Zedd & Rita
Machine Empire


Played By 
  • Miriama Smith (2004)
    Elsa is the cyborg servant of Mesogog. She is capable of defending herself in battle and generally fights with a sword. She is also capable of operating the geno-randomizer to create and restore monsters to their full health.
    This woman is known to humans as Principal Randall; the tough as nails head of Reefside High. In this form, she is clearly cold and distant. Tommy has attempted to reach out to her, but she only strengthens the walls around herself. Elsa dawned this alias by Mesogog's order. He instructed her to stay close to Dr. Oliver and what better way than working alongside him.
    Unbeknownst to Elsa, her partner Zeltrax has feelings for her. The two bicker, but deep down he seems to wish they could be more. Also Elsa, during her time at Reefside, may have developed feelings for Tommy as well. His goodness makes her sick, but he was the first to show her true caring and that could have a lasting effect on the supposedly black-hearted woman.

(The above bio is subject to change. I've only seen half of DT at this point. I will update as I learn more.)

Interesting Facts: 

  • Her appearence changed shortly after the series began.
  • She is the first entirely non-Sentai villainess created since Trakeena in 1999.

- Special Features -
Image Gallery: Episode pictures of the cyborg babe.