday?" Vypra: "You've got to believe me! I turned on Diabolico so I could come here." Velossa: "Lets just fight the rangers and see what happens."
    Meanwhile, a message came into the Dark Fortress. Trakeena morphed and answered the message. On the monitor: "Hello Blue Ranger. My name is Ms. Fairweather. I work in the Lightspeed Aqua Base here on Earth." Trakeena: "Yea. What do you want?" Ms. Fairweather: "I wanted to know if you and the rest of the rangers would train our new Lightspeed Rangers." Trakeena: "Well I haven't done this very long. I think you need to talk to the Pink Ranger." Ms. Fairweather: "There's no need to be formal. I know who you all are." Karone walked up. Karone: "How did you find out?" Ms. Fairweather: "Your brother Andros told us what you were doing. I think its wonderful that you want to save that world." Karone: "You want us to train the huh?" Ms. Fairweather: "Yes. If its not to much trouble." Karone: "Oh its not trouble. It will be fun." Ms. Fairweather turned to a man behind her. Ms. Fairweather to the man: "Prepare the shuttle for launch." She turned back to Karone and Trakeena. Ms. Fairweather: "They will be at the Dark Fortress in a couple of hours."
    Karone: "When these new rangers get here, we are each going to have to pick one to train personaly." Taylor: "What about me?" Karone: "You stay here and guard the fortress." Taylor: "Ok." Karone: "I think it would be easiest if we teamed up by color. Villimax, you will be paired with green." Zedd: "Ya know Karone, I thought I was the leader." Karone: "Please don't start this. We are all equal members here." Zedd: "Its just you're giving all the orders." Trakeena: "You want to give an order so bad, here." She handed him the phone. Trakeena: "Order us a pizza."
    Galaxia had picked up the message sent to the fortress as well. She contacted her to bickering warriors. Galaxia: "All right, listen up ladies. I just got a message from Earth. The Lightspeed Rangers are coming here for training. Vypra: "I can't seem to get away from those guys." Galaxia: "I want you two to destroy them all." Vypra: "You got it." Velossa pretending to cough: "Suck up." Galaxia walked away. Galaxia: "I swear these warriors of mine are going to make my hair turn gray." Brutus: "Well my queen, its already white. There's not far to go." Galaxia: "Oh shut up."
    The Psycho Rangers waited in an open field on Onyx for the shuttle to land. When it finally did, they all gathered around it. Scorpina: "This will be so cool! We're the experienced ones!" Villimax: "Yea. Kind of a shock. I mean we've only done this for about a mounth." The door to the shuttle opened. The rangers and Ms. Fairweather stepped out. Ms. Fairweather: "Hello rangers. I would like to introduce you to the Lightspeed Rangers; Dana, Carter, Joel, Kelsey, and Chad." Karone: "Nice you meet you guys. I'm Karone, and behind me are Trakeena, Zedd, Scorpina, and Villimax." Trakeena: "So are we going to stand here clucking like hens all day or are we going to practice?" Joel: "Hey she's cool." Karone: "Ok, let the training begin." She went over to the secintist. Karone: "You can wait in the fortress if you want." Ms. Fairweather: "No. I'd much rather stay out her and see their progress." Karone: "Ok."
    Karone walked over to Dana. She began with a sword fight. Dana: "That's a nice sword." Karone: "My boyfriend got it for me." Dana: "I wish I were that lucky." Karone: "I think you are." Dana: "What do you mean?" Karone: "That Carter guy hasn't taken his eyes off of you since we got here." Dana: "He couldn't be interested in me." Karone: "Why not." Dana: "Oh you wouldn't understand. You look fantastic." Karone: "Well so do you. You should just go ask him." Dana was about to walk over. Karone: "Oh. Not now. I mean when we're finished training for the day."
    Chad: "So what can you teach me?" Trakeena: "Well, I will try to teach you what Villimax tought me. People seem to think I'm a good fighter." Chad stuck his hand out for a hand shake. Trakeena grabbed it and flipped him over her shoulder.
    Scorpina: "So Kelsey, what kind of stuff do you like?" Kelsey: "I enjoy rock climbing." Scorpina: "I've never tried that. I'm used to jumping off of them."
    Villimax ran at Joel with his sword ready. Joel: "Hey man, watch it. You could hurt somebody with that thing." Villimax: "That's the idea, smart guy."
    Zedd: "What some advice?" Carter: "Sure." Zedd: "Don't get married." Carter: "Huh? I thought you ment advice for a battle." Zedd: "Marriage is a battle." Carter: "I don't want to know who you're married to." Zedd: "Its Rita Repulsa." Carter: "You actually said I do to her?" Zedd: "Yea. I wasn't sober or standing up at the time but yea."
    The two sisters appeared. Velossa fired on them right away. Zedd: "Psycho Blast!" Carter: "Lightspeed Rescue!" Swobbies and some black warriors with wings appeared. Both villains: "Attack!!" Dana: "How are we going to train now?" Karone: "What better training than the real thing?" Vypra threw her sword and cut Kelsey's arm. She jumped into the air and landed on to of Carter. She forced him to the ground. Velossa had two swords in her hands fighting Trakeena and Chad. Galaxia and Brutus appeared. Galaxia: "We thought we'd come and help you girls out." Karone and Dana charged Galaxia. She shot a laser making them fall in different directions. Brutus took on Villimax and Joel. The remaining rangers fought the Black warriors and the Swobbies. Galaxia: "For once we're winning!" Scorpina: "Don't count us out yet!" Galaxia spit on the ground in front of Scorpina. Sparks flew everywhere. Joel: "Lady, you're sick!" Galaxia: "Thank you." She kicked him in his chest. He fell backwards. Karone hit some bottons on her communicator. Karone: "Taylor. We need your help." Taylor inside the fortress: "Psycho Blast!" He came out but was attacked by both sisters. They kicked him to the ground and put their swords at his throat. Vypra: "Don't even think about moving." The rest of the rangers ran to the center of the field. Zedd: "If we work as a team, we can beat them." Trakeena: "I don't know if you noticed or not but they are working as a team too." Chad: "But we do out number them." Karone: "Join you hands and focus your energy towards Galaxia. If we take out the queen, then the warriors will leave too." Energy came out of their hands and hit the queen. She exploaded. But in the sky, her face could be seen in the smoke. Galaxia: "You haven't won rangers. This is only the beginning." The smoke cleared. The warriors ran.
    Velossa and Brutus were sitting together in a room of the ship. Brutus: "You don't really trust that Vypra girl do you?" Velossa: "Not as far as I can throw her." Brutus: "Something isn't right with her." Velossa: "She wants something. I just don't know what. But you can bet your life I'm going to find out."