Zedd & Rita
Machine Empire


Played By 
  • Kerrigan Mahan (Voice) (1993-1996)
  • Hideaki Kusaki (1995-1996)
  • Kerry Casey (MMPR:TM)
    Goldar is a powerful warrior who was first known as Rita's second in command. He was a loyal follower of the impress and perhaps the most feared in her army. He carries a sword and is capable of firing energy blasts from his hands or eyes. The creature has a particularly strong hatred for both Jason and Tommy, whom he often taunts about having once worked by his side. 
    In 1993, Goldar could often be alongside Scorpina. They two were partners in battle and clearly meant a great deal to each other. Some might say there was a spark of romance between them, though it was never spoken. They were willing to give up all else to save each other, as was demonstrated on various occasions. 
    When Zedd took over command of the alien palace, Goldar's loyalties immediatly shifted. Rita was no longer his concern and he pledged himself solely to the emperor. For this, he was given back his wings, which were once taken away. However, Zedd's rule was less than kind to the warrior. His intelligence seemed to go drifting off into space along with Rita. From that moment on, Goldar was treated like the dirt on the bottom of his master's shoe. 
Goldar's Wings Restored
    Things only got worse for him when Rita returned. Not only did he have to co-exist with the woman he betrayed, but due to the absence of Scorpina, he was paired with Rita's brother, Rito. This creature got under Goldar's skin worse than any other in the galaxy, it seemed. 
    Goldar's life continued in its downward spiral after he and Rito were ordered to destroy the Command Center. They were successful, but unable to get out before it blew. This caused them to lose their memories. The once mighty warrior had been reduced to doing maid duty for Bulk and Skull! Eventually, he was welcomed back into his former army and aided his masters' fight again the Machine Empire. 
    He, liked most others of that time, was called into the service of Dark Specter to assist him in destroying Zordon. This didn't end well for him either. After Zordon's suicide, his wave of power destroyed Goldar, leaving behind nothing but a pile of dust where he stood. 
Interesting Facts: 
  • The blade guard of Goldar's sword has a heart on it, which is a complete contrast to his character's personality.
  • He and Scorpina were married and had a child in Sentai Zyuranger.
  • When Rita makes her creatures grow, Goldar is the only one who is always referred to by name, instead of just 'monster'.

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